Robo-Cradle Puts Baby To Sleep, Sanctimomies Aren't Having It

by Valerie Williams
Image via BuzzFeed

The Snoo Smart Sleeper can rock a fussy baby back to sleep, but not everyone is a fan

There’s a new product on the market purporting to do what exhausted parents try to do every single night with their fussy infants: put them to sleep. It’s a robotic cradle full of nifty features intended to mimic the womb so your crying baby can be rocked back to sleep without you having to get out of bed for the 11th time, losing out on most of your own night’s sleep in the process.

And of course, the internet is shitting on it. Because that’s what the internet does.

According to a video from BuzzFeed, the Snoo Sleeper was invented in conjunction with Dr. Harvey Karp, he of the “Happiest Baby on the Block” books fame. The cradle, referred to as a “smart crib,” works by way of sensors that detect a crying baby and quickly adjust levels of white noise and rocking to help soothe the child back to sleep.

So, the baby is swaddled and the swaddle hooks to the cradle, which also prevents them from rolling onto their stomachs. The cradle then works to lull baby back to sleep if they wake, using sounds and motion.

In case you were wondering why this kind of product needs to exist, allow the good doctor to fill you in. Karp explains that the natural environment of the womb is nothing like the world outside. “Inside the womb, it’s a symphony of sensations, it’s really dynamic and busy in there. The sound is louder than a vacuum cleaner, 24/7,” he says.

So basically, it’s almost impossible for a parent to replicate the only place their baby knew for nine long months. Is it any wonder so many of us have struggled with a screaming baby, having tried everything we can think of, only to have the baby continue to scream? It’s not our fault, guys. It’s science.

However, not everyone is feeling this amazing new product with commenters noting several concerns. Mostly, that any parent who would use this device is a completely useless piece of shit not worthy of their mommy/daddy title.

This allows shitty parents to be even more neglectful.

No. It won’t rock your babies world. A mom or dad rocking their baby is invaluable bonding and one on one time. A machine can’t and won’t give your baby that.

So basically a sleep prop for until baby outgrows it, then guess what? You’ll still have to learn how to sooth your baby. But I guess maybe they’ll just invent a bigger full size bed version.

Sure we don’t need to bond with our children by holding, rocking and singing to them. Only reason I see this as an good idea is when you just need to sleep and the baby has waken up for the 3rd time.

Nope. I pass. I’d rather hold my baby..tend to my baby then a device..whats next a robomom that raises our children…I am pretty sure some crazy scientist using taxpayers money is inventing something similar to replace moms and dads.

Few things — nope, no, nahhhhh, definitely not and where can I get my hands on that Robomom™?

The concerns are largely ridiculous, because it’s doubtful any good parent would view the Snoo as a stand-in for their love and comfort at all times. Frankly, this product isn’t much different from a bouncy seat, which many parents endorse enthusiastically. It’s to give moms and dads a break when a baby is simply refusing to sleep. It’s not a parent substitute by any means.

The Snoo’s creators say that the cradle isn’t meant to soothe a baby with a legit complaint, like hunger or wanting out of a dirty diaper. If the crying continues despite the robo-cradle doing it’s thing, that’s when a parent steps in. And as dreamy as it is to say that a parent should be there to soothe their infant’s every murmur, talk to me after you’ve experienced a baby that starts to fuss the moment you set them down. Every time. I’ve been there, and I would’ve done anything for a little reprieve.

The video also points out that sleep deprivation in moms can lead to postpartum depression, which is important to note. The sanctimommies in the comments seem to revel in the martyrdom of parenting, only too happy to be the one to rock their baby all night long. And that’s precious and noble, truly. But if a special cradle can give parents a break and allow them more sleep thereby improving everyone’s quality of life? Shut up and take our money.

Oh, about that. The Snoo costs over $1100. Maybe buy one and split the cost among fellow pregnant friends? Ugh.

There’s a funny thing about having a baby that cries for hours every night for months on end due to colic or general fussiness; you simply can’t grasp what it’s like until you’ve been there. If the Snoo can help a desperate, sleep-deprived set of parents catch a few extra winks, more power to them.

And if anyone wants to judge? Welcome them into your home at 2:00 am so they can have hours of dreamy snuggles with your angry baby. That should change their tune in a hurry.