These Sound Machines With Almost 40,000 Reviews Sold Like Hot Cakes Today

by Dana Baardsen
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Prime Day is just revving up, but we’re starting to wind down after a long day of shopping. The one item we can’t live without when the lights go out? A white noise sound machine. And luckily, Amazon is running some of the best white noise and sound machines at a major discount today.

Even though these gadgets may not appear to be too glamorous, plenty of stars like Eva Mendes use white noise machines to enhance relaxation aka get better beauty sleep. Now is the time to snatch up a sound machine while the sales are so real. Here are the best options you can buy on Amazon before Prime Day is over.

Lectrofan Micro: 861 Positive Reviews

Take this micro noise machine just about anywhere.


Lectrofan White Noise Maker: 5,764 Reviews

It’s a classic that offers fan sounds or white noises.


Marpac Dohm: 14,633 Reviews

This is the original white noise machine.


Homedics Sound Machine: 9,692 Reviews

It offers six relaxing and soothing nature sounds.


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