Leotards For Dogs May Be The Best Invention, Ever

by Valerie Williams
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Shed Defender is the doggie outfit you never knew you needed

Is your dog’s shedding tearing your family apart? Are you tired of sitting on the couch only to come away with a coating of dog fur on your butt? Do you also have an appreciation for comedy plus, a little light pet humiliation? We’ve got you, fam. Enter a product so totally functional but also, ridiculously funny.

And after seeing these photos, you’ll be clamoring for one.

Side-splitting hilarity wasn’t the first thought for Tyson Walters, inventor of the Shed Defender, when he came up with his brilliant idea. He told Sharably that his Saint Bernard was destroying his car with her epic amounts of fur. It wasn’t poor Harley’s fault, but it was making him nuts nevertheless. “My car was practically ruined. Harley’s hair would intertwine in the fabric and not want to ever come out,” he said. “She would shake and the hair would just explode off her and disperse throughout the car.”

In the absence of any product on the market that might help with the problem, Walters got a little industrious. “I couldn’t find a solution. So I decided to make one.”

And holy shit, we’re so glad he did. Behold. The Shed Defender. A doggie leotard that holds in loose fur and also, makes everyone who sees its wearer die laughing.

Oh. My. God. Those faces. You can almost see the internal conflict in their eyes. Like, they know they look good. But what will the other dogs think?

As you can see, they accommodate dogs of any size, from big pups to ones that look like a little breakfast sausage link with their teeny bodies stuffed into their special outfits.

The suits aren’t just funny, though. They work. And besides preventing fur from ruining your carpets and car, they can also help with someone who’s allergic to dog fur. When worn outside, they can prevent your dog from picking up excess dirt and dust. In the winter, it helps them stay warm. It can also replace the horrible cone-of-shame if your dog has stitches or a skin issue.

And did we mention, totally hilarious?

Of course, it’s not a perfect solution and Walters is careful to note that nothing will prevent all shedding. But this is a damn good start, and fantastic comic relief, to boot. My dog doesn’t shed but I’m ready to buy one just to see him look like a canine gymnast or a hot-dog in its casing. The possibilities are endless.

Walters also warns not to let the dog wear the leotard for long periods and to brush their fur out afterward. Luckily, there are no worries of overheating, as the fabric allows enough airflow to keep them cool. Oh, and part of the proceeds go to a shelter to help homeless pets. There is literally no reason not to try one out if your dog’s fur is ruining your life.

The leotards are priced according to size and range from $40 to $60, if you have a heftier pooch in need of fur wrangling. You can only buy them online, but the site provides a helpful sizing chart so you can select the right one for your little furball.

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