Are You Ready To Be Attracted To 'Sexy' Mr. Clean?

by Valerie Williams
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Get ready for some serious sexual confusion

We doubt you woke up this morning expecting to be sexually attracted to a CGI character with a great ass, but guess what? It’s happening. There’s a new Mr. Clean commercial and it’s going to seriously confuse your lady parts.

Because you’ve never seen Mr. Clean like this.

Proctor and Gamble has a new commercial featuring Mr. Clean in a very sensual light. As a kid, I was completely terrified of him, so seeing him all sexed up is definitely freaking me out. Check out the ad, set to air February 5th, during the third quarter of the Super Bowl. It’s a sexually charged version of the iconic character, and it’s really….something.

OK, so there’s a lot to unpack here. Anyone else shift in their seat a little and twirl their hair when he came sauntering in with his bucket of cleaning tools? Followed by seductively squeezing that sponge without breaking eye contact? Because, holy shit.

We see that tight ass (seriously) shaking it for Sarah, the ad’s house-cleaning heroine, and she gets pretty worked up. Not that we blame her; Mr. Clean’s moves are amazing.

As the duo make their way through foreplay, aka, scrubbing the shower as they gaze meaningfully at one another and mopping the hardwoods while dancing with reckless abandon, it’s clear Sarah’s raring to roll.

And then, the punchline.

At the commercial’s finish, our hot Mr. Clean turns into a pumpkin. That is, an average-looking dude with a Dad Bod holding cleaning supplies and waiting to get started.

Mr. Clean got Sarah primed, and as a result, she’s all over her guy. Because as the end of the commercial says, “you’ve gotta love a man who cleans.”

Now, as much as we cringe at the notion that a male partner deigning to clean the house is an occasion so novel as to be sexually stimulating, it is true that it’s sexy to share the load of household chores. I know that my husband gets very excited coming home to a clean house in the same way I do — it’s about giving each other a break and not forcing one person to shoulder the burden of keeping everything tidy.

Hopefully, any lazy dudes catching this commercial during the Super Bowl will make the connection that doing their part around the house could make their partner go wild. If not, we can always watch Mr. Clean mopping that floor, his perfect butt gyrating on repeat.

Which isn’t creepy at all.

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