15 Times You Earned The SHERO Badge As A Mom

15 Times You Earned The SHERO Badge As A Mom

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It goes without saying that moms, by their very nature are sheroes.

Still, it’s not always easy to get recognition for your mom wins. Even though you do approximately 6,000 things EVERY SINGLE DAY to keep your family going, it can feel like no one notices what should be obvious superpowers.

But there are certain times when you level up and your kids recognize that – whoa! – not all sheroes wear capes. In fact, sometimes they wear holey yoga pants and t-shirts from Field Day 3 years ago. Yep, you’re pretty amazing. Here are 15 times you earned the badge to prove it.

1. The time you made a last-minute costume out of a box, a piece of string, and a mostly dried-up marker.

It was only scary to other moms, who visibly cringed at how unpostable the pics would be. But hey, the kids felt cool and that’s what counts.

2. The time you (probably) saved actual lives.

Sibling fights can make ultimate fighting look like ballet. Getting in the middle of them, risking life and limb? Definitely not for the fainthearted.

3. The time you served ice cream for breakfast.

Ice cream for breakfast is literally every kid’s dream and you made it come true. Are you magic? Yes. Yes you are.

4. All the times you cleaned bodily fluids off a favorite toy.

Listen, this could get real gross so I’ll go light on detail. There’s a wide variety of ways that a wide variety of liquids, solids, and gasses make their way onto toys, books, and games. Every time you bravely restore (relative) cleanliness, your courage is an inspiration.

5. The time you made dinner out of a can of peaches, a piece of bread, and milk of questionable freshness.

Hey, there are entire cooking shows built around this kind of wacked-out ingredients list. You’re a star!

6. The time you slept with your eyes open while your kid practiced her book report eight times in a row.

It’s a good thing she was so focused she didn’t see the drool forming on your lower lip.

7. Every time the Tooth Fairy managed to deliver the cash.

No one needs to know about your frantic late-night search of couch cushions, floor mats, and old purses.

8. The time you finessed the science fair project your child remembered the night before it was due.

“What??! How long have you known about this? (Sigh.) Ok. Go find the glue gun. It’s gonna be a long night.”

9. The times you sacrificed 20 minutes of desperately needed “me time” to read one more book.

Ignoring the siren song of a glass of wine and mindless TV after a long and exhausting day? Sheroic.

10. The time you fixed the wifi.

That day, you showed them what a legend looks like.

11. The time you said yes to the sleepover.

Are there moms who actually like being put on the spot with “Can we have a sleepover, pleeeeease?” We don’t know those moms. But you said yes anyway. We see you, out here being awesome.

12. The time you caught your kid microseconds before a faceplant.

Of course she shouldn’t have been climbing to the top of the kitchen cabinets. But you calmly (lol) discussed that with her after flying across two rooms in .09 seconds to keep her face from meeting the floor.

13. The time you turned around and drove 40 miles back to where he left his favorite stuffy.

Ok, maybe you did this mostly for yourself (bedtime would have been a nightmare without that dang giraffe) but take all the credit anyway.

14. The time you concocted the Magic Monster Repellent.

Or the Under the Bed Ghost Eraser. Or the Anti-Witch Spray.

15. All the many, many times you found the thing that was lost.

You know that thing? The thing that’s absolutely essential? Yeah, that one. One day they’ll realize that you have to turn on lights and lift things up in order to find stuff. Until then, let them see you as a demi-goddess.

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