Skincare Fridges Exist And People Are Completely Obsessed

by Thea Glassman
Image via Beauty Fridge

Keep your skincare organized and chilled in this cute pink mini-fridge

Skincare routines can be confusing, frustrating, and altogether tedious. One way to make the whole process just a little bit more fun? A bubblegum pink mini-fridge which will keep your products nice and cool – while adding a very cute decorative touch to your bedroom.

Okay, first things first. What’s the point of keeping your products in a fridge? Can’t you just shove all of them on top of your dresser and move on with your life? Turns out, there’s a ton of benefits that come with keeping certain skincare products chilled. According to Vogue, Vitamin C, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, DHA, and anything preservative-free should be put in a cool environment. By doing so, you’ll make sure that they don’t lose their potency or develop bacterial growth. Retinol is expensive enough so the idea of it developing any sort of bacteria is a hard no.

If you feel like it might be a wee bit extra to buy a mini-fridge for your myriad of bottles, don’t worry. People have taken to Twitter to share their personal skincare fridges and you’re about to be sold instantly.

Create your own mini skincare oasis by snagging a regular ol’ mini-fridge that will stock all of your essentials.

Image via Amazon

Or if you want to buy a refrigerator made specifically for skincare, head over to Beauty Fridge. They make very cute and compact fridges that come in rose pink, sky blue, and snow white. “Serums and eye creams are better if you keep them cold and then apply them,” the brand explained. “Help with puffiness and redness also, with preserving the shelf life of your products.”

Do you currently have a hankering to apply a bunch of cold cream to your face and then lie down in bed for hours in a silk bathrobe? Me too.

Need a little more inspo? Here’s how people on Instagram are organizing their products. These skincare fridges are mildly orgasmic and I’m not even ashamed to admit it.

Now, go get your hands on one of these. You might just feel motivated to actually use some of that weird Vitamin C serum that you impulse bought six months ago if it’s nice and relaxingly chilly.