Some Genius Invented Chocolate That Relieves Period Pain

by Jerriann Sullivan
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Image via Chocolate with Love.

Chocolate created to help with period pain is from Switzerland, land of fantastic chocolate and now, fantastic ideas

Chocolate is such an integral part of a woman’s menstrual cycle that a chocolatier in Switzerland created a chocolate that also helps relieve period pain. At least he claims it does. We haven’t tried the delicious stuff – yet.

Having chocolate nearby when Aunt Flo comes to visit is so crucial we’re surprised the tampons, pads, and Godiva aren’t all in one grocery store aisle. We now have a solid excuse to eat it, thanks to Marc Widmer. The former pastry chef who spent his career working for top hotels just released “Frauenmond” which translates to “women’s moon.” Widmer told reporters that his company, Chocolate with Love, wants “to make the menstruation days of women more comfortable.” Amen to that, kind sir.

So what makes his chocolate so special? Well, he claims that his 17 hand-picked Swiss mountain herbs mixed with 60% cocoa alleviate period pains. Supposedly the herbs produce a calming effect on your body. Three years ago Widmer came across an organic tea made with the fancy herbs and decided he wanted to test them out in his chocolate. According to his website, “After a long period of development, Marc Widmer is targeting the premium market with his valuable niche product,” which translates to an expensive price tag for his period chocolate.

You can get 100 grams of the delicious treat for about $13 but will have to factor in additional costs for shipping as Widmer only ships for free within Switzerland. Personally, I always know my period is near because I’m crying over a cute video online while also cramming chocolate into my mouth. Whoever said multitasking is useless was wrong. But having a chocolate bar in my period attack kit alongside my heating pad and ibuprofen is not a bad idea.

The Frauenmond chocolate bar also improves circulation and gives your serotonin levels a boost, according to Widmer, which makes it a good buy for the fellows who miss out on our cramps from hell every month. “Of course men can also eat the chocolate,” the chocolatier explained. “I myself have already tried [it].” Well, we’d hope so considering you’re making it, buddy. That’s the last thing a lady needs when she’s hormonal and suffering – a chocolate bar that helps with your period pain but tastes like crap.

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