50 Inexpensive Things That Look Good In Every Home & Are Super Useful

Give your home a makeover on the cheap.

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You don’t have to break the bank to upgrade your home with stylish and useful products. Amazon is chock full of handy and convenient items that make life a little easier, actually look good, and are wonderfully inexpensive. Whatever you’re in the market for, keep scrolling to find plenty of things that’ll look positively perfect in your home.


These Collapsible Storage Bins That Are Also Stackable

Use these collapsible storage bins as needed, then easily fold them and put them away in a closet or the garage when they aren’t being used. The four-tier bins are stackable and feature rotating wheels at the bottom so you can easily move them from room to room. The bins are made of plastic, but guests will likely be fooled.


Some Easy-To-Hang Floating Shelves To Display Your Favorite Collectibles

These hexagon-shaped floating shelves are just as much fun as the items you’ll want to display on them. The set of three metal and wood shelves is great for small hanging plants, picture frames, and other collectibles. They come in three sizes, all of which are easy to mount with screws. No matter which room you choose to hang these in, their versatility makes them look great anywhere.


A Pair Of 2 Fuzzy Ball Hand Towels That Are Extra Absorbent

Switch up your regular hand towels to something more fun with this set of two fuzzy ball towels. Made of extra absorbent material, these towels will dry your hands much quicker than the standard cotton towel. A string is attached to the towels, so you can hang them for quick access. The towels aren’t just useful — they’re also decorative and will be a conversation starter for friends who use your bathroom.

  • Available colors: 3


These Bamboo Drawer Dividers That Are Adjustable To Fit

Your socks don’t have to be mixed in with your underwear — this four-pack of bamboo drawer dividers can keep them separate once and for all. The dividers are adjustable and can be expanded from 17.5 inches to 22 inches, so whether you want to place them in a dresser or kitchen drawer, they’ll fit in almost any standard-size drawer. They also come in a pack of eight.

  • Available colors: 3


These Modern 5-Tier Floating Shelves That Come In Several Colors

Situate these five-tier floating shelves in the corner of a room to provide space to put photos, small plants, or collectibles on display. They’re especially great in small spaces that could use some additional storage, like bathrooms, to hold extra towels and toiletries. There are nine colors to choose from, so you’re bound to find at least one that works for your space.

  • Available colors: 8


This Wall-Mounted Phone & Tablet Holder That Wrangles Your Wires

This wall-mount phone holder sticks to the wall next to an outlet and can hold up to two pounds, making it a great place for a phone or tablet to sit while it’s charging. Installation couldn’t be easier, as long as you have a smooth surface for your holder to stick to. It’s especially great for hands-free tech use while using the bathroom or dying your hair.


These Stackable Storage Bins That Hide Your Clutter

Whether you place this pack of four durable plastic storage bins under a sink, in a closet, or on a shelf, their lids make them stackable and easier to store. You can store all types of things inside, and they come with a set of eight labels, allowing you to really step up your organization game. Their built-in handles also make them easy to move from room to room.


These Best-Selling Under-Bed Storage Bags With See-Through Covers

You’ll always know what’s stored inside this two-pack of under-bed storage bag organizers because the top is transparent. A zippered closure prevents dust and insects from getting inside, and a handle makes it easy to pull the bags out from under the bed. Inside you can fit extra pillows, linens, or all those stuffed animals your kids never play with but aren’t ready to give away.

  • Available colors: 3


A Magnetic Gadget That Can Give You More Control Over Your Air Circulation

If your vents are constantly blowing on you or in a direction you don’t enjoy, try this two-pack of magnetic air vent deflectors. The device attaches to a vent via magnets, and it’s adjustable to fit most vent sizes. Forcing air or heat to blow upwards can help with air circulation efficiency, ultimately saving you money.


This Bamboo Silverware Drawer Organizer With 6 Roomy Slots

Organize your utensil drawer with this bamboo silverware drawer organizer so it’s easy to grab what you need. This organizer features six deep slots for silverware or other utensils, and it comes with 80 labels in case you need help remembering where everything goes. (And by you, I mean your kids.)

  • Available colors: 6


A Silicone Sink Organizer Tray You Can Toss Into The Dishwasher

Keep your countertops free from all that gross buildup that plagues the surfaces around sinks by using this silicone sink organizer tray. The tray has plenty of room for those frequently used products, and it features a spout for water drainage, which helps it stay clean for longer. When it’s time for a wash, just throw it in the dishwasher and start again.

  • Available colors: 6
  • Available sizes: 4


This Sleek Computer Monitor Riser With 4.7 Stars

This monitor riser raises your desktop computer or laptop to the perfect height to help reduce any pains in the neck (that doesn’t include your boss or coworkers, unfortunately). The riser creates space underneath to store your keyboard and mouse, and it features a drawer and a pull-out spot for your phone. With thousands of reviews, it’s scored an overall 4.7 out of five stars on Amazon.

  • Available colors: 2


These 4-Tier Hangers That Will Instantly Give You More Closet Space

If your closet space may be smaller than you like, you’ll get a lot of use out of this space-saving 4-tier skirt and pant hanger. The three-pack of hangers can hold four pairs of pants, skirts, or a combination of both, and the rubber clips have a nonslip grip to keep it all from slipping. Crafted from stainless steel and anti-rust chrome, you can trust they’re built to last.


This Washer Door Prop That Will Help Your Front Loader Dry Quicker

Keeping the door open on your washing machine after it’s been used can help it dry quicker, preventing mold and odors. This washer door prop for front-load washing machines makes this practice easy, by holding the door open to air it out. The flexible silicone hose attached to a magnetic base is adjustable to prop your washer’s door as much or as little as you want.


Some Best-Selling Cooling Pillow Cases Made From Bamboo

It isn’t easy finding soft pillowcases that come in lots of color choices, are hypoallergenic, and also happen to have a cooling effect — but this set of two cooling pillowcases offers all of that and more. The fabric of the pillowcases is derived from bamboo, which makes them extra soft and moisture-wicking. Plus, they have an envelope closure that prevents the pillows from falling out.

  • Available colors: 19
  • Available sizes: 7


This Aromatherapy Set With 7 Ambient Light Modes & 10 Included Oils

With just a few drops of essential oils, this aromatherapy diffuser can provide light scents in your home while offering a sense of calmness. Ten essential oils are included, but you can use any scent you’d like. The diffuser can hold a large amount of water, and it has seven ambient light modes and two intensity settings to help customize your experience. It also has an auto-shutoff feature, so you can essentially set it and forget it.

  • Available colors: 4


This Entryway Shelf That’ll Get Your Mail & Keys Organized

With this floating entryway shelf, there will always be a place to hang your keys and put your mail to sort through later. The medium-density fiberboard wood shelf comes in a stark white finish, and it features three hooks for keys, umbrellas, or jackets; a letter holder; and a shelf for decor or other miscellaneous items.


These Vintage-Inspired Glass Coffee Mugs With 2 Spoons

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker who appreciates the little things, you’ll love this two-pack of vintage glass coffee mugs. Each lead-free, 14-ounce mug features a different gorgeous design and comes with a spoon to make you feel extra fancy. These retro glasses are also mostly resistant to scratches, especially in comparison to other glassware.

  • Available colors: 7


This Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set That’s Less Than $1 A Piece

Perfect for anyone who needs a full overhaul of their kitchen utensils or for someone who’s starting from scratch, this kitchen utensil set comes with an impressive 41 pieces. Crafted with high-quality stainless steel and silicone, the utensils are designed to last. They make an especially thoughtful housewarming, graduation, or wedding gift.


An Absorbent Bath Mat That’s Thin Enough To Fit Under Doors

You don’t have to worry about this quick dry bathroom mat getting caught under the door as it’s thin enough for most doors to glide right over. The nonslip rug is so absorbent, that it only takes a few minutes to dry completely after you step out of the bath or shower. Its rubber backing ensures that it won’t slip and slide around the bathroom, even when the floor is wet.

  • Available colors: 11
  • Available sizes: 7


This Electric Beverage Warmer That Doubles As A Candle Warmer

Using this beverage and candle warmer, you can heat up your coffee or tea without putting it in the microwave over and over again, and you can also use it to release a candle’s scent without lighting it. The weight of your mug or candle needs to be at least one pound to activate the sensor, and it’s safe for metal, enamel, glass, and ceramic mugs.

  • Available colors: 2


This Super Soft Sherpa Throw That’s Reversible & Machine-Washable

Every couch needs a really soft blanket, and with this sherpa throw blanket, you won’t be disappointed. The blanket is reversible, so no matter which side you’re snuggling with, it’s a constant flow of warmth and coziness. When the throw is ready to be cleaned, it can be machine washed and dried without the worry of it pilling or shedding. It comes in six great colors, including a vibrant yellow.

  • Available colors: 6
  • Available sizes: 2


A Chic Throw Pillow Case That Comes In 12 Cute Designs

While you will need to supply a pillow, this decorative throw pillow cover comes in 12 design options that can spruce up your living area. The dimensions of the cover are 18 inches by 18 inches, which is a pretty standard size, so a pillow insert like this one will be easy to find if you don’t have one already. The pillow cover case can’t be easier to take care of — just machine-washed on cold if needed.

  • Available colors: 12


This Bath Towel Set With Loops For Convenient Hanging

The loops on each towel in this bath towel set allow them to dry faster and more thoroughly, and they also help prevent the towels from slipping off the hook onto the floor. As one reviewer noted, these towels “are so soft, absorbent, and wash beautifully.” Included in this eight-piece set are two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths. The set is also available in other sizes as well as several colors.

  • Available colors: 7


This Rope Storage Basket With Sturdy Handles That Comes In 8 Colors

This rope storage basket is large enough to work as a laundry basket, blanket storage, or a place to hold your kid’s miscellaneous toys. It’s a stylish alternative to bulky storage bins or toy boxes. The basket features sturdy handles, making it portable. It also means it’s likely to stay in one piece if your kiddo keeps dragging it from room to room.

  • Available colors: 8


An Incredibly Soft Area Rug That Costs Less Than $30

Rugs can be pretty expensive, but this area rug won’t break the bank. In fact, you might end up adding one to every room. The shaggy rug comes in several sizes and colors, and it has a built-in nonslip pad, making it the perfect place for kids to play or lay around. The company notes that the rug will arrive in an airtight package, so give it two to three days to return to its regular thickness.

  • Available colors: 6
  • Available sizes: 5


These Decorative Floating Shelves You Can Install In Just A Few Minutes

Not only do these wooden floating shelves look great on any wall, they also hold all the items that otherwise wouldn’t have a place — like picture frames, books, small flower vases, and other trinkets. The brackets, which take just minutes to install, can be upward-facing or downward depending on the look you’re going for. Choose your favorite of the 19 colors.

  • Available colors: 19


These Colorful Waterproof Fridge Mats That Can Easily Be Cleaned

Instead of wiping down the hard-to-reach shelves in your fridge, use this pack of nine refrigerator shelf liners for an easy clean. All you have to do is remove them to clean them with soap and water. The waterproof mats are quick to dry and the raised texture keeps items from moving around. They can also be used as drawer liners.


This Pretty Ceramic Vase Set That A Reviewer Says Feels “Like A Higher End Product”

This set of three ceramic vases makes for a lovely centerpiece when placed together on a dining table or coffee table. The distressed white color is giving a farmhouse vibe, but if that’s not your jam, there are five other colors to choose from. As one reviewer wrote, “These look and feel like a higher end product but they have a low end price! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them, they’re beautiful!”

  • Available colors: 6


This Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain That’s Available In Over 20 Colors

If you’re in need of a really great shower curtain, this heavy-duty shower curtain could be the one. Made of thick polyester, the curtain keeps in the hot air so you don’t freeze your ninnies off when you step out of the water to shave. The color and size options are impressive, so you’ll likely find one that matches your preferred aesthetic.

  • Available colors: 24
  • Available sizes: 13


These Peel & Stick Backsplash Tiles That One Reviewer Called “So Beautiful & Look Amazing Installed”

If you’re ready to zhuzh up your kitchen in an inexpensive but big way, check out these peel-and-stick backsplash tiles. The Talavera tiles come in a box of 10 with self-adhesive backs — all you have to do is peel and stick without the need for grout or any tools. The tiles, which are available in multiple designs, are a fun way to remodel without actually remodeling. “These tiles are so beautiful and look amazing installed. You cannot beat the price,” said one reviewer.

  • Available designs: 8


This Under-Cabinet Paper Towel Holder That Comes In Several Finishes

The paper towels will always be at arm’s reach when you’re busy in the kitchen with this paper towel holder. The stainless steel holder comes in five finishes to match your decor, and it can be installed either vertically under a cabinet or horizontally on a wall with a flat surface. The holder has an open end, so it’s easy to grab the whole roll and go when there’s a spill on aisle five (AKA anywhere your kid is currently).


A Charcuterie Board Set With 4 Cheese Knives

This bamboo cheese board set has all the compartments you need to put together the most lovely charcuterie board. The outer edges of the board are built for crackers, while the middle section is the place for cheese, fruit, olives, and whatever else you want to include. Even better, this board has a slide-out drawer that holds four included premium cheese knives, so you’ll always be prepared to party.


This Window Bird Feeder That’s So Easy To Put Up

This window bird feeder features extra strong suction cups so it sticks to any window, allowing you to watch as birds stop by to grab a snack. The transparent feeder gives you a bird’s-eye view of, well, birds. Since it attaches to a window, the bird feeder is squirrel-proof. It’s also easy to fill, easy to clean, and easy to love.

  • Available styles: 3


This Lighted Makeup Mirror That’s Touch-Controlled

You won’t ever have to worry about poor lighting for your makeup application when you have this gem of a lighted makeup mirror around. Nine LED bulbs provide bright, natural light, and they last for approximately 50,000 hours. Smart touch controls allow you to touch the mirror to turn it on and off and adjust the brightness. This clever mirror also has a memory function that causes the lights to return to the same brightness level the next time they’re turned on.

  • Available colors: 4


These High-Quality Candle Holders That’ll Make Your Next Dinner Extra Fancy

It’s hard to find high-quality candle holders for a decent price, but that’s exactly what you get with this taper candle stick holders. The long, narrow brass candle stick holders have a heavy, sturdy base with a soft pad on the bottom to help it stay put. As for the size of the candle sticks, these holders work with candles with a diameter of 3/4 of an inch. They’re perfect to bust out for romantic decor the next time you serve a fancy meal.

  • Available colors: 2


These Rustic Window Frames That Add Style To A Small Wall

Add to your existing wall decor or start fresh with these wooden rustic window frames. The distressed frames can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a wall, and they look great with or without photos. They measure 15.8 inches by 11 inches, so while they’re on the smaller side, their charm can make a big impact.

  • Available colors: 2


This LED TV Backlight Strip That Helps Reduce Eye Strain

The backlighting that this LED TV strip offers adds fun ambient lighting to your TV. There are a whopping 15 colors and 10 brightness levels to choose from, which is great for holiday-themed movie nights. In addition, the light strip can help your eyes adjust between a dark room and a bright screen, ultimately helping with eye strain and potential headaches.

  • Available sizes: 10


This Handy Computer Monitor Memo Board That Can Even Hold Your Phone

If you work better with paper and pencil, so to speak, then you might enjoy this monitor memo board. A left and a right board attach to your computer monitor where you can write notes and have them right there in front of you. The board comes with a clip to hang additional notes as well as small sticky notes. To make it even more convenient and work-friendly, there’s a spot on the bottom of the board to hold your charging phone.


These Self-Watering Planters That Work For Up To 10 Days At A Time

You can leave these indoor self-watering planters alone for seven to 10 days before they need to be watered again. Six pots in six different sizes come in the set, and they’re made of sturdy recyclable plastic with a modern aesthetic. The pots feature a watering rope, built-in homes, and a water reservation to give your plants the water they need while you’re away (or need a temporary mental break from plant-watering duties).

  • Available colors: 5
  • Available sizes: 3


This Under-Cabinet LED Light Bar That’s Touch-Operated

Add some soft lighting to your kitchen when you install this under-cabinet light strip. The installation is as easy as using the included adhesive tape or screws. The light needs to be tapped to turn it on or off, and it operates on three AA batteries that last an impressively long time. If you prefer a remote to operate the lights, that’s an option as well.


This Best-Selling Magnetic Knife Bar That’s Convenient & Looks Great

Mount this stainless steel magnetic knife bar to a wall in your kitchen to always have easy and convenient access to your knives. The knife bar is a smart safety move as it allows you to transfer knives from a drawer that might be too accessible for young kids to an area they can’t reach. The strong magnet can also hold other kitchen tools or even regular tools in the garage. The bar, which also serves as excellent kitchen decor, is available in six sizes depending on how many knives you have.

  • Available sizes: 6


A Cute Sponge Holder That Lets Your Sponges Air Dry More Quickly

There are so many effective sponges these days, and this ceramic sponge holder accommodates most. The holder keeps a wet sponge off the countertop, which avoids bacteria and that grimy grossness buildup you’ve probably dealt with prior, and allows it more space to air dry. The ceramic is heat-resistant and looks incredible.


This Decorative Wrinkle-Resistant Tablecloth That’s Also Waterproof

You won’t have to worry about accidental spills staining this linen tablecloth as it’s completely waterproof. It also happens to be wrinkle-resistant, which saves time and effort on ironing or steaming. Perhaps most importantly, the tablecloth comes in 16 colors and seven sizes and shapes to add some decorative charm to a gathering and to fit pretty much any table.

  • Available colors: 16
  • Available sizes: 7


These Mason Jars That Feature Handles, Lids, & Straws

This old-fashioned mason jar set makes on-the-go beverages a little more stylish. The pack of six 16-ounce glass jars comes with leakproof lids and straws, and they’re great when you desperately need a coffee or a smoothie but have to run out the door. You can even ditch the straws and use the jars for preserving beverages or food.


This Stackable Can Rack That Keeps Things Visible & Accessible

Built from heavy gauge steel, this three-tier stackable can rack is a sturdy way to store up to 36 cans in a way that lets you see what you’re working with. The plastic strips that separate the cans are easy to move, making the organizer adjustable to however you want it. If you want to store more than 36 cans, you can purchase an extra one and stack them.

  • Available colors: 3


This Versatile 24-Pocket Over-The-Door Organizer That’s So Easy To Install

This two-pack of over-the-door organizers can hold all different types of products to make things more accessible around the house. With 24 pockets on each, it’s great for storing pantry items, shoes, cleaning supplies, and toiletry items. Four metal hooks at the top keep the organizer in place and out of the way, so it remains convenient without being an eye sore. Since it hooks in place, installation literally couldn’t be easier.


This Wood Frame That Turns Your Vinyl Records Into Decor

Put your favorite vinyl records on display with this solid wood vinyl record frame, turning any record into art while protecting it from wear and tear. The acrylic on the frame is shatterproof and UV-protected, which keeps the album cover from fading over time. Magnetic hinges make it easy to swap out records, so you don’t have to commit to one and stick with it.


These Brushed Nickel Cabinet Pulls For An Easy Yet Noticeable Kitchen Upgrade

For a surprisingly low cost, you can give your kitchen cabinets a notable upgrade with these cabinet pulls. The stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish doesn’t just bring style to your cabinets, they also make it refreshingly easy to open drawers and cabinets. Be sure to measure your cabinet hole centers so you know which size works best. You can buy them in a pack of 15, or other quantities up to 100.

  • Available sizes: 10


This Remote Control Holder You Can Mount To A Wall Or Place On A Table

Always know where your TV remote controls are with this leather remote control holder, which scored a 4.8 overall rating on Amazon. Of course, it does mean that family members will actually have to return the controls where they go. Sigh. The holder features five compartments for all types of devices, including tablets and all the other random remotes or other electronics you aren’t sure where to put.

  • Available colors: 10