8-Year-Old Shuts Down Sexist Messages On Girl’s Clothing In 1 Minute

by Valerie Williams
Image via Facebook

Little girl takes store to task over the sexist messages on girl’s clothing

Toys, books and clothing marketed to girls often carries a distinctly different message than items geared toward boys. One little girl definitely noticed and in a one-minute video, nails exactly why that’s so wrong.

According to The Daily Mail, Daisy Edmonds is eight years old and has had about enough of the sexist garbage written on many girl’s clothing items. In a video shot by her mom Becky, Edmonds explains why she takes issue with the wording on shirts sold at retailer Tesco’s girl’s department.

Daisy begins her spectacular rant by gesturing at the girl’s shirts. She says, “Well, the girl’s clothes say “hey,” “beautiful,” “I feel fabulous”.” She then points out the shirts in the boy’s section. “The boys — “desert adventure awaits,” “think outside the box,” “hero.”” The child says, “It’s unfair because everyone thinks that girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous. I think that is wrong because, why should boys and girls even be separated? Because we’re just as good as each other.”

Right on, girlfriend. Anyone can have an adventure. Why should that be limited to only the slogans on boy’s clothing?

She then ponders, “”Think outside the box,” what does this mean? It means go on your adventures, let nothing stop you. Go for your own dreams. And “Hey” What is that even supposed to mean?” Daisy deadpans, “I don’t find that inspiring.”

Who would? It literally makes no sense.

She says, “What part of “hey” is great? I don’t get this. Boys get to think outside the box. Be adventurous, go for your dreams. And “hey?” Still. What does that mean? What does it inspire you to do?”

It inspires you to get the hell out of the girl’s department, if you’re Daisy and her awesome mom. The child selects clothing from the boy’s section and then cheekily hangs a few of the items in front of the god-awful girl’s clothing, hiding phrases such as “I believe in unicorns.”

You’re doing the lord’s work, Daisy. Of course, there are clothing retailers who have better options for girls, but the fact is, far too many do not. I’ve taken my 9-year-old daughter shopping before only to be horrified by shirts with slogans suggesting she doesn’t have to be good at math because she’s cute. It’s maddening and Daisy is doing a great thing pointing it out. She’s also far beyond her years in understanding what total bullshit it is, that boys are encouraged to explore and be something great while girls are told to merely look “beautiful.”

A t-shirt here and there with a stupid phrase won’t do much to hurt a young girl’s psyche, but when this kind of messaging is as pervasive as it is, parents should definitely be concerned. Bravo to Daisy for raising a stink about a way of thinking that needs to go by the wayside.