The Groceries A Nutritionist Mom Buys With Amazon Subscribe & Save

From Avocado Oil To Oat Milk, Here Are The Groceries A Nutritionist Mom Buys On Repeat With Amazon Subscribe & Save

March 16, 2020 Updated August 19, 2020

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As a nutritionist, I *love* grocery shopping. I get a weird high from going through each aisle and scouting out new products and dreaming up creative ways to use whatever fresh produce is in season. But as a mom, I’m all about a life hack. Groceries—delivered? Thanks to Amazon Subscribe & Save, yes, please. I should amend my first statement: I love solo grocery shopping. Sure, it’s sometimes fun to go with my two kids…sometimes. We talk about the ingredients needed for their favorite morning muffins, I let them help choose the cereal we’ll try that month and they’re stellar at picking out the prettiest peppers. But let’s be real: Sometimes, often-times, it’s a hassle.

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Now, though, the essentials just show up at my door regularly, without even having to put on my good sweatshirt. Which means I get to go to the store much less frequently—and I (we) really savor those moments. No more dragging a 30-lb toddler who’s up way past his naptime into Trader Joe’s just to get a carton of oat milk. The essentials are delivered with just a click (yes, I fully consider oat milk an essential!). And you don’t have to be a Prime member (although the discounts are bigger), plus you can skip or cancel this subscription anytime.

If you, too, are looking for a few more moments of peace (and less time wrangling an overly full grocery cart with a wonky wheel), try Amazon Subscribe & Save for your regular rotation of favorites. Here’s what I get excited about not actually shopping for (in person) every few weeks!

SmartyPants Complete Kids Formula & Fiber Gummy Vitamins

My kids eat these like candy, which is sort of OK because they’re not actually candy, but fiber-filled multivitamins. TBH they’re way better than the Flintstones of my youth, and I feel good knowing that my littles are at least getting some nutrients when they go through those fun phases of only eating mango and buttered noodles for a whole week (yes, all kids!). The fiber addition is key here—because, I’m just gonna say it, a constipated 3-year-old is no picnic. These multivitamin gummies from SmartyPants are a great stop-gap for when you’re a little worried about your kiddos’ diet. Of course, with young children it’s important to look at the week as a whole and not the day, but still—these take some of the anxiety out of the “are they getting enough nutrients” situation. Phew.


Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend Pack of 6

Rhetorical question: Would I be a millennial mom if I didn’t get oat milk delivered by the case? Califia Farms’ Oat Barista Blend stirs into my morning espresso like a dream, bakes up nicely in our favorite muffins and cupcakes, and makes an ideal base for creamy plant-based meals, like a vegan alfredo. But I especially love oatmilk stirred into oatmeal. It may seem like overkill, but with a handful of wild blueberries, a smattering of walnuts and a swirl of maple, it’s divine. This version also has added calcium, which is great if you’re not regularly eating cow’s milk products. Don’t be surprised if you start ordering this by the case, too.


Gaia Kids Black Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup has been a godsend for us this cold and flu season, and my kids love the taste of this herbal immune booster. The deep berry flavor is rich without being too sweet. I’ll stir ¼ to ½ teaspoon into a small amount of water for them to sip down, or they’ll even just take it straight from the spoon. Elderberry can also be added to desserts or as a pancake topping, and sometimes I’ll add it to my smoothie or mocktail, too. We go through a bottle pretty quickly, so I love being able to expect another will arrive as soon as is needed.


La Tourangelle Avocado Oil

I cook pretty much exclusively with avocado oil these days—the neutral-tasting oil has a higher smoke point than olive oil. Don’t get me wrong, extra virgin olive oil (evoo) is still stellar drizzled over dishes as a finishing oil—especially salads and soups. But evoo burns quickly if you’re cooking or baking over 375º and can create toxic byproducts as a result. Avocado oil can withstand heat up to 450º and is also a great replacement for vegetable oil or canola oil, as it’s so light and neutral that it essentially has no flavor in baked goods. I always have a backup bottle in my pantry.


Scarpetta Marinara Sauce, 19.8-Ounce Jars Pack of 4

My family of four eats a lot of pasta. It’s easy, it’s delicious, it’s customizable, and it’s on the table in 10 minutes (this part is obvi key!). This four-pack of small batch, no-added sugar, marinara sauce is essential if only for the comfort of knowing there’s always a jar at the ready. I like to mix in a can of tuna (see below), some cooked lentils or peas, or extra veggies like onions, carrots and mushrooms or whatever I have on hand. Top with turkey meatballs and a dusting of parm and soak it all up with a good piece of garlic bread. Ahh, true comfort food.


Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna, Sea Salt, Pouch

Wild Planet only uses pole and line caught albacore tuna that’s on the smaller side, meaning younger fish that are less likely to have high mercury levels. This is the only tuna I buy! I feel better knowing that every fish is sustainably caught and third-party tested for elevated mercury levels. I keep tuna on hand as a pantry-based protein item to bulk up a dinner salad or sauce in a pinch. And for a quick lunch, I’ll whip up tuna sandwiches with extra mayo for my preschooler but lettuce and sprouts for me, with raisins and pickles on the side (for both of us).


Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds

Yogurt (like hummus) goes super fast in our house, and my solution—instead of buying out the entire dairy aisle at Trader Joe’s—is to whip up a chia pudding with stuff I’ve got in my pantry. Just add ½ cup of chia seeds, 2 cups of canned coconut milk or oat milk, a dash of maple and a swirl of vanilla in a mason jar with a lid and shake vigorously to combine. Let it sit in the fridge for six-plus hours (um, this is not an instant thing, sorry, but it’s worth it) or overnight, and the next day, you’ll be blessed with thick, creamy chia that your picky eater might actually like (topped with strawberries and raspberries, ofc).


Puffworks Organic Original Peanut Butter Puffs Pack of 3

These four-ingredient peanut butter puffs are a snack I feel good about giving my kids, as they’re packed with plant protein (5 grams in a 1 ounce serving) and have 0 grams of added sugar. Puffworks are easy finger food for car trips or just to tide my kiddos over until I can get an actual meal on the table (how does dinnertime creep up so fast?!), and I actually even used them to introduce peanut butter to my kids when they were infants—these corn-based puffs coated in peanut butter powder are so much easier to eat than straight peanut butter for lil toothless bubs!


Seeking more kitchen must-haves and time-savers? Or just some non-kid snacks? Check out our picks.

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