This Is The New Blue Dress/White Dress And It’s Driving People NUTS

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Twitter

This photo of shiny legs (or white paint-streaked legs?) is making the internet upset

Does everyone remember the “white dress or blue dress” phenomenon that swept the nation last year? People were adamant one way or the other with what color they thought it was and the photo was the subject of heated debate for a good week. Well, we have a new picture freaking everyone out and the question is, are these shiny legs? Or legs with streaks of white paint?

Get ready for dinner table and office arguments, everyone. People have serious feelings about this.

To refresh your memory, here is blue dress/white dress. Not to start controversy so early in the morning, but it’s obviously blue.

Or is it?

That’s exactly what’s happening with this photo. One way or the other, the internet has strong opinions about a pair of legs.

Now it’s clearly white paint streaks or we can no longer be friends, but there are others swearing it’s shiny legs.

First, let’s back up my opinion real quick. (Because my opinion is right.)

And now, for the wrong people. I mean, the shiny people.

It’s an optical illusion, of course. And the internet consensus is that most people seem to see shiny legs at first, but the white paint becomes evident after a moment, once the eyes have a chance to focus. Many people see shiny for maybe a half second, and then the white paint appears. The original tweet of the photo has been retweeted nearly 18,000 times and there are literally thousands of replies with people arguing over what they’re seeing. It’s the distraction the internet needs in these troubling times.

So, pull up this photo at the office or at home and let the opinions fly. But don’t let anyone fool you — it’s totally white paint.


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