11 Shark Coloring Pages For Kids That Are Really Some-Fin

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Shark Coloring Pages
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Sadly, Shark Week can’t officially be every week. That doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate these magnificent animals any time we want, though! We like to think of Shark Week as a state of mind, you know? Sure, these apex ocean predators can be a bit intimidating. However, they’re also stunning, fascinating, and, well, just plain cool. If you ask us, that makes them tons of fun (like, quite literally, tons). So, in tribute to our sharp-toothed fish friends, we decided to put together a collection of shark coloring pages perfect for the budding marine biologist in your world.

Because we’re admittedly humongous shark nerds ourselves, we also gleaned some interesting facts about these creatures to share with the kids in your life. So, keep reading for some seriously fin-tastic shark intel — and to print out a fierce collection of shark coloring pages. If your kiddos devour these and are on the hunt for more coloring fun, have them cruise on over to our dinosaur coloring pages, dragon coloring pages, fish coloring pages, and mermaid coloring pages.

Free Shark Coloring Pages

Shark No. 1

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This happy guy kind of reminds us of the title shark from the circa 2010 cult cartoon Zig & Sharko. If you remember the French animated slapstick comedy fondly, perhaps you can introduce it to your child — and have them add Zig (a brown hyena) on this coloring page. And did you know sharks never fully sleep? They are always semi-conscious.

Shark No. 2

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Did you know there are more than 500 species of sharks swimming around the world’s oceans? Pull up some images of various sharks and ask your little artist which one they think might match this shark! Depending on how it’s colored, we suspect it could be a lemon shark, shortfin mako, or blue shark. It may even be a baby shark. Did you know some sharks can be pregnant for up to two years before giving birth? Wow… just wow.

Shark No. 3

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What a jolly shark! And what big, beautiful eyes it has. Here’s a fun fact about these fish: Most sharks have good eyesight. In addition to being able to see color, they have excellent night vision. Have you ever thought about who would win in a fight between a great white and a tiger? Put your money on the shark. Their bite is way more powerful than a jungle cat’s. In fact, bull sharks have the fiercest jaws and a bite force of 478 pounds. Here’s another wild factoid: The mako shark can jump up to 20 feet out of the water. Incredible!

Shark No. 4

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Ooh, we see so many opportunities for imagination here. For starters, this shark strikes us as the kind of caricature that would make a great logo. What sort of company would your little one create to have this logo? Or, if your kiddo is more into aviation than entrepreneurship, perhaps you could suggest that your child transform this shark into an airplane. We spy three fins just begging to become propellers! Fun fact: Sharks think humans taste gross. Scientists believe that when sharks attack people, it’s just a test bite.

Shark No. 5

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OK, admittedly, this shark could strike fear in the heart of ocean-wary little ones. However, if your offspring is obsessed with sharks — and you think they’re ready for the circle of life — this coloring page could serve as an excellent segue into watching aerial great white videos. And although sharks are known to be dangerous aquatic predators, humans kill more sharks than they do humans. Humans wipe out 100 million sharks per year.

Shark No. 6

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This solemn guy may seem unassuming, but maybe it’s a mako shark! A species capable of reaching speeds over 30 miles per hour, the mako can leap more than 20 feet out of the water. They also have very large litters. Blue sharks are known to give birth to more than 130 pups at once.

Shark No. 7

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It’s our friend Sharko again, and he’s back with a slightly chewed-upon surfboard. That bite mark looks far too small to belong to him, so maybe he’s just performing a kind act by trying to reunite the board with its owner. Did you know sharks aren’t made of bone? Their structure is composed of cartilage and muscle, which makes chasing prey a breeze.

Shark No. 8

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Do you know what would make this coloring page extra-fun? If it included a surprise element. Encourage your child to use the space beneath the waves to reveal something unexpected. Perhaps this isn’t an actual shark fin at all — we could envision a rascally girl with a fake fin strapped to her head. How else is she going to terrorize her brother in the pool? And when it comes to body count, sharks aren’t the ones you need to fear. Deers, hippos, and cows kill way more people a year than sharks.

Shark No. 9

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He may already look pretty buff, but this shark apparently feels the need to pump some more iron. We’re particularly partial to its anchor tattoo, so we’d look up a few fun facts about the symbolism behind this particular ink design.

Shark No. 10

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Another great white, wouldn’t you say? These creatures truly are awe-inspiring to see. They’re the largest predatory fish on the planet, after all! Just how large? Well, the largest great white ever recorded weighs in at an astounding 4000 pounds — or two tons. Dubbed “Deep Blue,” she is estimated to be over 50 years old and measure about 21 feet long.

Shark No. 11

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Sharks show signs of aggression before they are even born. When they’re in embryos, they sometimes attack one another. Some baby sharks may even eat other embryos. This is called intrauterine cannibalism.

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