Your Kids Are Gonna Flip Over These Shopkins

Your Kids Are Gonna Flip Over These Shopkins

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Your kids are going to want to hit pause on that unboxing video because Shopkins just got OH SO REAL.

Shopkins — the adorably cute, doe-eyed characters your kids love and you know way too much about — have a new pack available featuring iconic household brands like Eggo Waffles and Welch’s Grape Jelly.

The Real Shopper Pack comes with 12 Mini Packs and 12 Shopkins, each one featuring a familiar household brand that will have you bringing Shopkins to the grocery store, and then sending your kid on the hunt to find the “real” version — and before you know it, your kid will have done all your shopping FOR you.

We’re kidding. What a world that would be, though.

As you know, all Shopkins have names and the ones featured within the Oh So Real pack aren’t any different. Here’s Eggcellent Evelyn with her bestie Eggo Waffles. Please note Eggcellent Evelyn is not her real name — it’s one we made up because we’re adults and we do what we want.

shopkins oh so real eggo

I mean Evelyn’s cat-eye is ferosh. EGGcellent job, lady!

See, now you understand why we picked the name that we did. There is a method to our madness.

Next up, there’s Oh So Jelly who likes to hide in her Welch’s can-I-get-a-minute jar of jelly because she can’t shake peanut butter (which, of course, is also a featured product within Oh So Real).

shopkins oh so real welch's grape jelly

Honestly, give anyone a minute with Shopkins, and suddenly every character has a backstory with motivations, subplots, and all kinds of emotional roller coasters that lead directly to food.

SAME, Shopkins. We’re connected on such a deep level right now, and I never saw this coming.

The Oh So Real Shopper Pack is available now exclusively at Walmart just in time for the holidays. Which means you can wrap the pack for under the tree or fill up your Shopkins-a-holic’s stocking for the kind of delightful surprise we all LIVE for as parents.

Shopkins Oh So Real will launch exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide on December 1 with the Oh So Real Shopper Pack.