What to (Really) Expect When You're Six Months Pregnant

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Your Body At Six Months Pregnant

Your Changing Body May Affect Your Daily Routine

You’ve reached the end of your second trimester and you’re adjusting to your baby belly. For some women, this can make daily activities such as exercise, sleep, and sexual activity uncomfortable and difficult. Do everything you can to make yourself comfortable, and be honest with your partner if you’re just not in the mood for lovin’.

Your Skin Is Itchy

In order to accommodate your pregnancy and growing belly, your body is stretching and it can cause itching — mainly on your breasts and abdomen. Moisturize daily; in addition to reducing that pesky itching, it also helps with skin elasticity. Also be sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, and get a humidifier if the air in your living space feels dry.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You may find that your wrists and fingers are numb and tingly. You may have experienced this unpleasant feeling before (it’s common after engaging in repetitive motions like typing), but this time it’s due to good old pregnancy swelling. Fluids accumulate in your lower extremities throughout the day, resulting in numbness and pain. If your job requires you to spend a lot of time making repetitive motions, be sure to take frequent breaks to stretch out your hands.

Your Baby at Six Months Pregnant

Their Lungs Are Formed

At six months pregnant, your baby’s lungs have now formed completely. They’re also working on their sucking reflex and it’s continuing to improve as they prepare to make their grand entrance into the world.

They’ve Developed Fingerprints And Toe Prints

This is a pretty exciting development: At month six, your baby officially has his or her very own fingerprints and toe prints. They share their DNA with you and your partner, but these prints are totally unique to your baby.

Baby’s Eyes Are Moving

Although your baby’s eyelids are still sealed shut, they’re moving their eyeballs beneath the lids. They’re also starting to grow eyebrows and eyelashes. Aww!

Your Symptoms and Health at Six Months Pregnant

Hot Flashes

Wait, aren’t these supposed to be reserved for menopause? As it turns out, hot flashes can occur during pregnancy, too, because you’re burning more calories and generating more heat than usual. They’re unpleasant, but not cause for concern. Wear loose fitting clothes and keep a fan nearby, both at home and at the office.


During month six of pregnancy, your circulation changes and this can cause a decrease in blood flow to your upper body and head. It’s common to feel dizzy and lightheaded because of this. Avoid standing for long periods of time and be sure to stay hydrated.

Leg Cramps

Not everyone experiences this symptom, but some women get cramps in their lower legs — typically at night. It’s unclear what exactly causes this symptom, but you can alleviate the discomfort by massaging the muscles, taking a warm bath, or putting an ice pack on the affected area.


You have to pee constantly, but you’re totally backed up. (What gives?) This is an unpleasant but totally normal symptom. Eat high-fiber foods, drink lots of water, and try to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day in order to get things moving in this department.

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