This Magical Keurig-Like Thing Mixes Cocktails For You

by Jerriann Sullivan
Via Facebook.

For $430 the Somabar makes custom cocktails for you in about 5 seconds

Meet your new best friend, moms. Known as the Keurig for cocktails, the Somabar will make your favorite drink with just the push of a button. Finally, tech geniuses are creating the gadgets we really need.

Imagine just getting home after a grueling commute in rush hour traffic. You’ve got at least ten things on your mind – dinner, kids’ homework, work presentation, the list goes on – but before tackling the endless to-do list you press a button and seconds later are sipping your favorite cocktail thanks to the Somabar. The robotic bartender costs $430 and promises “the perfect craft cocktail in under 5 seconds,” Engadget reports.

On each side of the sleek white drink maker sits three refillable Soma pods that are dishwasher-safe and portable so you can fill them with your favorite booze and chill them in the fridge. At the top of the machine, there’s a silver cap that holds a bitters pod for craft aficionados that must have a subtle infusion with every pour. Simply slide your glass of choice into the Keurig-like area at the front of the machine and select your preferred cocktail on the smartphone app and voilà; your drink is ready in less than 10 seconds.

The device can make up to 300 cocktails, according to the inventors. “If you put in ginger beer and then vodka, it’ll give you a list and say, ‘OK, now you can make a Moscow Mule or Madras or you can make etc. etc.’,” Somabar CEO Dylan Purcell-Lowe told USA Today. The app comes with a list of popular everyday recipes, but also lets users upload their custom creations.

Arguably the best part of this robotic cocktail maven is its self-cleaning mechanism that flushes the system with water. No more sticky strainers, shakers, and counter tops to clean up after hubby splashes simple syrup everywhere. The sleek machine is made of wood, plastic, and water-proof wood veneer and easily fits on most counters or bar carts. It comes in white, red, blue, black and orange.

Like most new tech products, Somabar first grabbed attention with a Kickstarter campaign in 2014. “We spent the last three years designing the robotic bartender we always wanted in our own kitchens,” the Somabar site reads. Fans of smart appliances can preorder the Somabar now, and owners told USA Today they would be shipping these dreamy robots out to homes this July – as in right now.

While this is the first Somabar for the everyday client, the company is working with luxury retailers so you could soon see the Keurig of cocktails everywhere. What a time to be alive!

See the Somabar in action in the video below.