Smart Women Vote!

by Wendy Wisner

A woman-founded, woman-owned, eco-friendly manufacturer of totally badass, vintagey, feminist mugs, bumper stickers, pins, bookmarks, and more?

OMG, yes, please.

Smart Women is a company that was founded by Julie Hellwich in 1999, and is still run by her today. Julie was a SAHM to her toddler daughter and started crafting some gifts for her friends. Her awesome products quickly caught fire, and she began selling them at specialty shops all over. Soon, her company was born, capturing the hearts of witty, smart women everywhere.

Smart Women products are practical items made from reusable (often recyclable) materials that also happen to be cute as anything, and will make you smile from ear to ear with slogans like “Smart Women Crave Good Company” and “Smart Women Thirst for Knowledge” (etched onto a drinking glass, no less).

But Smart Women is about much more than funny, adorable feminist merchandise. It’s about encouraging women to make a real difference in the world — including getting involved in the political arena. “We want women to know that the things we do make a difference,” the Smart Women website says. “By living and breathing our politics and convictions on a daily basis (whether we’re running errands, running the office, or running FOR office) Smart Women make the world everyday.”

Damn straight, they do.

Smart Women has a history of getting involved in election seasons and encouraging women to get out and vote. In 2004, they teamed up with The League of Women Voters for the “Smart Women 2004 Elect to Make a Difference Tour.” And for the 2016 election season, the company has come up with a fresh new line of products.

These products will make you want to pump your fists up in solidarity and rush around town making sure every single woman is registered to vote. (Okay, and I guess it couldn’t hurt to make sure all the men out there are registered too.)

So let’s do this thing. Make sure your neighbor and her mom are registered and make sure your great aunt who just moved to Florida is all signed up. Encourage all the college-aged voters you know to vote. They might think their votes don’t matter, but they do — perhaps more than ever.