Get 2 FREE Steamy Romance Books — Or Any Other Kind, I Guess — From Audible Escape

by Dana Baardsen
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Amazon is offering an deal on Audible Escape, so anyone can get instant access to romance audio books for free. Plus, you get 2 free audiobooks — and you can keep them, even if you don’t extend your subscription. Audible makes carpools, housework, commuting, and probably like 100 other things sound a whole better (and steamier)!


What is Audible Escape?

Audible Escape is a program by Amazon that maintains the largest audio library of romance content. Users shamelessly swear by using it on the daily and we’re about to jump on the trend. Basically, having an Audible Escape account means you can turn your regular podcast time into a melty Lifetime movie. Is this even real life?

What do you get with Audible Escape for free?

For 30 days you can get access to best-sellers like The Kiss Quotient, classics like Sense and Sensibility, and so much more. There are literally thousands of titles to choose from.


Is Audible Escape affordable?

Well, right now it literally couldn’t be more affordable. You can access Audible Escape and create your own account for free. But because this is life and good things don’t always last forever, you’ll eventually have to part with a few dollars every month to keep that free, flirty audio content streaming. It will cost $12.95 monthly.

You can hack the Audible Escape membership.

Listen, we’re always thankful for free things but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t keeping an eye out for even more deals simultaneously. Here’s how to milk the membership: Sign up for Audible before you sign up for your Audible Escape trial and you’ll be able to access loads of content (including regular books, news, wellness, and more). The best part is, if you sign up for Audible Escape as an Audible member, you will only have to pay $6.95 monthly for your romance indulgence. Don’t tell anyone where you heard that.


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