This Animal Escape Ramp Saves Lil' Critters Who Get Stuck In The Pool

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animal pool ramp

If you own a pool, then you know just how much work goes into maintaining it and making sure all the proper safety protocols are in place. As your realtor or landlord probably told you (and if they didn’t, they should have), pools are a liability. They are relaxing and provide endless water fun, but at the end of the day, you gotta make sure they’re safe to be in, and that nobody has a pool-related accident. And this includes all the small animals who end up using the water as a landing strip, or take a dip not knowing it can be tricky to get out.

Since we’re assuming you don’t have the kind of time that Tony Soprano had and probably don’t want to build a duck ramp (or maybe you do, that’s your business), there’s another solution that also happen to be adorable: This animal-saving pool ramp.

It’s super easy to set up, and it takes up almost no room. It’s essentially like a floating island that provides a bridge from the water to the ground, so that animals like frogs, wounded birds, and even smaller dogs can get out safely.

With nearly 4,000 5-star ratings, Amazon customers love how it helps keep all the visiting animals from accidentally drowning. “Great purchase! We always have little animals and critters fall into the pool and it’s so difficult to help them (if we see it in time). One of the neighborhood duck’s babies kept falling into the pool. By the time we raised the water level of the pool (which goes down every day because of the sun intensity) and used a palm branch, it would take forever to get them out. The mother duck would be stressed out and think we were harming her babies. I bought this the same week the last time this happened and filled the pouch with rocks. So simple. The baby ducks figured it out in less than 2 minutes. The video I took of them looks unreal. Really grateful for this contraption,” one customer wrote (they included a video that shows the baby ducks getting safely to shore while their mom watched).

An unexpected bonus is that it may also attract a “frog party.” One reviewer said, “So I really didn’t think this thing would work, but I put it in anyway, apparently the frogs think it’s a pool party now and have invited all there friends, so I ordered another! There are 7 frogs on it and it’s only been in the pool for a couple hours.”

One purchaser said that it even saved a bunny: “We have had this in the pool all summer and have had no critters lost. Normally there were 2 or 3 frogs a week, but none this year. It helps all kinds of animals. My wife took this picture of a baby rabbit it saved today. We lifted it out and it hopped away. Great product.”

For about $16, this is totally worth it.

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