Amazon Stuff We Can't Live Without

by Rachael Lubarsky
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Remember when Amazon mostly sold books? Yeah, we barely do either. These days, you can find pretty much anything on there. It’s probably only a matter of time before they start selling roast beef bath soak. (Oh wait — they totally do that already!) In case that’s not your thing, we picked the brains of some Scary Mommy staffers to find out which top-reviewed items on are their wishlists.

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

“These sheets have freakin’ 42K + 5-star reviews on Amazon and no wonder because they feel WAY more expensive than they are. Sometimes I pretend I’m sleeping in a 5 star hotel where I can sleep in late and don’t have to worry about making my own bed or cleaning up after myself. My wife’s not crazy about it.” – Dave, Senior Copywriter

$24.70 AT AMAZON

OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

“When I seriously cut my finger cutting a watermelon, I learned from the nurse in the ER that the most common injury she sees is from people cutting avocados. I invested in this avocado tool to save myself another trip to the ER. It safely splits, pits, cuts and scoops out the avocado into beautiful even pieces. Not a lifesaver, but definitely a hand and finger saver. Yay, avocado toast!” – Phuong, Head of Merchandising


BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

“I’ve been dealing with my super thick, long, wavy/frizzy hair for decades and this dries it SO much faster than any other hair dryer (like 6 – 7 min vs. 25 – 30 min). I’ve owned top ranked hair dryers like the T3 that take way longer to dry my hair and are much more expensive ($250). Full disclosure – it’s very hot and strong. But I would much rather save 2+ hours per week of time and have to apply a deep conditioner every few weeks!” – Cassie, Head of Marketing

$59.95 AT AMAZON

Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Starter Kit

“I use this all the time! I run it over my temples and forehead for a relaxing massage – just don’t get it IN your eyes. I really like the way my skin feels after I use it, too – smooth and fresh. It’s an easy system to maintain – each refill pack comes with a 2-month supply of puffs and is very affordable.” – Julie, Creative Director

$17.97 AT AMAZON

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

“I read this book to my daughter because I want to teach her positive, affirmative messages as she becomes her own person. Hopefully it’s working!” – Emma, Graphic Designer


Metal Airpods Case

“I love my Airpods. But I hate when they fall down into the bottom of my purse and get covered in dust, lipstick, or chewing gum residue. This case gives them another layer of protection against the elements (of my purse) and it comes in lots of fun metallic colors to match your esthetic. Plus, it’s super cheap!” – Rachael, Copywriter

$12.95 AT AMAZON

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

(This has over 15K Amazon reviews!!)

“I always reach for my Lodge cast iron pan even though I own fancier, way more expensive ones. I cook everything from burgers to fish to pancakes in this — you get great searing and color but it never sticks. Added bonus: it’s easy to clean. Just a quick rinse with water, you’re not even supposed to use soap!” – Melissa, GM of Commerce

$14.88 AT AMAZON

Our mom experts only recommend picks they really love. We may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site, but if we love it, we know you’ll love it. And we Scary Mommies gotta stick together.

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