People Are Loving This Photo Of Snooki Drinking Wine While Feeding Her Son

by Cassandra Stone

Snooki is extremely not here for the mom-shamers, thank you very much

Everyone’s favorite former “meatball,” Jersey Shore‘s Snooki Polizzi, shared a new photo of herself as she feeds her 8-week-old-son, Angelo. And while she’s balancing her baby’s bottle, she’s got a nice glass of wine for herself in the picture, too. And while there were a few mom-shaming comments, most people seemed to be very much into the aesthetic.

“What’s mom life like with 2 kids and a newborn? THIS. #MomJuice #ImAGoodMomISwear,” she writes in the caption. Snooki is also mom to daughter Giovanna Marie, 4, and Lorenzo Dominic, 6.

Most of the comments really were supportive and humorous — a far cry from some other celebrity mom Instagram posts we’ve all seen — there were one or two who took issue with the image.

One comment, which has since been deleted, reads: “You not suppose to drink alcohol if you breastfeeding your baby.” While one could say “thanks for the concern-trolling, but that’s actually false,” Snooki took it to a whole new level.


Most people were feeling the #MomJuice photo, however.

That last comment, from Jessie James Decker, is of particular note because just last year the singer-songwriter was mom-shamed on Instagram for drinking while breastfeeding.

The picture shows Decker feeding her infant son, Forrest Bradley, and living her best life while holding a flute containing a rose-colored adult beverage. Naturally, plenty of people came after her in the comments — attacking her parenting left and right.

Since there always seems to be some debate on the matter, here’s what science and experts have to say about drinking while breastfeeding.

According to the Center for Disease Control, waiting two hours to nurse after drinking one standard alcoholic beverage is the safest way to go. And just so there’s no confusion on what they mean by a “standard drink,” here ya go: one standard drink is equal to 0.6 ounces of pure alcohol. That’s one 12-ounce beer, a 5-ounce glass of wine, or a 1.5-ounce shot of liquor.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has similar recommendations. They suggest that “nursing should take place two hours or longer after the alcohol intake to minimize its concentration in the ingested milk.”

Speaking of the concentration of alcohol in milk — it’s the same as your blood alcohol concentration. These concentrations peak approximately 30-45 minutes after you’ve had a standard drink, and as your body breaks the alcohol down, the concentrations drop. Which is most likely why the leading experts recommend waiting two hours. And why sipping a drink while nursing at the same time doesn’t have the same effect on your body or your baby — because of the concentration.

Basically, if you have any further concerns about alcohol consumption — either yours or that of a celebrity mother’s — just talk to your doctor about it.