Seth Rogan Didn't Call His Mom For A Day. So She Went Looking For Him On Twitter.

by Christine Organ
Image via Twitter

Seth Rogen’s mom is every mom whose kid hasn’t called her back

Every once in a while, the world hands us a gem of loveliness and hilarity and we can only praise the Internet gods for their benevolence. This week, that gem comes to us courtesy of Seth Rogen’s mom Sandy and her quest to find her son — after he didn’t call her back for one whole day.

Mama Sandy was having none of his shenanigans and unresponsiveness so she took to Twitter to contact him. “Where are you?” she asked. Because even though Seth is a Hollywood celebrity and a grown ass man, he is still a son, and hell hath no fury like a mother ignored.

Seth Rogen shared his mom’s tweet the next day with a simple “when you don’t answer your mom’s phone calls for a day.” We feel you, Seth. And so did Twitter.

The thing is, as much as can commiserate with Seth because many of us have moms all up in our business, we’re moms so we understand Sandy’s angst too. Heck, we are Sandy. Or we want to be Sandy, because her mom game is on point. She served up a heaping plate of passive-aggressive with a side of I-ain’t-putting-with-this-bullshit.

Truthfully, Sandy sounds like someone we could drink gin and tonics with while we bitch about the thankless job that is mothering and gossip about that do-gooder Becky on the PTA. Sandy Rogen is the epitome of #momgoals.

Seth did eventually call his mama back. All is right in the world again.

And we are all a little better off because of it.