If It Won't Stop Snowing, Here's How To Occupy Your Kids

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Reddit

‘Snow painting’ is a perfect way to entertain kids without leaving your house

For parents, enduring the winter season with young children can be brutal. Gone are the days of playing outside in the sunshine for hours and burning off energy. If you live in a cold winter climate, you know the struggle (for kids and parents alike) of being stuck inside for months at a time, which is why this “snow paint” idea one mom recently shared on Reddit is pure genius.

Even more amazing? All you need to have fun outside is a couple of squirt bottles and some food coloring. And proper coats/hats/mittens and other snow-sessories of course.

Using Dawn dish soap bottles or any empty squirty drink bottles will save you a trip to the store. Just add a little food coloring and water and poof! Perfect outdoor entertainment that costs almost nothing.

A little peruse through social media shows “snow painting” is a definite family winter time favorite.

Does it get any better than an art project you don’t have to worry about cleaning up? NO. NO IT DOESN’T.

Heck, you can save a trip to the museum and just have your kids create their own masterpieces outside the house!

As long as your little artists are bundled up, there’s no reason they can’t paint your entire snow-covered yard if they want to.

If it’s too cold outside (and right now, it’s extremely cold in many areas), you can just grab a plastic bin, gather some of that glorious white stuff, and bring it on inside until it melts.

Next time your kids have a snow day and need something fun and easy to do, “snow painting” seems like the perfect way to entertain them (and you).