75 Weird But Genius Gifts On Amazon For When You Don't Know What To Give

These gifts are next-level good.

Written by Jenny White
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Weird But Genius Gifts On Amazon For When You Don't Know What To Give
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Don’t waste another minute scouring the internet for a memorable present: This list has 75 weird-but-genius gifts to end your hunt. Whether you’re looking for a hostess gift, something to give your best friend, or something for someone who seems to have everything, read on. Everything costs less than $50 — from clever, useful gadgets like a 12-in-1 tool that fits in a pocket to just-for-fun options like a deed that gives your recipient a tiny piece of land in Tuscany. Scroll on for tons of fun gifts that will surely win you the title of “best gift giver”.

Plus — Black Friday sales are going on all weekend, and we’ve included some of the very best deals below. These discounts won’t last long, so act fast if you see something you like.


Black Friday: 50% Off This Multi-Port Outlet Extender

Plug this outlet extender with three USB ports into a wall outlet for extra charging spots without taking up floor space. It also packs in five classic outlets and a handy USB-C port, so you'll have more than enough space for a lamp cord, all your chargers, and more. It's also finished off with surge protection and a quick-charging design.


Black Friday: 30% Off This Pain Relief Cream That’s The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

With more than 15,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, Penetrex is an incredibly popular choice for muscle and joint relief. That’s because it’s formulated to provide both immediate and cumulative relief over time from minor aches and discomfort. This non-greasy cream uses potent actives like arnica and vitamin B6, and many reviewers have gushed that it helps ease discomfort within just minutes of application.


Black Friday: 50% Off These Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths That Just Need Water

Effectively remove foundation, lipstick, eye makeup, and more using just water and these soft, reusable makeup remover cloths. Made of ultra fine microfiber, one side is designed for deep cleaning while the other is for makeup removal. Best of all, they're washable so you can use each one up to 500 times.


Black Friday: 40% Off A 2-Pack Of Plush Down-Alternative Pillows

After more than 230,000 reviews, these pillows have earned their place as an Amazon best-seller — and for good reason. These are made with a cotton cover with a thread count of 250, and they're filled with soft down alternative that's suitable for all types of sleepers. Snag them on sale while you can.


These LED Flashlight Gloves

They look weird, yes. But you will be surprised by how handy these flashlight gloves are. They make for a fantastic gift for anyone who is handy, and they have two lights that shoot out from the thumb and index finger. They easily illuminate anything you’re working on, and best of all? There’s no way they already have these.


Black Friday: 50% Off stila’s Classic Dual-Ended Eyeliner

This liquid eyeliner is super versatile because it comes with a classic brush tip on one end and a micro tip on the other for more precise eyeliner looks. Both sides are made of a gentle felt, and they share a matte finish formula that lasts for up to 12 hours.


This Sonic Electric Toothbrush With Bamboo Heads

It may not immediately come to mind as a gift, but springing for a new electric toothbrush is a great upgrade for anyone’s bathroom — and this one is seriously great. It has five different modes for brushing your teeth, comes with replaceable bamboo brush heads, and has up to six weeks of battery life.


This Color-Changing Mobile That’s Solar Powered

This solar-powered mobile is charged by the sun during the day, then at night, the six crystal balls will automatically turn on and start changing colors at random. The LED lights inside will run up to eight hours straight. Also available in the listing are hummingbird and star varieties.

  • Available options: 3


A Hands-Free Reading Light

Tuck this lightweight booklight around your neck the next time you need a little extra light for reading, crafting, or just giving yourself a manicure. Both ends feature a flexible gooseneck design with lights in three color temperatures and six brightness levels for adjusting to fit your needs and preferences. Charges last for up to a whopping 80 hours.

  • Available colors: 8


These Whimsical Solar Garden Lights

If you dream of the warm glow of fireflies dancing around your garden, you’ll love these delicate solar lights designed to mimic the soft, fluttering light. Each one has a cluster of eight waterproof bulbs on flexible wire stems that sway in the wind. They’re sure to add a whimsical touch to your garden.

  • Available options: 3


Black Friday: 36% Off An 18-Pack Of Colorful Journaling Pens

Level up your journaling, calendar-planning, note-taking, and more with this big set of colorful, fine tip marker pens. Great for writing, drawing, and coloring, these pens use water-based ink for a smooth feel and minimal bleed-through. They feel comfortable in hand and boast a very impressive 4.7-star rating after over 93,000 reviews.


Black Friday: 55% Off A 2-Pack Of Mini Tactical Flashlights

With over 76,000 reviews and a high 4.6-star rating, these mini tactical flashlights cast a powerful light with five available modes and a zoomable beam. Made of military-grade aluminum, they are fully water-resistant, allowing for illumination in all kinds of weather.


Black Friday: 62% Off These Wool Socks In Classic Patterns

These wool blend socks are a hit with reviewers, having earned a 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon. The socks are made with wool, polyester, and spandex, making them breathable, sweat-wicking, and so comfy. The vibrant vintage-inspired patterns will go with any outfit.


Black Friday: 50% Off This Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

This mini palette from URBAN DECAY is the perfect size to travel with, and has all of the basic colors you'd need for so many looks. With a combination of matte and shimmery shades, this palette feels silky and blendable on your skin, making it that much easier to work with. It's no wonder more than 8,000 Amazon reviewers have contributed to its 4.6-star average overall rating.


Black Friday: 66% Off These Chenille Bath Rugs That Are Soft & Absorbent

These popular bathroom rugs — which are designed with soft chenille and microfiber fabrics — are highly absorbent and quick-drying. They're also backed with rubber for some extra grip, and two different sizes are included with the purchase: 24 by 27 inches and 30 by 20 inches. The duo is available in 14 colors.


Black Friday: 59% Off A 6-Pack Of Storage Bags For Linens & Clothes

These extra-large blanket storage bags are made of a breathable, non-woven fabric, so you don't have to worry about your extra bedding or winter sweaters getting dusty or moist when they're in storage. Unlike other storage bags, these hold a lot — up to one chunky comforter, three blankets, or 25 pieces of clothing — and you'll be able to see what's inside with the clear storage window.


An 18-Pack Of Fine-Tip Pens For Bullet Journaling, Sketching, & More

With 18 bold colors, this felt tip pen set will bring vibrancy to your journals, calendars, to-do lists, doodles, and planners. The pens feature an extra-fine tip for precision, and they glide smoothly over paper for an enjoyable writing experience. One shopper raved, “I purchased these pens when I started the bulletjournal journey of mine and I have not found any pens that can compete!”


This Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set With 30,000 Perfect Ratings

After a long day, there’s nothing like treating yourself to a little relaxation. And this acupressure set is just the thing for the job. The 100% cotton and plant-based foam cushion mat and pillow are covered in acupressure points designed to release endorphins to help block pain, relax the muscles, and create an overall feeling of relaxation.

  • Available colors: 15


These Brightening Eye Masks Made With 24-Karat Gold

Enjoy a spa-like experience from the comfort of home with these under-eye masks. They contain actual 24-karat gold, as well as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other powerful ingredients that minimize puffiness and hydrate and smooth the skin — all in as little as 20 minutes. The set comes with 20 pairs.


These Strangely Satisfying & Highly Effective Foot Masks

Just slide your feet into these sock-like foot peel masks and wait 60 minutes. In as few as six days, your feet will begin to peel, getting rid of dry, callused, and cracked skin — resulting in the smoothest feet ever. This set comes with two pairs of masks, and there are various scent options to choose from in the listing, from jasmine to tea tree.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available scents: 11


This Wall-Mounted Battery Organizer That Is Legit Life-Changing

If you have batteries rolling around in your junk drawer, this battery organizer has 93 individual slots to get them in order. It can accommodate 45 AAs, 25 AAAs, four 9-volts, eight Cs, six Ds, and five flat ones, and the clear hinged lid allows you to easily view the contents. Also included is a built-in battery tester to ensure the batteries are still functional. Store the organizer in a drawer or mount it on the wall. One shopper noted, “Best Christmas gift ever for parents who are constantly replacing batteries in toys. Stock it full and give it to someone you love!”

  • Available colors: 7


A Universal Socket Tool That’s A One-Stop Solution For Many Projects

This universal socket tool contains 54 individual hardened steel spring pins that transform to the exact shape and size necessary to grip most bolts, hex nuts, screws, and other odd-shaped heads — it’s one of those products you’ll be glad to have in your tool box in a pinch. The T-shaped rubber handle will give you a superior grip, and 10 screwdriver bits are also included. One shopper noted, “Made a good stocking stuffer - even for myself.”

  • Available options: 2


A Bacon Grill That Makes Cooking Bacon Easier & Cleaner

With this bacon grill, you’ll be able to prepare your morning breakfast without dealing with grease and mess. The grill cooks four to six bacon strips at a time in the microwave and comes with a cover to prevent splatters. It’s designed with a slight elevation that allows excess fat to drip off, as well as a handle for easy removal. Use the grill also to cook sausage, pizza rolls, and other snack foods.


A Gadget That’ll Get Your Makeup Brushes Clean & Dry In Minutes

Use this makeup brush cleaning device to clean your makeup brushes in mere minutes. The device spins the brush in the bowl (which you fill with water and the included cleaning solution) to get it clean and it also dries it. The tool can be used on nearly any size or shape makeup brush because there are eight adaptors.

  • Available colors: 2


This Gift-Boxed Set For Whiskey Fans

This whiskey set comes with everything needed to enjoy a pour of your favorite brand (except the bottle, of course). Each of the two crystal glasses have a unique shape and holds up to 10 ounces. Place the eight granite stones in your freezer, then plop them into your glass to chill your drink without watering it down. Also included are two stone coasters, metal tongs, cocktail cards, and even a gift box.


This Reusable Makeup-Removing Cloth That Works With Just Water

You don’t need pricey makeup remover, micellar water, or wipes to take off your makeup — all you need is this makeup eraser paired with water to remove everything (including waterproof mascara and liquid lipstick). The microfiber towel is machine washable so you can reuse it over and over again.


This Unique Desktop Vase

Plant lovers or anybody into science will love this desktop hydroponic vase. The unique bulb planter gives a clear view of the plant’s roots, hanging from a modern metal base with a curved silhouette and even a little bird embellishment. It’s an out-of-the-box gift idea that’s sure to become a focal point of one’s decor.

  • Available styles: 8


A Pair Of Silicone Scalp Massagers That Also Remove Buildup

Remove dead skin and product buildup on your scalp with a relaxing massage using one of these weird-looking silicone scalp brushes. It can be used in the shower (with or without shampoo) or even when your hair is dry. “This product makes it easier to really scrub and remove build up. feels pretty great,” wrote one fan. You get two scrubbers in a pack for a great price.


This Bathtub Tray With A Tablet Stand

Elevate your bath experience with this bathtub tray that’s made from bamboo and has a space for everything you need. It has a built-in holder for a wine glass, a tablet holder, space for your phone, and a section for a candle. In short? Everything you need for a relaxing bath.


This Ring Toss-Darts Game That Reviewers Rave About

When ring toss and darts collide, you end up with this fun game. The instructions list various ways your group can play depending on skill level, and the board is easy to mount on nearly any surface (indoors or out) using the included hardware. One shopper wrote, “We really love it. It’s super fun! Was nicely packaged, easy to put together and built nicely! A fun game and makes a great gift!”

  • Available options: 3


This Cell Phone Magnifying Screen

Stop straining to watch your favorite videos on your itty bitty mobile screen when you have this 3D cell phone magnifying screen. It can magnify your screen anywhere from two to four times, reducing eye discomfort and fatigue. The convenient stand is adjustable, slim, and easy to store — and it’s compatible with a range of smartphones.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 2


This Cult-Favorite Roller For Trapping Pet Hair

You love your pet but do you really love their hair all of your clothes and furniture? Probably not. Good thing you can clean it up easily with this pet hair roller designed to trap hair in the chamber without sticky adhesives like most other rollers. Just roll, dump the hair, and you’re done. One reviewer noted, “This thing is magic!!!”

  • Available colors: 2


This Indoor/Outdoor Electric Bug Zapper

Spending a day in your yard is a great way to unwind and relax — until the bugs show up. Sure, you can whack them with a rolled-up magazine but this electric fly swatter is a much easier way to get rid of them. Just swing, zap (with the 4,000-volt grid), and go back to enjoying the fresh air. Or use it inside to eliminate pesky bugs that have gotten in your home.

  • Available sizes: Mini — Large
  • Available colors: 3


This Set Of 5 Nesting Stainless Steel Bowls With Airtight Lids

Whether you’re tossing a salad, whisking eggs, or kneading dough, these stainless steel mixing bowls will come in handy. The set includes five of them in various sizes (ranging from less than a quart to five quarts), as well as coordinating lids that’ll create an airtight seal so the contents inside stay fresh. The bowls nest inside one another for compact storage.


A Light-Up Makeup Mirror That’s Travel-Friendly

Not only does this trifold makeup mirror have 36 built-in LED lights for superior illumination, but it also features 1x, 2x, and 3x magnification to more easily accomplish detailed tasks like tweezing or drawing on winged liner. This pick is powered by USB or AAA batteries when on the go, and it’s easy to take with you thanks to the compact design.


This Bamboo Tablet & Cookbook Stand That Folds Flat Between Uses

This bamboo stand is multifunctional — use it to prop up a book (including a cookbook as you work in the kitchen), a tablet, or even artwork for a stylish display. There are four different angles to adjust to for the perfect view, though the entire thing also folds flat when not in use.


A Budget-Friendly Charcuterie Board With A Hidden Drawer Of Utensils

This elegant charcuterie board is made from bamboo with a grooved design to easily arrange crackers, nuts, sliced meat, fruit, and other foods. There’s even a slide-out drawer that holds the included four stainless steel utensils for serving. “Excellent quality, a good, solid weight and beautiful craftsmanship,” wrote one reviewer.

  • Available sizes: 3


This Luxe Mulberry Silk Pillowcase That Reviewers Say Is “The Best Ever”

Sleeping on this pure silk pillowcase (which promises nearly 30% more silk per square inch than other brands) will likely be a complete game-changer for your hair and skin. “I noticed a HUGE difference with my hair almost immediately. No frizz and no harsh tugging or pulling on my hair or skin,” wrote one reviewer. The pillowcase features a side zipper to prevent your pillow from sliding out, and it’s machine washable.

  • Available sizes: Standard — King
  • Available colors: 25


This Plush Blanket Hoodie For Peak Coziness

This blanket hoodie is made from the plushest material with a soft, sherpa lining, and it boasts an oversize design for maximum comfort. The roomy kangaroo pocket in the front offers a handy place to store remotes, your phone, and more — or it can be used to keep your hands warm. It even comes in kid sizes if you’re shopping for little ones.

  • Available sizes: Kids — Adults-Extra Long
  • Available colors: 31


This Adorable Fruit-Shaped AirTag Case

Keep your AirTags protected from scratching or loss with this adorable fruit-shaped keychain holder that’s both waterproof and shockproof. It’s constructed from durable leather that protects your AirTags when placed in the center, staying firmly shut with the shiny ring clip. And there are tons of cute styles to choose from, from roses to ghosts.

  • Available colors: 32


This Infuser Water Bottle With A Nonslip Grip

This infuser bottle will put an end to boring water. It features an infuser basket that can hold berries, citrus, herbs, and more to make water taste delicious and motivate you to stay hydrated. The bottle has a leakproof lid and nonslip grips, making it easy to take on the go.


This Sleek Magnetic Strip For Easy Knife Storage

Mount this magnetic knife strip on the wall using the adhesive strip (it also comes with screws), then hang knives, scissors, and other metal kitchen tools on it to free up drawer space. There are two strip lengths to pick from in the listing (10 or 16 inches). With more than 4,000 five-star ratings, this is a must-have kitchen accessory for those looking to maximize space and keep their chef’s knives always within arm’s reach.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 3


This Secret Safe That Looks Like A Book

Keep your small valuables safe in this highly rated, portable lock box that looks like a dictionary — complete with a real book cover and paper sides. The lock box is hidden behind the front cover and features a sturdy key lock. Place your valuables inside, tuck it between a few books, and rest assured that your valuables are safe and out of sight. One shopper reported, “I bought this initially as a white elephant gift and put other little gifts inside this with a riddle to figure out the combinationlock code and it was a hit at the party everyone loved it.”


An Elegant Set of Real Wax Flameless Candles

These battery-operated candles may have a simulated flame, but they look like the real thing thanks to the genuine wax pillars and flickering light. They’re set in glass containers that look expensive enough to show off in any part of the home, or outdoors since they’ll never blow out. Control them with the included remote that even allows you to set timers.

  • Available colors: 8


A Wildly Popular Roll-Up Mat For Storing Puzzles

Before you start that 1,000-piece puzzle, make sure to lay out this roll-up puzzle mat first. When it’s time to make room on your table or another surface, simply roll up the puzzle in the mat using the blow-up tube, secure it with the bands on either end, and tuck it into the storage bag. More than 10,000 shoppers have given this handy storage solution a perfect rating, with one noting, “worked like a charm for me.”


These Long-Lasting Plasma Lighters That Are Perfect For Candle Lovers

These plasma lighters boasts an 4.3-inch-long wand to easily light candles, grills, fireworks, and more with ease. It’s rechargeable via USB, and the flameless design means you can use it in the rain, wind, or other inclement weather, so it’s perfect for camping, too.

  • Available colors: 14


This Deed For A (Small) Plot Of Land In Italy (Really)

Own a piece of Italy with this deed of land certificate — albeit a small one. It entitles you to property in Italy (ranging in size from 400 to 12,000 square meters) and you’re provided with the actual GPS coordinates upon purchase. “It’s definitely a very unique and creative gift to give to someone or just a conversation piece to have on the wall,” wrote one shopper. Choose from other countries in the listing, too.

  • Available options: 13


This Cool Morse Code Bracelet That Comes With 60+ Sayings

This handmade sterling silver bracelet displays the term “Bestie” in Morse code (using dots and dashes) and features a black silk cord chain. There are more than 60 different words and phrases to pick from in the listing, so you’ll be able to find one (or more) that speaks to you. As one shopper noted, “This is beautiful. The morse code is correct, we checked. My friend loved it. Plus it came in a nice wooden package. Fine craftsmanship.”

  • Available options: 60+


This Comfy Bluetooth Headband That Runs For 10 Hours Straight

This lightweight, breathable Bluetooth headband is comfier than earbuds or headphones while laying down, allowing you to listen to music, white noise, or your favorite podcast while you drift off to sleep, work out, or lounge around the house. It connects to electronics via Bluetooth, and it can run for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

  • Available colors: 11


This Fan-Favorite Popcorn Popper That Collapses For Easy Storage

Buying plain popcorn kernels is a great money-saving tip, and it also gives you the flexibility of flavoring each batch to your liking. But don’t even think about busting out a big pot and keeping watch over the stove when you can use this collapsible food-safe silicone bowl instead. Just add in the kernels, cover with the lid, microwave, and enjoy staring out of the bowl. And after, you can clean the whole thing in the dishwasher.

  • Available colors: 15


A Powerful Milk Frother For Café Drinks At Home

With this battery-operated frother, you can whip up a delicious cappuccino, latte, macchiato, protein powder shake, or other tasty foam drinks in just 15 seconds. The device features a powerful motor and sturdy stainless steel wand. The ergonomic silicone handle is easy to maneuver, and you can rest the frother on the included stainless steel stand when you’re done.

  • Available colors: 8


A Stainless Steel Eyelash Curler That Comes With Extra Pads

Curling your eyelashes will be easy and safe with this durable stainless steel eyelash curler. It features a gentle silicone pad to protect against damage and even comes with two extra pads, as well as a satin travel bag.


This Exfoliating Scrub Made With Coffee, Almond Oil & Cacao

Reviewers are obsessed with this delicious-smelling exfoliating scrub. It’s made with a list of ingredients that sound good enough to eat, including Kona coffee, olive oil, seas salt, cacao, and more. “I’ve been using this to exfoliate before I shave and its made my skin feel silky smooth,” wrote one fan.


This 2-Piece Aeration Set That Improves The Flavor Of Any Wine

When you open a bottle of your favorite vintage, you’ll be glad to have this wine accessory set on hand. The two-pack of aerators allows you to infuse the optimal amount of oxygen into wine as you pour — allowing you to taste all of its nuances. If you don’t finish the bottle, utilize the included silicone stopper to keep it fresh for next time.

  • Available options: 4


A Novelty Spoon Holder That Doubles As A Steam Releaser

This adorable witch-shaped spoon holder rests on the edge of any pot or pan and grasps onto your cooking tool (like a spoon, spatula, or ladle). And for a little extra magic, it also functions as a steam releaser. This pick is made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone, and is dishwasher safe. One shopper gushed, “I thought this was really cute and turns out, it's very functional. It is easy to use and can be stretched just enough to accommodate a lot of different size spoons/utensils.”


A Sturdy Universal Grill Scraper & Bottle Opener In One

This stainless steel grill-cleaning accessory boasts grooves that are specifically designed to scrape stuck-on food from a variety of grill rod shapes — and there’s a flat edge to use on griddles. Not only that, there’s also a built-in bottle opener on the end. The leather handle provides a secure grip, and the tool is long enough to keep your hands away from direct heat.


This USB-Powered Light Strip That’s Easy To Install

Reduce eye fatigue and experience improved contrast by attaching this USB-powered light strip the back of your TV or computer screen. It’s available in several lengths in the listing to fit a variety of screens but it can also be trimmed to fit and it’s easy to install: It bends and is self-adhesive.


This Fun Corkscrew That Doubles As A Bottle Opener

Fang-tastic (yet functional), this bat corkscrew and bottle opener can be used to open practically all of your favorite drinks, including soda, wine, beer, sparkling water, and more. It’s made from a combination of silicone and metal for sturdiness and a nonslip grip. Plus, the unique design is a great conversation starter.


A Kit To Grow 4 Varieties Of Tea Ingredients

Elevate your culinary creations and cocktails by garnishing them with a homegrown edible flower by using this gardening kit — no green thumb required. The kit comes with seed packets (to grow chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, and mint varieties), bags with a waterproof lining, soil disks, planter markers, gardening shears, and a wooden planter box. “I am a relatively new gardener, and the thorough instructions and the options to talk to a real person, if I have questions, is what keeps me coming back,” wrote one fan.


This Travel Mug With A Reusable Filter

This travel mug is a time- and space-saver; it comes with a paper-free stainless steel filter that can be used over and over to make a pour-over directly into the mug. It holds 20 ounces and is vacuum insulated to keep your drink warm while a leakproof lid keeps everything fresh. It fits in most cupholders and is available in a few colors in the listing.

  • Available colors: 4


A Casting Kit That Reviewers Say Is Easy To Use

Use this hand casting kit to create a beautiful or funny keepsake of your hands in any position — it’s ideal for two adults or up to four kids’ hands. It’ll capture all of the intricate details and the end product is even paintable. “The instructions are easy to follow and the cast came out better than I anticipated,” wrote one fan.


This 14-In-1 Multi-Tool That Fits In A Pocket

Despite being just 7 inches long, this multi-functional tool features a hammer, serrated knife, saw, wire cutter, prying claw, bottle opener, two screwdrivers (both flat and Phillips head), and a pair of pliers. It’s lightweight and compact, but also sturdy because it’s made from hardened stainless steel. It has a lock feature for safety.


These Ultra-Absorbent Towel Balls That Come With Hooks For Hanging

These machine-washable fuzzy ball towels aren’t only cute to look at, they also feature an ultra-absorbent material that’ll dry your hands nearly instantly. They each have a loop at the top for hanging. “Comes with hooks. Easy to put up. They really work. You’d not expect them to but they do,” wrote one reviewer.

  • Available colors: 3


This Cult-Fave Cuticle Cream Made With Seaweed

Moisturize your nail beds and cuticles with this popular cuticle cream that’s formulated with seaweed, hot springs minerals, shea butter, and more. Reviewers say it sinks in fast for a non-greasy feel.


This Detangling Hairbrush with 54,000+ 5-Star Reviews

This detangling brush has unique cone-shaped bristles that glide through tangles from side to side (rather than pulling straight through them). It’s gentle yet effective and can prevent damage that leads to frizz. Choose from several colors in the listing.


These Convenient Packing Cubes For Seamless Travel

Take the pain out of packing with this set of packing cubes designed to keep your things organized within your suitcase for flight attendant-level efficiency. Each set comes with five stacking cubes that feature breathable mesh tops and sturdy zippers. And because there will be dirty clothes piling up on any trip, the set also includes a laundry bag for keeping soiled clothes separated.

  • Available colors: 10


A Mystery Game For The Detective In You

If you’re ready to move on from cracking the Clue case, this murder mystery game is sure to challenge your detective skills. You’ll be tasked with solving a decades-old homicide using only the original detective's file containing vintage-looking photos, documents, maps, and more. Play on your own or team up; the game can accommodate up to eight players. One shopper called it “worth every dime,” and added, “If you even *think* that this might be interesting to you then you should purchase it. It was way more fun than I was expecting, and I was expecting it to be a lot of fun.”


These Self-Watering Stakes That Take The Guesswork Out Of Plant Care

Unless you’ve got a master green thumb, knowing when and how much to water plants can feel like a guessing game — one where the plants seem to always end up losing. Now you can take the guesswork out of plant care with this six-pack of terracotta watering stakes. Just pop them into the soil, add water, and let the soil do the math. Top the stakes with a water-filled bottle for even less maintenance.


This Matte Makeup-Setting Spray

Set your makeup and control oil with this fan-favorite makeup setting spray. It features a matte finish and weightless feel, and it’s cruelty-free, too. “I wanted to try a setting spray to stop (or at least slow down!) my makeup disappearing after a few hours. This really set my makeup, didn’t feel heavy or sticky & it worked. No more disappearing makeup,” wrote one shopper.


This Clip-On Ring Light That Runs 2 Hours Per Charge

Look better on video calls for work or when taking selfies with this clip-on ring light. It’s USB-rechargeable and can run for two hours per charge (or keep it wired for endless run time). It features settings to change the brightness and color temperature of the light.


This Vibrating Foam Roller That Relieves Aches & Pains

Standard foam rollers are great for rolling out tired or sore muscles. But this vibrating foam roller really takes it up a notch. It has three speeds and high-density massage rollers go to work on your muscles. This is a great gift for anyone who is active.


These Non-Stick Baking Mats That Save On Parchment Paper

When you’re tackling larger baking projects, this set of nonstick baking sheets will be your new favorite companion. Made from thick, durable silicone and reinforced with fiberglass mesh, the set of three sheets can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. The non-stick coating means they’re easy to clean, and they can be rolled up for compact storage.


This DIY Slushie Maker

Slushies are the perfect cool-down treat, but making them at home isn’t as easy as it might seem. That is unless you have one of these slushie maker cups. The double-layer sides with built-in freezing liquid are durable and flexible, so all you need to do is add your drink of your choice, freeze, squeeze, and enjoy. It even comes with a lid and a straw-spoon for slurping up every last drop.

  • Available colors: 4


A Portable Neck Fan That Keeps You Cool Anywhere

Whether you’re at a music festival or sweating it out during a hike, this portable neck fan cools you down when you’re on-the-go. With three speeds and a rechargeable USB-powered design, this fan is easy-breezy to use. An ultra-light profile means it won’t be heavy on your neck, and the position of the blades helps ensure your hair won’t snare on fan blades. The battery can run for up to 16 hours.


These Reusable Face Towels That Help Prevent Breakouts

Face towels can so quickly accumulate bacteria and build-up that leads to breakouts. That’s part of the genius of these disposable makeup remover wipes — they remove makeup, dead skin cells, and dirt with their extra-absorbent texture. And better yet, the towels are USDA-certified for being made from 100% biobased viscose. They’re also unscented and chemical-free, making them ideal for sensitive skin. “These towels have made a significant difference in reducing my acne,” one reviewer wrote.


A Pillow Cozy For Cups On The Couch

If you’re looking for a place to rest your cups, TV remote, and more while relaxing in bed or on the couch, this pillow cozy is the perfect spot. Since it’s generously padded, it will blend right in with your lounging spot while keeping your drinks insulated. The flat surface also works to keep it stable, avoiding spills.


These Dip Clips That Attach To Your Plate Or Bowl

Free up space on your plate and say bye to sauce-drenched plates with these dip clips. Coming in a set of eight, they attach to bowls and plates, making it so much easier to dunk your finger foods in ketchup, mayo, soy sauce, chocolate syrup, etc. They be run through the dishwasher, too, making them even easier. It’s about to be a dip party in here.


A Lunch Bag That Comes With Glass Containers

Make up lunchtime easy with this insulated lunch bag that comes with three glass containers and an ice pack. The bag has two spacious compartments, with the leak-proof bottom section designed to fit the included containers perfectly. The top section can hold assorted other items, and mesh side pockets are handy for water bottles. Safe for use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher, the containers are also made to be leak-proof.


This Light-Up Karaoke Microphone

This karaoke microphone with two-way connectivity is just the thing to make karaoke night even more fun. The controls are all located conveniently within finger’s reach, and since it’s completely wireless, there won’t be any tripping over cords. It promises to stay charged for at least five hours, and the LED lights flicker with the beat of your tunes for even more of a party vibe.

  • Available colors: 8


A Bird Feeder For Your Window

Get up close and personal with this clear bird feeder that attaches right to your window with strong suction cups to keep it firmly in place. All you have to do is fill the two bottom trays with birdseed (or another wildlife-safe feed) and watch the birds, squirrels, and other animals flock right to your lookout spot.


A Kitchen Scale That Helps Ensure Precise Measurements

If you’ve ever eyeballed an ingredient, only to find out that it totally messed up your banana bread, check out this food kitchen scale. It ensures precise measurements and has a large-font backlit LCD screen for easy reading. Accurately weighing items up to 11 pounds, the compact scale is made from food-grade stainless steel that can be easily wiped down.


This Compact Bluetooth Speaker With Big Sound

This compact portable speaker may be small but it’s mighty. It boasts an impressive room-filling sound that’s sure to get any party started — and it’s waterproof so you can take it poolside. It features Bluetooth compatibility, so you can connect it to your phone and stream your favorite radio services like Spotify and YouTube Music. And a single charge gives you up to five hours of uninterupted play time.

  • Available colors: 3


This Modern-Looking 4-in-1 Phone Charger Light

This modern night light with a rotating light bar is touch-sensitive and offers four levels of brightness, but it also doubles as a wireless phone charger — just place your phone right on the surface or lean it against the light bar — and there’s a Bluetooth speaker for streaming music. It makes for an awesome gift that you might just want to keep for yourself, so go ahead and two to your cart.


This Keyboard Cleaning Kit

If you spend a lot of time tapping away at your keyboard, there’s a good chance the sides of the keys are packed with dust and other debris, making this keyboard cleaning kit a must. It comes complete with every imaginable attachment for cleaning even the smallest nooks and crannies. And it works just as well for keeping other electronics clean, like tablets and cameras.

  • Available colors: 8


A Candle For Cereal Lovers

It may look like a standard bowl of cereal, but it’s actually a three-wick candle. This makes for a super cute gift for anyone who is obsessed with cereal, and you can even choose from 13 different candle options. There’s one that looks like a bowl of mac and cheese, one that’s designed to look like Skittles — there’s even an acai bowl candle.


A Mini Crock-Pot For Lunch & More

This mini electric Crock-Pot is perfect for office lunches or for taking on road trips. It features a stylish satin finish, leakproof lid, and stainless steel inner container that holds up to 20 ounces, allowing you to reheat or keep your meals warm for hours. The cord detaches for easy storage, too.

  • Available colors: 4


The Bamboo Thermos With A Built-In Tea Infuser

Brew your tea on the road with this thermos that comes with a built-in tea infuser and strainer. Perfect for loose-leaf teas or any herbal beverage, this thermos keeps drinks hot up to 12 hours and cold for 24 hours with its double-walled insulation. The bamboo exterior lends a earthy, peaceful look to your beverage of choice. The infuser and strainer is also detachable.


A Pasta Strainer That Clips Right To Your Pot

This clip-on strainer makes cooking so much easier. Attach it to both sides of your pot and let gravity do the rest of the work. The water from your pot will pour out, and your pasta will be ready for sauce. It’s even dishwasher safe.

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