Sia Confirms She Adopted Two Teenage Sons Last Year

by Christina Marfice
Sia Confirms She's Adopted Two Teen Boys Who Were About To Age Out Of Foster Care
Neilson Barnard/Getty

The boys were about to age out of the foster care system — so Sia adopted them

In case we needed a reason to love her even more, Sia just revealed that she’s a mom — after she quietly adopted two teenage boys last year. And her reasoning for doing so makes it even better.

Sia, who is 44, opened up about her decision to grow her family in an interview with SiriusXM’s “The Morning Mash Up.”

“I actually adopted two sons last year,” she revealed. “They were both 18 — they’re both 19 years old now. They were aging out of the foster care system. Yeah, and I love them.”

According to Social Race Media, more than 23,000 kids turn 18 and “age out” of the foster care system every year. And when they turn 18, 20 percent of those kids become instantly homeless. Less than 3 percent of kids who age out of the system ever earn a college degree, and only half have gainful employment by the time they turn 24. 25 percent of kids who age out suffer from PTSD, often untreated.

The fact that Sia saw two kids facing those kinds of bleak statistics and decided to step in, giving them a loving family home forever? That makes her an angel — no questions asked.

Later in the interview, Sia opened up a little bit about how she and her sons are handling being in quarantine together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“They are both finding it pretty difficult, one more so than the other,” she said. “But they’re both doing things that are really good for them right now, that are really helpful. They’re really doing a lot of educational stuff that’s good for them.”

We all feel that. Quarantine is hard on all of us, but we’re really glad to know that Sia’s sons now have a safe, loving place to be during this crisis.

Before making the news of the adoptions public, Sia hinted at having plans to expand her family. She tweeted at Dasani, the teenage boy featured in the HBO documentary, Foster, saying she’d like to open her home to him. She’s since deleted that tweet.

Sia married filmmaker Erik Anders Lang in 2014, but in 2016, they announced their split, saying they were going their separate ways but planned to remain friends. Since then, the “Chandelier” singer has been pretty open about her decision to stay single, even when joking about things like asking her friend Diplo to be a friend-with-benefits, since she doesn’t plan on having a boyfriend ever again.

What can we say? We stan.