'She's Not Fat, She's Pregnant' Says World's Worst Baby Shower Invitation

by Maria Guido
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You know what pregnant women love? Things that reference their weight. Like this invitation a friend made me aware of today on the popular e-invitation site, Paperless Post.

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SHE’S NOT FAT, SHE’S PREGNANT! Phew! Thank god. For a minute there everyone thought she was gaining some weight – good thing that’s all settled. Here’s a closer look:

Can’t say I was too surprised to see that this was designed by a man. A quick click through to his bio mentions that he’s Editor-At-Large for the women’s fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Jeez dude, don’t you have enough opportunities to make women feel like crap in that field? You had to branch out to fat-shaming on baby shower invitations?

Look at the envelope it comes with:

Why put little booties or bottles on the inside of a baby shower invitation when you can line it with this nifty measuring tape motif? I’m not in fashion, but I’m a woman with a brain. And this is just… no. NO. Is there a world in which this hostess wouldn’t get slapped silly by every other woman in attendance? Seriously, who would appreciate this invitation? Is every, single person you know thin? Because this is insulting on so many levels. If someone chose this invitation for me I would set it on fire (they make a paper version, too).

I know, I know – I should relax, right? It’s just a baby shower invitation. How about, no – I won’t relax. Women’s bodies are under a microscope 24/7 and it’s exhausting. This even showing up in a section of a website dedicated to celebrating pregnant women is exhausting.

Be better, world.

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