Get 3 Months Of Ear Candy For FREE With This Audible + Amazon Music Deal

by Karen Tietjen
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Sometimes I want to be enthralled by an addicting bestseller. Sometimes I want to zone out to some catchy tunes. Either way, whether I’m working, driving, running, walking the dog, or cleaning the house, I have to have something on in the background. But whether it’s an engaging novel or focus-enhancing music depends on what I’m actually doing.

That’s why I love having both my Audible and Amazon Music membership — and you will, too. Right now, you can sign up for Audible Premium Plus and Amazon Music and enjoy 3 months of both services for FREE. So, if you’ve been hesitant to sign up for either one of these memberships, now is the perfect time to try ’em out.


What do you get with Audible Premium Plus?

The Audible Premium Plus membership gives you one audiobook credit per month. As part of this free 3-month promo, you’ll still receive one audiobook credit per month (for a total of three) to keep, even after the trial period expires. (FYI, this includes trending titles like Normal People, Open Water, Such a Fun Age, Billie Eilish, and so many more.) You’ll also be able to access thousands of other free titles, guided fitness routines, meditations, and daily news from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. And BTW, for any bookworm who doesn’t have time to *actually* sit down and read a book, this is the membership for you.

What do you get with Amazon Music Unlimited?

An Amazon Music Unlimited subscription will give you access to 75 million songs ad-free, plus podcasts, live streams, and HD at no extra cost. You’ll be able to download full albums, play songs on repeat, make playlists, discover new tunes, keep up with current events, and so much more.

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I can tell you from experience that these services seriously upgrade the mundane tasks that you do every day. Vacuuming the house? It’s a lot more interesting with a True Crime podcast playing in your ear. Working out? You’ll always be fired up (and never get bored) with thousands of hits to choose from. Stuck in traffic? It’s not such a waste of time if you’re listening to a self-improvement book while you’re at a stand-still.

When the promo period is over, you’ll automatically be charged unless you cancel so there’s no lapse in service. This is a good thing, because by then, streaming your fave books/music/podcasts/meditations, etc. will have become an integral part of your routine. Audible Premium Plus is $14.95/month, which is cheaper than purchasing a book, Amazon Music is $7.99/month if you’re a Prime member (it’s $9.99 for non-Primers), which is less than the cost of an album. And although free is our favorite, really, it’s still a small price to pay for the hours of entertainment and thought-provoking content you’ll start consuming on the daily.

Still unsure? That’s okay! Try Audible Premium Plus + Amazon Music for 3 months FREE and cancel any time. That said, this is a limited-time promo, so if you’re intrigued, the time to try is now!


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