Men Are Using Snap's 'Gender Swap' Filter On Their Tinder Profiles

Snap’s ‘Gender Swap’ Filter Is Giving Men A Taste Of What It’s Like To Be A Woman On Tinder

Courtesy of Garrett via Twitter

Men are using new Snapchat filter to find out what online dating is like as a woman

Snapchat recently rolled out something the internet is calling the “gender swap filter” or the “gender change filter” and social media hasn’t been this obsessed with a Snapchat filter since they turned people into puppies. You might have noticed your lady friends sharing photos recently where they look like their long-lost brothers because the new gender swap filter lets women see what they’d look like as men and vice versa. Thanks to this new technology, men are using the filter to create fake Tinder profiles and find out what it’s like to date as a woman. Spoiler alert: It’s not fun!

“Made a fake tinder with my girl filter, smh guys are pigs,” a Twitter user wrote on May 9th, which set off a trend of men sharing their faux profiles and the responses they were getting from suitors online.

Shockingly, the majority of the messages that the men were receiving were pretty tame, but most men seem to be unaware of the deluge of messages (both good and bad) that women receive on dating apps.