'Saturday Night Live' Takes On 'Frozen 2' Deleted Scenes

‘SNL’ Tackles Hollywood ‘Wokeness’ By Creating ‘Frozen 2’ Deleted Scenes

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‘Frozen 2’ had some outtakes we didn’t know about

No one is safe from the Saturday Night Live treatment; it’s why we’ve loved the show for more than four decades. And this week, the cast took on animated hit Frozen 2 and some “deleted scenes” coming to a DVD near you (while you soak in a tub with a frozen margarita).

In an era of Hollywood “wokeness,” the deleted scenes from this week’s SNL first tackle Elsa’s sexuality and why she’s still single after two movies, even though she’s technically the star of the show. “I don’t know if we’re headed north, south, gay, or west,” says Elsa, portrayed by Kate McKinnon. When her sister Anna (Cecily Strong) asks what she means, Elsa snipes, “I’m not anything. You have a fulfilling heterosexual marriage at the age of 18, and I’ve just spent two whole movies playing with snow. Both are equal and good. And then in ‘Frozen 3,’ I can just freeze my eggs.”

Anna promptly breaks out in song (as you do), reassuring her sister that she’s known all along. Anna points to Elsa’s choice of Halloween costume three years in a row — Game of Thrones‘ Brienne of Tarth — and reminds Disney that even if they have a gay character, that character will not, in fact, “turn other children gay.”


The attention then turns to Anna’s love interest, Sven, who breaks out into another song (as you do) about being “big and woke” and who is a new kind of Prince who’s less creepy and doesn’t kiss people in their sleep (though, apparently, he’s pretty good in bed, according to Anna).

People seemed to very much be here for Frozen 2’s new version: