Millions Of Parents Are Thanking This Mom For Her Shoe-Tying Tutorial

by Valerie Williams
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Mom’s helpful shoe-tying tutorial video goes viral

Teaching a child to tie their shoes can prove frustrating for both parents and kids. While some little ones take to it quickly, others need more time figuring it out. And possibly, a different method than the “bunny ears” most of us learned. That’s why this mom’s awesome shoe-tying tutorial is going viral, as tons of parents are finding her instructions useful for even the most challenging shoe-tying student.

Kirsten Johnson, the mom behind the Facebook page Unstoppable Mother, shared a live video last month of the shoe-tying method that worked for her son. And as it turned out, it worked for many other kids as well. The response to the video has been huge with over six million views and 5,000 comments.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Make that first tie, as usual.

Step 2: Make another tie, like the first, but keep it loose.

Step 3: Put the ends of the laces through the loop, one at a time, making two bows.

Step 4: Pull the bows tight, and voila!

Kind of different, right? Johnson demonstrates it herself before handing it off to her son, who easily completes the steps and ties the shoe himself. Lots of commenters say they’ve known about this method for years, but for many, it was a totally new idea. In particular, there are tons of parents sharing that this way of tying shoes is helpful for kids with motor skill issues. By and large, the response has been a positive one.

Wow, thank you for this video. My son is 14 and has autism so he has so much trouble using his fingers. This will be easy for him.

Omg. This is amazing. My son has Aspergers and can’t tie his shoes. He’s in high school and it embarrasses him. Thank you so much.

My son has neurological disabilities and weak hands and has never been able to tie his shoes….. He just learned this in 2 tries!!! This is a godsend!!!

My daughter has dyspraxia and she can nearly tie her laces herself with this trick after literally 2 mins. Thank you so much for sharing this.

IT WORKED!!!! we’ve been struggling for months with my 7 year old and he got it the first time!!! Thanks!

And because this is the internet, plenty had hateful things to say including telling Johnson this method is “wrong” and reminding her again and again that it’s nothing new. She responded to one such comment saying, “My intent wasn’t to give the impression that it’s new. It was to show people who have yet to see it and struggle with this issue. I’m glad to see it’s helping a TON of people!”

Yikes. We’re with you Kirsten. People need to calm the hell down. A shoe-tying tutorial is no reason to get panties in a bunch. And knowing this method exists and actually seeing it in action are two very different things. It’s helpful to be able to show your child the steps in a video, the language every kid of the YouTube generation understands.

Thankfully, my kids are all set on the shoe-tying end of things, but I did try it myself out of curiosity. As a runner who’s very picky about how my laces go, I give two huge thumbs up. I didn’t even need to double knot, which I’ve done for years. The bow stays nice and tight, so count me among Johnson’s new converts.

And if it made me this happy, I can only imagine how thrilled parents and their kids must be once they nail shoe-tying after seeing this mom’s helpful advice.

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