6-Year-Old Uses Birthday Money To Buy Brother The Pet He's Always Wanted

by Valerie Williams

A little sister surprises her brother with his own hamster in this sweet viral video.

If you have more than one child, you’ve witnessed the incredible roller-coaster of sibling relationships. They’re best friends one minute and sworn enemies the next. Nothing really compares to that special bond and this brother-sister pair sobbing happy tears over a surprise hamster is pretty much the ultimate in sibling goals.

According to Rachel Stout, her son Daniel has wanted a pet hamster ever since he saw his 6-year-old sister Abby get one for her birthday recently. The fourth grader was doing all he could to save money to buy his own hamster but Abby had birthday money burning a hole in her pocket. And an idea for the sweetest surprise. She asked her mother if she could spend that money on a hamster for her older brother.

It’s amazing to see such generosity and love from such a young child. A little kid spending all their money on anyone but themselves is an incredible gesture but one that Rachel tells Today is not really a surprise. “They’ve always been really close. By the time Abby came along, Daniel was just so thrilled to have her. He’s just always been all about her and she’s been all about him.”

Abby gathered $55 in birthday money and gift cards, insisting to her mother that she wanted to spend the money to give her brother the thing he wanted most. Rachel confirmed with her daughter that she was certain this was what she wanted and when it was clear the little girl wasn’t changing her mind, Rachel helped her concoct the surprise.

Daniel went to a friend’s house for a sleepover and that was when Rachel took Abby to the pet store to pick out the hamster. They set it up while he was out of the house and took video of the moment he sees what his sister did for him. Grab the tissues, because this is a doozy.

Their close relationship is evident the moment Daniel sees his beloved hamster. He figures out immediately that his sister is responsible for it and embraces her, both of them crying. When Abby holds his face in her hands and says “Why are you crying?”and then, “Are you happy crying?” I lost all my mascara. This is simply beautiful.

The video reminded me of my children and their love for each other. At only 20 months apart, neither remembers a life without the other and they are truly best friends. I love my brothers and we had typical sibling relationships growing up, but nothing like the unbreakable bond my kids share. At times, I even find myself a bit envious of their friendship — it’s that strong. But the comfort it gives me is immeasurable because in a perfect world, they will long outlive my husband and I. But they’ll always have each other.

Seeing Daniel and Abby interact this way, you know how happy it must make their mother to see it. A sibling can be your best friend forever. And it’s clear these kids will always have each other’s backs.