70 Dope Things That Are Bargains On Amazon

A treasure trove awaits.

by Candace Nagy and Jenny White
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You already know that Amazon is like a rabbit hole full of stuff you didn’t even know you needed — or existed, for that matter. And because finding every gem yourself would take the rest of your life, I’ve thrown myself down the hole for you and come back up with 70 of the coolest, most useful things — like pot holders that look like pasta (yes, you read that right) and lighters that won’t blow out in the wind. And each and every dope product found here is so affordable that you won’t have to say no to any of them. You’re welcome.


This All-In-One Veggie Chopper Tool For Fast Prep

This budget-friendly vegetable chopper is like a knife and cutting board all wrapped up into one convenient kitchen tool. It’s ultra-useful for meal prep since it’s as intuitive and safe to use as a pair of scissors. It even comes with a knife sharpener for convenient maintenance. Use it on fruits, veggies, and even cheese and sausage.


A Super-Absorbent Drying Mat For Catching All The Drips & Leaks

This durable drying mat is made from diatomite, an organic material that’s naturally super absorbent. Use it as a mat for drying dishes or as a protective catchall for drips and spills in your coffee station or pet feeding area. It’s an affordable option that more than 3,000 reviewers have given a perfect, five-star rating.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 8


A Cult-Fave Power Strip That Conceals Wall Outlets

Whether you’re trying to conceal a wall outlet for safety or aesthetic reasons — or you just want to make use of that hard-to-reach outlet behind your bed — this brilliant power strip is what you need. Simply plug it into any standard outlet for instant coverage. The 3-foot vertical cord is attached to the three-outlet power strip so you can tuck it out of view or reach of kids and pets. The smart design has amassed a 4.7-star rating after nearly 60,000 reviews.


These Light-Blocking Stickers For Electronics

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can stop you from getting a good night’s rest — like the annoying little power light on your TV. These clever blackout stickers are designed to block light from electronics. With two sheets in a pack, you can choose from a variety of convenient shapes and sizes for instant use, or cut to size.


A Suction Tool For Bug Bite Relief With 92,000 Ratings

Believe it or not, when you get stung by an insect, it’s not the actual stinger that causes pain, swelling, and itching, but the saliva/venom itself. This wildly popular and ultra-clever insect poison remover tool sucks all that right out of the skin with an easy-to-use suction design. Keep one at home, in your car, and in your bag for bug bite relief. It’s reusable, too. As one shopper raved, “It's easy to use and provides almost instant relief without the need for messy creams or ointments.”


A TikTok-Famous Scalp Massager For Wet Or Dry Use

This must-have hair scalp massager feels so good when rubbed against your head. It may help stimulate blood flow and alleviate dandruff; plus, it’s great for lathering shampoo. The flexible silicone material and ergonomic handle make it a safe and easy hair tool. As one shopper raved, “I bought this after seeing them on tiktok and wanting a cheap one, it feels SOOOOOOO good to use and it helps to get deep shampoo penetration. My hair feels cleaner [...] Its so gentle yet effective.”

  • Available colors: 8


This Electric Lighter That’s Totally Windproof

If you’ve ever tried (and failed) to light a candle in the wind, you know it’s no easy feat — unless you’re equipped with this rechargeable, flameless lighter. It uses electric pulse technology for a totally windproof experience. Plus, the long design keeps hands safely away from heat.

  • Available colors: 5


This Measuring Spoon Set That Magnetically Nests For Storage

If you’ve removed the annoying little ring that keeps your measuring spoons together only to realize that you’ve created another problem (aka now you can never find the spoon you’re looking for), there’s a better solution. These nesting measuring spoons are color-coded and stick together with strong magnets so you’ll never lose track of them again. To make things better, they’re also double-ends so you measure both dry and wet ingredients all with the same set.


These Huge Beach Towel Clips So They Stay On Your Chairs

Keep your beach towels from flying away with these oversized clips that are large enough to clamp onto chairs and more. Made from heavy-duty plastic and galvanized steel, they’re both durable and rust-resistant. The eight-piece set includes two of each of the four vivid color, making them easy to spot (even in the sand) and they cost less than a buck each.


This Genius Sticky Ball That Will Clean Your Purse For You

This genius bag-cleaning ball traps dust, dirt, and all the toddler cracker crumbs with its inner sticky surface. Simply toss it in your bag and let it work its magic. When it’s packed with all the mess it can take, rinse, dry, and reuse. And don’t worry about getting a slimy surprise when searching your bag, the sticky ball is contained within a smooth outer layer with a cool honeycomb design.

  • Available colors: 3


These Clever Gap Fillers To Stop Losing Small Items In Your Vehicle

If small items like your phone, keys, or sunglasses get lost in that annoying space between your vehicle’s seats and center console, use these faux leather fillers to get rid of those gaps with zero hassle. Each filler is 18 inches long (designed to fit most SUVs, cars, trucks, and minivans) and is pliable for a perfect fit — plus, they attach right onto the seat belt catch to stay in place.


This Stain-Removing Spray That Works Like Magic

Living with kids means there’s going to be stains. On. Everything. All. The. Time. So you’re going to want to grab a bottle of this stain remover spray. It works on everything from clothes to upholstery to carpet, effortlessly erasing blood, grass, and oil stains, and more. Just spray, blot, rinse, and watch as the stains magically disappear. As one shopper summarized, “It's a game-changer that deserves a permanent spot in every household cleaning arsenal.”


This All-In-One Screen Cleaner That Fits In Your Pocket

Smudged screens are a part of modern life. So grab this clever all-in-one screen cleaner for easy maintenance of all your devices, including cell phones, tablets, laptops, and more. The mist cleaner is mild and safe for screens of all types, and the lipstick-size rectangular bottle has a built-in microfiber cloth for added convenience.


This Versatile Organizer For Your Pots & Pans

Get your cookware in order with this budget-friendly pots and pans organizer. It’s made of sturdy steel and is designed to hold up to five pieces at a time, keeping them not only organized but free from scratches, too. Prop it vertically or horizontally to meet your kitchen storage needs.

  • Available colors: 3


An Adjustable Stand For Elevating Your Plant Aesthetic

Houseplant lovers know how expensive plant potters and stands can set you back. Amazingly, this mid-century-inspired plant stand is offered at a very reasonable price. And that’s especially noteworthy considering it’s crafted from real, eco-friendly bamboo. Plus, it’s adjustable, so you can use it with a variety of planter shapes and sizes.


This Double-Sided Knife That Makes Spreading Butter Way Easier

This best-selling stainless steel knife is made just for butter. One side features a serrated edge for effortlessly slicing butter while the other creates beautiful butter curls that melt quicker and spread easier. Plus, those curls are so Instagram-ready.


This Phone Case That Sticks To Almost Anything

Safely prop your phone just about anywhere with this suction cup phone case mount. It features 24 powerful suction cups that can stick to countertops, mirrors, and more. Super sticky 3M adhesive promises to keep it adhered to your phone. Choose from so many colors, including a few dope tie-dye options.

  • Available colors: 17


This Game-Changing Bag Carrier Seen On Shark Tank

If the investors on Shark Tank believed in this genius bag carrier, you know it’s a product worth getting. The Click & Carry is designed to hold bag handles (and a variety of other handle types) within its curved clamp, with a 100-pound weight capacity. Hold it in your hand or sling it over your shoulder. One shopper noted, “Wish I'd found this year's ago. Really helps you carry more bags. I keep it in my purse. Excellent invention!”

  • Available colors: 7


This Useful Set Of 200 Transparent Sticky Notes

Keep the pages of your favorite books in like-new condition with these clever sticky notes. Since they’re transparent, you can annotate until your heart’s content without ever touching the pages. They work well with many types of writing utensils, including ballpoint pens and colored pencils.


This Essential Oil Diffuser With A Modern Marbled Look

This essential oil diffuser has a marble finish that looks so luxe. Add water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a long lasting (up to 24 hours) aromatherapy experience. It also doubles as both a mini humidifier and a nightlight with seven color moods to choose from.


These Stretchy Produce Savers For Less Food Waste

Implementing earth- and wallet-friendly habits into daily life is as easy as not reaching for single-use plastics. With these reusable silicone food savers, you can skip the Saran wrap on leftover produce for good. The stretchy silicone construction fits over the cut side of foods, including lemons, limes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleanup.

  • Available colors: 2


This AirTag Collar Holder For Keeping Track Of Your Pets

If you’ve got a pet that loves to explore, keep tabs on them with this affordable AirTag collar holder. Just pop an AirTag into the super secure holder and snap the collar onto your pet. And don’t worry if they happen to run through your neighbor’s sprinklers while they’re out, since the holder is 100% waterproof.


This Chic Travel Toiletry Bag That Holds So Much

This affordable — and wildly popular — toiletry bag not only looks chic with its stitched herringbone pattern and sleek hardware, but it’s also designed to hold so much. Each clear zippered compartment provides space for everything from large shampoo bottles (with wide elastic bands to keep them in place) to makeup brushes and more. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 11


This Supportive Cylinder Pillow For Back, Neck, & Leg Aches

Give your neck, legs, and back major support with this small but mighty bolster pillow. It’s crafted from high-density memory foam and features an odor-free and washable bamboo cover for easy care. Reviewers mention the high-quality construction, which feels like an especially big win considering the low price.

  • Available sizes: 5


These Magnetic Clips For Keeping Cables Within Reach

Wrangle all the cords and chargers with these practical cable clips. They adhere to surfaces like walls and furniture and feature magnetic clips for keeping cords neatly organized and always within reach. This pack of six costs less than $15 — a steal considering all the time you’ll save not untangling tiny USB cords.


As Super-Soft Throw Blanket That’s Machine-Washable

This plush, machine-washable blanket is so soft that you can bet on your family fighting over whose turn it is to get cozy with it. Good thing it’s so affordable that you can grab a few, avoiding a serious game of tug of war. And with an awesome selection of colors to choose from, everyone in your family can get their favorite hue, too.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 29


This Grout Pen For Like-New Floors & Backsplashes

Get your tiled surfaces and floors looking like new with this best-selling grout pen. It’s made from a nontoxic, water-based formula that helps restore grout to its original appearance. The precision tip makes application easy so you can get the job done with minimal time and effort. It’s also offered in a wide tip size to suit your tile type.


This Sturdy Car Trunk Organizer For Stowing Groceries & More

Fasten this affordable trunk organizer to your backseat or the anchor points of your car and you'll have a secure place to store groceries, beach bags, emergency kit items, or whatever you are transporting. It has one large compartment and two smaller ones, as well as a bunch of exterior pockets for tucking things so they're easy to find.

  • Available colors: 3


This Foam Soap Dispenser With Smart Tech

Prevent gooey messes with this budget-friendly but high-tech soap dispenser. It conveniently mounts to most wall surfaces and automatically dispensing the right amount of soap into the palm of your hand. Fill it with a mixture of water and liquid soap for a foaming action that cleans well and uses less soap than conventional soap dispensers. Plus, the display lets you see how much battery life is left and even reads the room temperature.

  • Available colors: 6


These Vitamin-Infused Socks For The Softest Heels

Nobody loves cracked heels. But keeping them soft requires some major commitment — unless you have these moisturizing socks made especially for the job. Infused with skin-softening oils, including olive oil and vitamin E, they work to keep dry skin at bay while you kick back and relax. And since they cover only a portion of your feet, your toes are free to breathe and wiggle in the process — perfect for overnight wear.

  • Available colors: 5


The Foot Massage Roller Shoppers Call The “Best Purchase Ever”

You can think of this affordable foot massager as a stress ball for your feet or shoulders. The textured surface is designed to stimulate blood flow while you rub it back and forth, relieving muscle tightness and soreness in the process. It’s especially helpful for lessening the symptoms of plantar fasciitis and is so compact that you can take it everywhere you go. As one shopper noted, “Small, sturdy, feels great! This ball really helps me after work to improve my plantar fasciitis. I've tried so many things to work the area and this has been the best so far.”


This Genuine Leather Slim Wallet With RFID-Blocking Tech

Stop thieves from swiping your financial data with this wallet-friendly (literally) RFID-blocking credit card holder. It can hold several cards and cash within its slim wallet design while blocking wireless reader devices in the process. Made of 100% genuine leather, you can count on it lasting for years to come.

  • Available colors: 24


This Wallpaper That Looks Like Real Wood For Countertops, Drawers, & More

Looking to update your home with natural accents but don’t have a huge budget? This low-cost wallpaper features a wood-grain pattern that looks like the real thing. Plus, the peel-and-stick self-adhesive backing makes it super easy to install. Stick it to walls, furniture, and cabinets, or use it as a liner for drawers and shelves. One shopper shared, “Looks really great - like a farmhouse butcherblock.”

  • Available sizes: 8


This Bounce-Resistant Running Pouch For Not Losing Your Keys

If you’ve ever gone for a walk only to realize you’ve dropped your phone along the way, it’s probably time to stop counting on your yoga pant pockets for storing your valuables. But you don’t have to go full-on fanny pack mode either when you choose this magnet clip-on pouch that wraps around your waistband. It’s slim, beltless, and totally bounce-resistant — and it’s designed to hold onto your most important valuables like a pro.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 2


These Silicone Pot Holders That Look Just Like Pasta

These super-cute pot holders look like giant farfalloni pasta, but they’re actually ideally shaped for grip. They’re made from heat-resistant, flexible, and nonslip silicone that makes grabbing onto pot and dish handles easier and safer. When they get splashed with red sauce, just toss them in the dishwasher for effortless cleanup.


This High-End Lunch Bag With A Low Price Tag

If you’re still paper bagging it, you’re gonna want to upgrade after checking out this ultimate lunch bag. It’s oversized and insulated, which means you can bring along all the snacks. And it looks good, too (think high-end fabric and faux leather handles). All that for less than the cost of your morning Starbucks coffee and bagel.

  • Available colors: 20


These Shoe Cushion Inserts For Blister-Free Feet

You can’t put a price on comfort, still, it’s nice to know keeping your feet blister-free won’t set you back more than a few dollars with this pair of shoe cushion inserts. They stick right to the inner heel of most shoes, providing a soft and smooth surface for zero irritation. Choose from nude or black hues for discreet comfort.

  • Available colors: 2


This 4-In-1 Tool For Measuring & So Much More

As hard as it is to admit, you’ll be wowed by this cool tool as much as any nerdy dad would. The 4-in-1 tool is a pen, but also a level, screwdriver (Phillips and flat-head), and ruler. If you had to buy all those separately, they would definitely add up to way more than this affordable gadget.


A Squeezable Cup For Making Slushies So Fast

No parent wants to spend the summer standing around shaving ice for snow cones, making this dope slushy maker cup a must-have. Just fill it with water (or your kid’s favorite beverage), then freeze and squeeze for perfectly crushed ice. It comes with a lid and straw/spoon, and is so easy to use that the kids can do it themselves. One shopper noted, “This is a fabulous find. It works so fast and it turns out better than the slushiest you buy at the store. [...] Stayed frozen for quite a while and cleaned up so easily!!!!”

  • Available colors: 4


This Herb Leaf Stripper That Also Chops

You can spend all day picking all the leaves off your greens or you can get this herb leaf stripper instead. With eight holes in a variety of sizes to choose from, there’s one sized to strip stems from kale to thyme and more. Then use the curved edge to chop away. The cute leaf design (and the fact that it’s top-rack dishwasher-safe) makes this kitchen tool extra-irresistible.


This 5-Pack Of Breathable Garment Bags With View Panels

Made from a thick yet breathable polyester material, these five garment bags will keep clothes fresh and protected in your closet or while on the go. They’re water resistant as well. Each bag features a clear window on the front to eliminate the guesswork of what's inside. And you can hook a hanger through the metal eyehole at the top for easier carrying and hanging.


This Jewelry Cleaning Stick For Quick Touch-Ups Of Your Bling

Getting your diamonds (and other precious jewels) sparkly clean usually means taking them to the jewelers for pro treatment. But now you can do it yourself with this highly rated diamond jewelry cleaning stick. The easy-to-use brush applicator allows you to precisely clean stones with the polymer formula that promises to restore luster while reducing the appearance of minor nicks and scratches.


This Modern Indoor Door Knob For An Instant Upgrade

This interior door knob is a best-seller on Amazon for several reasons: It’ll instantly modernize any space, it’s easy to install (only a screwdriver is needed), and the durable finish won’t scratch over time. Use it on doors that don’t need a locking mechanism. Choose from matte black, polished chrome, satin brass, or satin nickel finishes — as well as options with a square ore round base — in the listing.


These Rug Gripper For Keeping Corners Flat

Gone are the days of tripping over curled rug corners. These V-shaped rug grippers are specifically made for keeping rug corners flat. The innovative adhesive is strong enough to keep even the thickest rugs in place yet won’t damage surfaces when you decide to remove them. With four corners in a pack, you’ll be able to keep your rug from sliding around — problem solved.


This Palm-Sized Jewelry Box That’s Perfect For Travel

This faux leather jewelry box is the perfect size for travel. It features velvet-lined compartments to neatly and safely store rings, necklaces, and more — all within a convenient palm-sized box with a zipper. Because the price is so low, you can keep one at home, one in your suitcase, and even buy extras for gifting.

  • Available colors: 11


This Suctioned Shower Mirror That’s Fog-Resistant

Attempting to use a mirror in a fog-filled bathroom is pretty much pointless. That’s what makes this sturdy shower mirror so amazing. It’s completely fog-resistant so you can use it in the shower, or as a makeup mirror, without constantly needing to wipe off the steam. It sticks to a variety of surfaces with a powerful swivel suction base.

  • Available colors: 3


These Fancy Salt & Pepper Grinders That Work With A Simple Tilt

You’re going to feel fancy using these electric salt and pepper grinders. Not only do they look sleek with their stainless steel accents and LED blue lights but they also work incredibly well. Just tip them over to activate the grinders (hooray for one-handed operation), choosing from fine to coarse grind. One reviewer gushed, “So convenient to use when you are cooking. Just tilt and they automatically grind. Easy to control amount.”


This Innovative Duster Made For Mini Blinds

Cleaning mini blinds is a serious pain in the you-know-what. Good thing someone was smart enough to invent this blinds duster that makes the job so much easier. A dust-attracting microfiber sleeve attaches to three flexible blades for quicker, more effective cleaning, allowing you to swipe two blinds simultaneously. Plus, the set comes with five microfiber sleeves that can be washed and reused again and again. It’s such a simple solution and so affordable that you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it sooner.


This Affordable Tool For Keeping Your Knives Razor Sharp

Forget paying the pros to sharpen your knives when you can do it yourself, and just as well. This two-stage knife sharpener features two slots for sharpening and polishing knives — both serrated and straight bladed — simply by sliding them back and forth. The nonslip handle helps keep it from shifting, making it safer to use.

  • Available colors: 3


The Bluetooth-Enabled Sleep Mask That Plays Music Or Podcasts

If your sleep mask and earphones had a baby, it would be this sleep headband. Made from a soft and breathable material, it’s perfect for wearing to sleep — blocking out light and allowing you to listen to your favorite calming tunes via Bluetooth. At less than $25, it’s an affordable R&R product you won’t regret buying.

  • Available colors: 10


This Space-Saving Silicone Whisk That Collapses Flat

This whisk goes from balloon to flat for versatile prep and space-saving storage. The durable stainless steel wires are coated in heat-resistant silicone (up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit) that’s also dishwasher-safe — and it can be safely used with non-stick cookware, too. This essential two-in-one kitchen tool comes at a price that’s hard to beat.

  • Available colors: 2


This Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet For Keeping Your Family In Check

If you’re tired of your family shoving dirty dishes in with the clean, this useful clean/dirty dishwasher magnet will save you a lot of hassle. The strong magnet, with an easy-to-read font, stays firmly in place so your family members will have no more excuses for not loading. With a 4.6-star rating after 11,000 reviews, this is a fan-favorite kitchen accessory.


These Stress-Relieving Sensory Balls That Glow In The Dark

Give these colorful sticky balls a good squeeze or throw them against a ceiling or wall (they’re sticky to attach to these surfaces for a while) — either way, you’ll likely find they can help keep your hands busy. As an added cool factor, the four balls included the set glow in the dark. As one shopper reported, “Super easy to wash and clean. Even after washing they are still sticky.”


A 100-Pack Of Damage- & Noise-Reducing Cabinet Bumpers

Stick these clear bumpers onto doors and drawers to minimize the impact and noise of them opening and closing. The set includes 100 clear bumpers that are just a half an inch in diameter — they’re hardly noticeable. Adhesive on the back allows you to easily install them.


These Space-Saving Hangers That’ll Hold 20 Pieces Of Clothing

These unique hangers will help to save major space in your closet. Each of the four pieces has five hooks to hang your clothing vertically, taking up less room overall. Despite being made from plastic, the hangers are sturdy. “They hold lots of weight and you can easily organize the [clothes] in your closet,” wrote one fan.


A Portable Luggage Scale That Can Weigh Up To 110 Pounds

Forget paying for overweight luggage at the airport: This luggage scale will give you an accurate weight reading of your bag (up to 110 pounds or 50 kilograms). The device is compact and lightweight to carry with you for your return flight. It has a backlit screen and an auto-off function to save the battery.


These Handy Under-Bed Storage Bags With A See-Through Window

Fill this pair of bag-style organizers with seasonal clothing, extra shoes, linens and blankets, and more. You can slide them underneath your bed to get them out of the way — they’re only 6 inches tall. The organizers each have a see-through plastic cover to keep track of exactly which items are stored inside.


A Vegan, Fluoride-Free Toothpaste That Shoppers Call Their “New Favorite”

This highly rated fluoride-free toothpaste contains plant-based ingredients (leaving out sulfates and artificial colors and flavors) to reduce plaque, whiten teeth, and freshen your breath without causing sensitivity. It comes in a recyclable metal tube, too. “I’m in love,” raved one shopper. “Fantastic toothpaste leaves my teeth feeling very clean and I have also noticed that they are looking whiter after only 1 weeks use, my favorite part is the safe ingredients it is made with. [...]I think this will be my new toothpaste from now [...]”


These Mountable Magnetic Holders For Never Losing Your Remotes

Stop losing your remote controls and instead mount them to any flat, vertical surface (like the wall, the side of the TV, or on your bed headboard) thanks to these magnetic holders. The five-pack of holders stick on using the adhesive backing and the slotted design ensures the remotes don’t accidentally fall out. Shoppers say they’re great for all kinds of remotes, from TV to fan to AC units.


These Toilet Bowl Stamps That Self-Clean For 70+ Days

Stick one of these gel cleaning stamps in the bowl of your toilet and then with every flush, the cleaner will be released tohelp keep limescale buildup, hard water stains, and odors at bay. Each stamp (the set comes with six of them) will last up to 12 days. And a mess-free dispenser is included.


A Whimsical Magnetic Key Holder

Stick this cloud-shaped holder onto pretty much any smooth, flat surface, then use the three powerful magnets on the underside to hang up your keys — this way, you’ll always know where they are. “Very cute AND actually works,” wrote one shopper.


This Set Of Stainless Steel Chiller Sticks For Ice-Cold Beer

Lukewarm beer never tastes as good as ice-cold beer. To ensure you always experience the latter, grab these chiller sticks. Made from stainless steel, the sticks fit perfectly inside beer bottles (you drink with them in place) to keep them chilled for longer. Just stick them into the freezer 45 minutes before your first sip. Choose the featured two-pack or spring for the four-pack also in the listing.


An 8-Pack Of Stackable Acrylic Bins To Organize Your Fridge

Grab a set of these acrylic bins for your fridge — they’ll make a big difference when it comes to the organization of condiments, fruit, snacks, veggies, and more. The set includes eight stackable bins in two sizes. Each one has handles on both ends for quick and effortless access.


Some Dual-Sided Shoe Cleaners That Activate With Water

If your shoes have seen better days, this dual-sided sponge (the set comes with 10 of them) will clean them with ease. Simply activate the sponge with water, then use soft, smooth strokes to wipe off marks and debris. It’s safe for use on pretty much any type of shoe sole and on canvas or leather sneakers.


These Efficiency-Boosting Wool Dryer Balls That Last For 5 Years

Replace costly dryer sheets and fabric softeners with this set of six wool dryer balls. They can be reused over and over again for up to five years. The balls are designed to lift and separate your laundry as it tumbles, shortening drying time, reducing wrinkles, and minimizing static cling. The large balls are made from 100% New Zealand wool.


A Memory Foam Bath Mat With 33,000+ 5-Star Reviews

This foam bath mat feels like walking on a cloud because it’s filled with thick memory foam for comfort (and superior water absorption). And the soft, velvety exterior contributes to this as well. The grippy PVC backing prevents the mat from shifting around, even when wet. Pick from a range of sizes and colors in the listing.

  • Available colors: 21


This Clip-On Ring Light With Lots Of Settings

This ring light clips right onto most tablets, phones, laptops, or computer desktop monitors to provide extra illumination for better photos, video conferencing, and more. Tweak settings like the color temperature and brightness to get the lighting just right. This pick is powered by a built-in battery; it’s rechargeable via USB.


A Tailored Microfiber Bed Skirt For A Luxurious Touch

“Good skirt, stays in place and gives bed a finished look,” wrote one fan about this luxury-hotel-inspired bed skirt. It’s made from double-brushed microfiber for superior softness and the pleated corners create a clean feel. The 14-inch drop will cover even thick box springs. Pick from sizes ranging from twin to king, as well as various colors in the listing.

  • Available colors: 12


A Tiered Corner Shelf That Can Hold 11 Pounds

Hang these corner shelves in pretty much any room to create functional yet stylish storage. Made of durable MDF, the five tiers can hold up to 11 pounds. They’re simple to assemble and even simpler to mount directly on the wall. Various finishes — like this gray pick, a neutral white, or a warm walnut option — can be purchased in the listing to match your style.


An Adjustable Vehicle Visor To Minimize Distracting Glare

This vehicle visor uses polarizing technology to filter out light and eliminate glare while on the road. There’s also built-in UV protection. It’s adjustable in height and rotates to fit in all cars. The spring-loaded design makes it simple to install.