4 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Add The MamaRoo Baby Swing To Your Registry

You’ll want to add this to your registry ASAP.

by Lauren Beach
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When you have an infant, a swing is a must-have to do the dishes, cook a meal, use the bathroom — basically anything that doesn’t involve holding your baby. If you’ve ever wished a swing could mimic your trademark baby-grooving moves, the MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing has your back. It has tons of features that make it feel like it is, in fact, reading your mind — hello, streaming any music you’d like and changing settings hands-free using Alexa. But the most impressive thing is the unique motions it offers. You can determine which of the 25 combinations of motions and speeds are the most like your go-to moves, making it easier to put your baby down. In fact, the MamaRoo is so great at calming babies that it’s used in more than 650 hospitals and NICUs nationwide.

Here are four reasons why you’ll want to add the MamaRoo Baby Swing to your registry ASAP.

1. It Moves Like You Do (Thanks To Its Clever App & Unique Motions)

Some babies prefer swings, some prefer bouncers, and some seem to have decided that only being rocked in a very specific way by a parent will do. The MamaRoo is designed to appeal to all kinds of babies with different motions (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, wave, rock-a-bye) that can be adjusted in speed, making up 25 unique combinations.

By putting motion vests on real parents, 4moms honed in on the five types of movements that parents use to calm their babies. Not only does the MamaRoo bounce up and down, but it also moves side to side to mimic your own natural movements because unlike bouncers, parents don’t vibrate (except possibly after too much coffee).

Determine your go-to soothing moves with the free Find Your Roo feature in the 4moms app (available on Android and iOS) — I tested it out and it was fast and easy (and kind of fun to be honest; I’m a kangaroo speed 5). The app tracks your motion as you cradle your phone in your arms and rock it. It then suggests the best possible combinations of motion and speed for a seamless transition from your arms to the swing so you can finally get that load of laundry sorted.

2. You Can Change Settings Hands-Free & Via Your Phone

If you’ve ever wished you could adjust your baby’s swing from the couch or when your hands were dirty while cooking dinner, this is the one. Thanks to Wi-Fi smart home integration, you can change the motion, speed, or sounds of the MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing hands-free using Alexa or Google Home. You can also make all the same changes using the app on your phone.

3. It Lets You Stream Your Baby’s Favorite Music (Or Built-In Tunes)

While the MamaRoo features four built-in sounds, it also allows you to stream music via Bluetooth — meaning no more tinny classical songs on repeat— because some babies prefer Taylor Swift to Tchaikovsky. You can use it to put on your favorite playlists or any combination of music or sound that helps your baby chill out.

4. There Are A Ton Of Other Parent-Friendly Features

The MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing has tons of baby-friendly features like an adjustable recline (up to a full recline), interactive removable toys, machine-washable seat fabric, and a harness that can be changed from three to five points as needed (as well as three adjustable heights for shoulder straps).

It’s parent-friendly too — it allows you to lock the buttons on the swing so an eager-to-help sibling can’t change your settings. Weighing just 15 pounds, it’s easy to move around and is compact compared to many other swings on the market (with a footprint of about 21 by 27 inches). The tool-free assembly only takes about 10 minutes and it can be taken apart for storage, too. It’s offered in six colors — sandstone, rosewood, slate blue, sage, black, and gray — that are surprisingly chic and will blend in with your decor.

If you’re ready to put the baby down to get some chores done, drink a cup of coffee while answering a text, or enjoy a moment or two of remembering what it’s like to have both hands free, rest assured the MamaRoo is ready to rock, bounce, and sway your baby just like you do.

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