What's The Solution For Teen Texting and Driving?

by Leigh Anderson
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Michelin Tires sponsors a driver-safety program for teens that aims to both impress on kids how dangerous texting while driving can be—”LOL can kill a person”—as well as putting young drivers through an obstacle course on a closed path. The first time though, phones safely stowed, drivers take the turns smoothly, neatly avoiding the cones and miniature trees. Then the instructor tells them to text their moms while slaloming through the course. Predictably, they leave a trail of destruction, squashing cones and running over the trees.

But if scary statistics and real-life instruction aren’t enough, parents can install a technological solution. There are aps that will block incoming texts and calls if the car is in motion, as well prevent the driver from sending them. If the teen tries to disable the ap, parents get an email ratting him out.

Sounds good. But hang on: 10% of parents say that they have “extended, multi-message text conversations while driving.” So what’s the solution for moms and dads who can’t keep their fingers off their phones?

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