Hilarious SNL Skit About Childbirth Is Accurate AF

by Cassandra Stone
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‘The Day You Were Born’ might be the funniest thing you watch today

Saturday Night Live parodies are always a fun time, but last night’s Mother’s Day skit speaks to the heart and soul of every mother out there today. Because it’s easy to forget the insanity of childbirth and those newborn days while we’re sipping mimosas and ooh-ing over handmade cards, SNL is here to remind us in the most hilarious way possible.

The skit features host Amy Schumer and SNL’s Mike Day depicting a lovely, breakfast-in-bed Mother’s Day scene. The young boy playing their son asks his mom about the day he was born, and she lovingly describes the magical circumstances of his birth — but then the camera cuts to flashbacks of what it was really like.

Moms, get out your pantyliners because this is gonna make you laugh. Hard.

See? Told ya. It’s fucking hysterical and accurate AF.

We might tell our children about the joy and love we felt when they were born — and that’s not a lie at all. We definitely felt those things.

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But we also felt this:

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And this:

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“Don’t cut my butthole in half” hands-down has to go into some sort of SNL one-liner hall of fame. “The Day You Were Born” leaves no childbirth stone unturned — from the dreaded episiotomy to the question on every mom’s mind while she pushes: “Am I pooping?”


And because this skit is the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving, it dives headfirst into showing exactly what newborn life is like too — there’s no glossing over those details.

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I can’t remember how many times I held my sleeping daughter in my arms while I peed — because you don’t wake newborns up FOR ANYTHING. So you master the art of the one-handed pee.

My favorite part might be the end, when the dad hounds his wife about looking for “hockey equipment” he could easily look for himself. “Might go out for a drink after!”

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We’ve all been there. We can all relate. And we can all laugh and talk about murdering our spouses together.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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