22 Amazon Purchases Scary Mommy Editors Are Loving In June 2024

Because we’re all getting ready for summer.

by Team Scary Mommy
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Photos Courtesy of Amazon
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The school purchases are pretty much over, and we’re all swinging into summer mode. You can clearly see from this list of Amazon purchases Scary Mommy editors are loving in June that we’re pivoting to beating the heat, vacation travel, and yes, staving off the forehead lines that weeks and weeks of having the kids at home will create. Let’s go!

Portable Handheld Fan

One of my best friends runs hot, so she has been carrying a portable fan around in her purse for years. I used to think it was funny — until I hit 40. Now the southern summers I used to love feel oppressive, and I require the six speeds of this little beauty to survive whenever I leave the house. Bonus: The base doubles as a power bank for your phone! — Julie Sprankles, Deputy Editor, Lifestyle

Fairy Tales Detangler Spray

MAGIC IN A BOTTLE! This is the only detangler spray that works on my daughter's thick hair. We're no longer crying after every pool day or shower because this spray (which also smells amazing) does the trick every time! No more tangles! — Katie Garrity, Editor, News & Social

Kids Astronaut Costume

My 2nd grader had a biography presentation at school and needed a costume. Hopefully, my little Neil Armstrong doesn't grow in the next four months and he can wear it for Halloween too. The suit is super cute and the helmet has embedded lights and mission control sound effects. — Katy Elliott, Senior Editor, Personal Stories

30 Watt Gray Sudski Silicone Beer Holder for The Shower

This is my husband's gag Father's Day gift. Stupid and will likely only be used two or three times but he'll laugh when he uses it so it's a win in my book. — Kate Auletta, Editor-in-Chief

Coquimbo Sewing Kit

I recently found a couple of loose threads on a dress I love, placed on a seam where I was scared to just cut them off, lest the whole thing unravel. So I made a very grown-up purchase: a sewing kit. Now, I have a lot of sewing notions anyway, but this all zips up into one tidy little package and I can stick it in my closet laundry space with all the other clothing maintenance items so I can actually find what I need, when I need it. — Kelly Faircloth, Executive Editor

Nick 4 Leather Conditioner

I guess for me, this month was all about learning basic grown-up wardrobe maintenance — I blame the menswear guy on X, somehow. I purchased a cool vintage sisal bag on Poshmark but the strap was looking a little worn-out, so I finally invested in some proper leather care. I feel like I finally ascended to true adulthood, here. — Kelly Faircloth


As a woman who is interested in Botox but also fairly certain I'd be the unlucky outlier who ends up with a frozen eyelid, I've turned to Frownies. I was skeptical at first, but they really do make a difference. At first, the effects are fleeting, but if you stay consistent, you really start to see results. I just wish they made one big patch instead of lots of little ones you have to Tetris onto your forehead. — Julie Sprankles

High Waisted Tennis Skirt

I dislike shorts so I wear dresses all the time in the summer. But for bike rides, hikes and the boat I need something more practical. This skirt is not as short as a typical tennis skirt at 18" long. It hits above my knees and it has bike shorts under. Nothing rides up or gets stuck up my butt. I find myself slipping it on just as my much as my yoga pants. — Katy Elliott

Towel Bands

We're Turkish towel devotees in our household, which we love for beach days since they're so quick-drying. They're also super-light and very prone to flying off our chairs whenever it's breezy. These towel bands are colorful, durable, don't take up much space, and most importantly, keep our towels right where they should be. — Julie Sprankles

Soil Moisture Meter

This is brilliant device to help you know if your garden soil is dry, moist or wet. I am always trying to find ways to reduce my water usage. I do a lot of hand watering and places that I thought were moist were not once I stuck the device an inch below the surface. So handy! — Katy Elliott

Games on the Go by Continuum Games

Like many families, we're always on the go in the summer, so I bought this to stick in my bag for car rides, long dinners out, you name it. I love that it comes with a clip to keep it altogether, too. — Kate Auletta

Amazon Basics Portable Camping Chair, X Large

I finally did it, just in time for my child to demand a year off from youth sports — I bought a portable camping chair. Well, I’m sure I’ll still find reasons to use it, even if I’m not carting it to soccer practices. That’s what car trunks are for. It also feels pretty sturdy! Bonus: I stuck my Kindle inside the built-in four-can cooler during a sudden, torrential downpour at lacrosse practice, and it survived! — Kelly Faircloth

NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack Travel Backpack

My husband uses his Canon camera for work every single day, along with a laptop and several hard drives. He was having to carry several different bags to work, but now it's all in one with this amazing and sturdy backpack. Plus, it works as a great carry on when we travel. — Katie Garrity

Amoretu Women Summer Tunic Dress

This is my go-to summer dress. I think I have it in four different colors and patterns now. Lightweight, flattering, easy to dress up or down. And really affordable. — Sarah Aswell, Senior Editor, News & Social

Blue Q Tea Towels

I wasn't even in the market for new dish towels when I discovered these on a late-night Amazon scroll — and I'm so glad I impulse-purchased one. It's definitely more of a tea towel than a dish towel, but it's a good weight, soft, and overall nice quality. Plus, the snarky art is perfection. I bought the "Hangry" design just to test them; now I'm going back for "Eat Up, Bitches" and "Fuck, I Love Cheese." — Julie Sprankles

Thinx Teen Period Panties

My tween daughter has been trying different period underwear because she is not a fan of pads. A few less expensive pairs we tried offered too little protection. These have been great — no leaking and the underwear size fits her perfectly. — Katy Elliott

Ekouaer Women's Swimsuit Cover Up

I bought this cover-up for a recent trip and now I refuse to live without it. Light and also super cute, I paired this cover-up with a swimsuit and denim shorts for a cute summer look. — Katie Garrity

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

This is a light mist you spray on your pillow at night to help you fall and stay asleep. I love it for myself, but even more, my tween loves to have it be part of her bedtime routine. She loves the fun of spraying it and is comforted by the smell. We also travel with it, which makes it feel like we're bringing a little bit of the comfort of home. — Sarah Aswell

Urban Infant Bulkie Toddler Nap Mat

We're a summer picnic family. This nap mat is perfect to lay down in the backyard of park to add some cushion while we snack on PB&Js. Also, the built-in pillow has put my kindergartener to sleep multiple times. — Katie Garrity

FLEXTAILGEAR Tiny Portable Air Pump

I love this for summer, which for us we use to fill water inflatables and air mattresses. This fits in the glove compartment and will inflate ANYTHING. So much saved time, so much less swearing. — Sarah Aswell

florence by mills True To Hue pH Adjusting Lip and Cheek Balm

I have never been able to find the "right" shade of blush or lipstick, and thanks to this balm, I don't have to! It does all the work for me. And I am happy to report that it really works. I don't feel like a little kid wearing my mom's lipstick and blush anymore because this just works! — Katie Garrity

Cutter Lemongrass Eucalyptus Insect Repellent

I live in Montana, where the insects are bad. And I feel like I have tried every single insect repellent ever made. I swear by this one. It's kid-friendly, it smells good, and it works almost as well as the Deep Woods DEET stuff. It's the only stuff I use, and I need everyone to buy it so that they never stop making it. — Sarah Aswell