'SNL' Shows Us A Trump-Less World In Amazing 'It's A Wonderful Life' Spoof

by Cassandra Stone
Image via YouTube/SNL

This alternate version of Trump Reality is a must-watch

Last night, Saturday Night Live showed us what the world would look like if Donald Trump had never won the 2016 election. It’s like It’s a Wonderful Life meets the utopia of our dreams, and you’re going to want to watch it.

In a black-and-white cold open, Alec Baldwin’s Trump is featured on the balcony of the White House. “I don’t think I can do this anymore,” he says. “It’s awful, everything’s falling apart, sometimes I wish I was never president.”

Enter Kenan Thompson as a “Clarence”-like character, who shows him — and us — the beauty of a world without him in it (as the leader of the free world, anyway).

The sketch takes us to a Christmas party. “Everyone looks so different, what are those things on their faces?” Trump asks.

“Those are called smiles, Mr. Trump.” LOL.

Sarah Sanders isn’t his press secretary, but a PR person representing…wait for it… the romaine lettuce industry! Is there truly a more perfect alternate reality for her than that? Other than, like, jail, obviously.

Next up is Kellyanne Conway, who Trump notices “looks great.” And for a good reason, obviously. “Actually that’s because I’m no longer eaten inside by lies,” she says. God bless Kate McKinnon.

Melania Trump (played by the incomparable, beautiful Cecily Strong) is now a single woman with a “huge real estate empire” and is also married to Papa John. Naturally.

Ben Stiller’s Michael Cohen is Trump’s happy-go-lucky idiot BFF, who never flipped on Trump. He says he’s excited for the “grand opening of Trump Tower: Moscow.”

The evening’s host, Matt Damon, reprised his role as Brett Kavanaugh. In this version of reality, Kavanaugh still has a prized calendar and likes beer, but “when I tell people I like beer, they find it charming and not like I’m threatening violence.”

Robert DeNiro’s Robert Mueller actually has time to spend with his family and grandchildren, because he’s not consumed 24/7 with trying to investigate the President of the United States for treason. You know, as you do.

In It’s a Wonderful Life, George Bailey is convinced to remain of this earth because of the joy he’s brought to the lives of people in his community.

That is…not the case here in this Trump sketch. But at least it gives us a chance to see what could have been — which is either a great present for us all or a cruel joke. You pick.