America's Most Popular Baby Names In Every State Have Been Revealed

by Valerie Williams
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Spoiler alert: America really loves the name Emma

The latest crop of most popular baby names in America have been released by the Social Security Administration, and while there are few big surprises, there are some changes from last year and over the last decade. And there’s a tool that lets you choose your state and find out which names are most popular, by year.

Emma and Liam are totally in, but Jacob and Emily are out.

Well, not exactly out. Both names still rank pretty high overall and are obviously timeless classics, but the number one names for 2017 are Emma for a girl and Liam for a boy. 2016’s top choices were Noah and Emma. Noah’s still holding strong at number two, but Jacob has taken a big tumble over the years — from number one in 2012 to number 10 in 2017. Emily had a slower descent from the top spot, last topping the list in 2007, but is now officially out of the top ten ranking at number 12.

Here’s the full top ten for 2017:

Image via Social Security Administration

Liam is possibly the biggest headline here having risen from the 89th spot in 2007 to number one just a decade later. Emma cracked the top ten in 2002 at fourth place, but has been among the top three ever since and has held the top slot since 2014. State-wise, Emma is number one in a whopping 25 states. Olivia is number one in 11 states with Ava, Charlotte, Isabella, and Evelyn making appearances.

Liam is first place in 16 states with William holding the top spot in nine states and Oliver in another 10.

As far as brand-new names making a fast rise in popularity, there’s some surprises to check out. The top ten fastest rising girls names include Ensley, Oaklynn, and Dream, which might be a nod to Rob Kardashian’s daughter. It seems he and Black Chyna are just at the forefront of an overall growing trend. Also making the list of fast risers is Melania, after the first lady, and Paisleigh.

For boys, new arrivals on the fast rise to popularity list include Wells, Gatlin, Kairo, Kashton, and Kace. It looks like maybe the Kardashian’s are taking over the world if our collective obsession with K names is any indication.

Of course, this is just a compilation of trends and should by no means make a decision for an expecting couple, but it’s always fun to know what trends are emerging — or fading out. Happy naming!

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