'SNL' Writer Hilariously Trolls Trump By Treating His Tweets Like Personal Texts

by Cassandra Stone

SNL writer responds to Trump’s tweets like they’re personal texts

In a time where most trending topics and news stories surrounding Donald Trump are far from amusing, sometimes it’s nice to know most of us are miserable together. If we can’t find a little humor in the dark times, we’re all in trouble. Enter Josh Patten, an SNL writer here to make us all LOL through the disparaging daily news surrounding the President.

Patten has been responding to Trump’s infamous, insane tweets as though they’re texts. Basically, he’s taking Trump’s incoherent nonsense and poking fun at it like the rest of us, but in a uniquely humorous way. So far, he’s casually thrown out lunch ideas and Netflix suggestions directly to Trump’s tweets, no matter how off-the-wall or unrelated they are.

He sounds like your mom texting you about the most mundane things, and it’s great.

LOL. BTW, when is Trump going to learn how to use quotation marks correctly?

His responses are just so pure.

This sounds like every text response I’ve ever gotten from my dad. Ever.

HA! Not sure if he could squeeze it in though, between the endless rounds of golf and flurry of tweetstorms.

Consider us on board for every round of this project from here on out. And we’re not alone, because people are seriously enjoying this random weirdness.

A true #MAGA hero.

You know what? We don’t know why either. But it just does.

Yes, if only it were prestigious enough to take up shelf space next to a handful of dusty copies of The Art of the Deal.

There’s very little about the political climate that can be considered “funny” right now. There’s almost nothing funny about Donald Trump (save for the tiny hands), but these tweets? They’re enjoyable.

Wherever we can find humor these days–especially when it comes to the President–we’ll take it.