Sidewalk Chalk And Bubbles: Literally The Only Things A Kid Needs For Spring And Summer

Monika Gniot / Shutterstock

And maybe some popsicles.

Popsicles are also a must. Just grab the big bag from the freezer section.

Besides the popsicles, this is what I do to prepare for sunny (or sunny-ish) weather:

1. Buy Sidewalk Chalk in Bulk

Yes, this is a thing. Sidewalk chalk breaks easily, or gets left outside and crumbles into smithereens. Your kids like to share it with their pals, or they have a favorite color they like to use exclusively. Or they want to draw 4,000 dinosaurs and hopscotch games. I don’t like running out, so I just buy this massive box, and we have plenty to share with friends and everyone gets to have their favorite color. I keep the box out of their reach and just fill up a bucket as needed.

2. Buy a Massive Container of Bubble Solution

I don’t like the cheapest stuff — I have to be honest. Not all bubble solution is created equal. And yes, I know there is a recipe on Pinterest that everyone keeps sharing, but there’s about a 0.0% chance I’m going to make homemade bubbles. I can’t believe that is even a thing.

What I can believe is a thing? This no-spill bubble bucket. So I guess technically you need three things. Sorry. You fill it up, there’s three wands to go around (or you order more than one, if you have more than three bubble blowers), and there’s no crying for at least 15 minutes. The kids can tip this thing all the way over, kick it, and even transport it in the car without a single spill. I know this because all of these things have happened in our house.

The only thing? When you refill, make sure to wipe the rim of the bucket, so that it doesn’t gum up with dried, sticky bubble solution which can make it harder to open.

So, buy these things ASAP, then send those kids outside — even if you have to chase the little ones, break up arguments, and check the gate 100 times to make sure the dog doesn’t escape again. Because just when you feel like everyone is truly losing their shit (including you), you start passing out the popsicles. Popsicles solve everything.

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