From The Confessional: I Can't Quit Social Media Even Though It Drives Me Nuts

by Cassandra Stone
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Not being able to quit social media even though it makes you miserable is extremely on-brand for 2020

Social media is just one of the million reasons it feels like this year has gone on for an entire decade so far. With the election forthcoming, the pandemic escalating at alarming rates in the U.S. and racists showing their entire asses all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — it’s one hell of a ride. Conspiracy theories, white supremacy, and people posting not-very-social-distancey photos make it hard to look away, because so many of us are tempted to use our knowledge and privilege to tell everyone why they’re wrong.

It’s mind-numbing. It’s probably bad for our mental health. But we just can’t quit you, social media.

I just cleared all my social media networks of people that say stupid shit like "all lives matter," "blue lives matter," "not all cops are bad," or tone-police & shame protesters for property damage. It they don't get it yet, they're never going to.

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I need to stay off of social media for my own mental health. The mental gymnastics that people do to justify their racism is infuriating.

Confessional #25784763

I've spent the last three months doing nothing other than scrolling through social media and watching the news for 16 hours a day.

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Between the YouTube medical “experts” and the people who believe their 5G/Bill Gates/anti-vaxx bullshit and your local hairstylist posting in favor of the police murdering Black people, social media can feel like A Lot.

I just can't with social media anymore. The racist bullshit is too much and I just fucking can't.

Confessional #25784187

Realizing via social media that so many friends have vastly different political views than I do.

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Ignoring it doesn’t work, especially if you’re not a marginalized person. You know you need to use your voice and your privilege to call this crap out and not stay silent or complicit. Taking a break is fine, sure, we all have to look out for our mental health. But we can’t let people post harmful misinformation, so we soldier on and scroll through the endless sea of garbage.

Taking a few days from social media, wats app and the news to reconnect. Feel so disjointed, lost and emotionally drained. Also.fasting in the hope that I reconnect with God and find myself, my purpose and just life in general.

Confessional #25779091

My friend posts (with photos) everything she does with her kid during quarantine to social media. She's a close friend but I've unfollowed her for my sanity and our friendship. There's no award for best quarantine mom! No one cares.

Confessional #25777657

Facebook is a curse and I wish I wasn't so addicted to it It makes me feel like shit.

Confessional #25787967

This year in particular, people are showing their true political colors and posting their thoughts publicly more than they typically would — or so it seems, right? Some people have been pleasantly surprising. Others…well…not so much.

I started unfriending people on my Facebook who are too privileged, too over-the-top and too fucking entitled. I can’t take it anymore, it’s so filthy and disgusting.

Confessional #25785097

Also? Activism is great. The uptick in people finally waking up and taking action against police brutality, systemic racism, sexism, and anti-science idiots is also great. But sometimes it can feel a bit performative.

Getting sick of white friends posting everything they're doing to support BLM on Facebook. JUST DO IT. Stop trying to make yourself feel or look better by announcing it to the world.

Confessional #25784507

I’ve unfriended 7 people on Facebook since the protests began and I’m sure there will be many more to come. Property can be replaced. Lives can’t.

Confessional #25784232

I posted a heartfelt post on Facebook about the injustices that so many people in America face and had to delete it because H wouldn’t stop arguing with my friends in the comments

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If you’re having trouble staying off of social media or staying “quiet,” you’re not alone. It’s draining to see so many people melt down over masks, intelligent experts sharing their expertise, and posting “Blue Lives Matter” or Confederate flag memes.

Staying true to the right side of history via social media is necessary right now, though. Solidarity.

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