Best Plus Size Large Bust Bras For DD+ Cups According To Mom 2020

8 Best Bras For DD+ Cups— Find Your Right Size And Feel Good Wearing It

Best Bras Plus Size

We’re all guilty of wearing our bras well past their expiration date. If you have to think about it, it’s probably time for some new ones. (Especially those of us with larger than life cup sizes.) Sometimes it’s just really hard to part with our favorite comfort bra. More likely, we just keep wearing the same ones even though they have lost their shape and the elastic is stretched beyond recognition. (Guilty!) As busy moms, who the hell has time to go for a bra fitting or study bra fit size charts? So we’re left wondering “what bra size am I?” when the time comes to purchase new bras. The long standing statistic is that 80% of us are wearing the wrong bra size. Is that true? Most likely yes.

There are a few problems that contribute to this perpetual statistic (more than just what the lord gave us). One of them is the actual size of our breasts compared to sizes that most mall brands offer. Who is going to know they’re a G cup when you only have access to Ds at your local retailer? For many of us we need to take matters into our own hands and measure at home. We know, just one more thing on our never ending to do list, but this one is actually really important. We’ve all seen the bouncing Baywatch girls as they run down the beach, in reality no one wants to be that girl! (Okay yes we do, but not with the out-of-control boobs.)

The proper bra fit is really important for a few reasons, number one is keeping our ligaments that hold up the bust from stretching out and preventing shoulder grooves. A good fitting bra should make you look thinner in your clothes (yes please!), should be comfortable (aka no more heat rash from saggy boobs against our stomach!), and should make you feel confident.

Okay so what size are we exactly? Check out this video for a quick and easy tutorial on how to measure bra size correctly. The never-ending question— what bra size am I?— ends here.

We know calculating your cup size larger than a D can quickly become a complicated math problem, especially with mom brain. To add insult to injury, gaining or losing 10 lbs can change our bra size (not to mention pregnancy, that time of the month, or menopause) so measure, measure, measure!

Final words of wisdom? Not all bras are created equal, especially for those of us larger than DD. Grace Baker, Director of Fit and Technical Design for Parfait Lingerie explains it’s important to pay attention to “the width of the strap and the stretch. A wider strap will be more comfortable and not cut into the shoulder. The less stretch a strap has will keep the bust from bouncing. Support in a bra comes from 3 areas, the bottom band, the straps, and the pull on the back. The stretchier a back band is, the more the straps have to support the weight of the bust. So a wider bottom band elastic, good fabric in the back, and a wider hook and eye help to support the bust and take the stress off of the shoulders,” says Grace.

Moral of the story, less stretch, more support. Go to it and get your right fit with best bras for DD (E), best bras for DDD (F), and…you get it— beyond!

Best Full Coverage Bra for DD+ Cup

Curvy Kate Delightful Bra

British based brand Curvy Kate has offered us curvy ladies affordable and comfortable lingerie for more than a decade. Perhaps lesser known than some of its competitors, Curvy Kate celebrates our curves and confidence as women no matter the size (seriously they go up to an O cup!). The Curvy Kate Delightful full cup bra exemplifies this by including a rare 4-part cup that adds extra comfort and cushion in the underarm. The side sling mesh provides additional support, while the stretch lace allows the cups to conform to our natural shape. We are all different in our likes and dislikes when it comes to bras (and pretty much everything else for that matter!) but a universal rule we should all follow is to have at least 2-3 bras for work to rotate throughout the week. Grace Baker cautions, “If a woman buys a bra and finds out she loves it, hurry and buy 2 or 3 more. It could be dropped from the line next season.”


Delimira Full Coverage Underwired Bra

Delimira’s full coverage lace bra comes at a really reasonable price point backed by almost 2,700 Amazon reviews! This bra not only holds its shape long term (meaning more bang for your buck) but it also creates a custom fit for each of our breast shapes. With a stretch Leavers lace at the top of the cup we avoid that nasty spillover. What do we call the muffin top of bras?

Regardless, this bra offers something for everyone ranging from 34-44” bands and C-J cups in multiple colors. (That’s right, not just boring beige, there’s even sexy pink!) This bra is one of the best bras for DDD (F) cups and is wallet-friendly enough to stock up in multiple colors. It is recommended that women have at least 2 or 3 basic bras for work, so as not to wear them out so quickly, plus a comfort bra as well.


Best Demi Coverage Bra for DD+ Cup

Parfait Charlotte Bra

A favorite of Nikki Minaj for great lift and support, Parfait’s Charlotte bra is a must have for women sizes 32A-42G. Contrasting satin and matte detail make this demi-cup bra a strong choice. In addition to the traditional 3-part underwire cups and wide set straps, the Charlotte bra includes side support panels on the outside for additional lift. (Yup, your boobs will float just like a real life Victoria’s Secret model…)

In order to look your best however, Grace Baker offers this advice when trying to properly fit a bra, “Ideally, you should have a nice shape and your bust point should be halfway between your shoulder and elbow. Check the band – with 2 fingers on each side, pull out from the body. How far does it pull out? 1-2″ is recommended for comfort. If you can’t get your fingers under the band or it pulls less than 1″ away, you may want to go up a band size. Does it pull more than 2″? You may want to go down a band size. Lastly, look at the back and raise your arms. Does the back stay in place? If it rides up, the band is too big or the fabric on the back is too stretchy. The bottom band should stay parallel to the floor.”


Freya Fancies Bra

Freya’s Fancies Plunge Balcony bra may look like it’s all fashion and no function, but this pretty lady is built tough. Housing a 3-seam cup (that’s what gives the breast shape) and a supportive mesh-lined side wing with boning, the structure is all there for pert confidence. Taking into account various support levels required for different cup sizes, this beauty has a plunging center for D-G cups, while GG-K cups are more full coverage. Knowing our breast shape is key while shopping for a proper fitting bra. (We know one more thing to worry about!) Grace Baker notes, “A plunge bra is good for a full round bust and allows for a lower center front for a sexier look.” Saturday night date night anyone? Oh right— date night, that’s for people without kids (although this bra says otherwise). The Fancies bra is available in band sizes 28-38” and cup sizes D-K.


Best T-Shirt Bra for DD+ Cup

Third Love 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra

Third Love boasts an arsenal of bras to fit as many of us as possible. The 24/7 Classic T-Shirt bra comes in almost as many sizes as varieties of skin tones (for that perfect nude look under our white tees). Seriously they even do half cup sizes! The average bra size of women in the US is a 34G— #mindblown. Trust us, it took us a while to get with that, too. Third Love’s website offers a 60 second fit finder quiz and educational images around breast shape, which is really important in finding our fit. Even with differences in styles and shape, a t-shirt bra is a must have for all of us as our comfy bra. Designed to be insanely comfortable with memory foam cups that contour to your shape as you wear it, this 24/7 bra is easily becoming our everyday favorite.


Best Strapless Bra for DD+ Cup

Panache Evie Bra

Panche’s Evie strapless bra is a classic staple that we all need tucked away in our closet so that we’re not running out to the mall before every dressed-up event. Finding a strapless bra is hard enough, but then you factor in big breasts that need crane-like strength to lift and hold in place all night while we dance and mingle? No easy task! The Evie bra has silicone strips along the band to prevent slippage, and the cups are foam lined (not in a Madonna way, but in a way that nips won’t show through) so that we can wear our cutest summer tops and dresses without fear of a nip slip or the dreaded slip down. Available up to an H cup in 28-40” band size in both black and nude.

Bonus: this bra comes with removable straps so this strapless is also a convertible, meaning you can wear it halter, one shoulder or criss cross as well.


Best Sports Bra for DD+ Cup

Glamorise Camisole Sports Bra

The Glamorise Camisole Sports Bra is wire-free, bounce-free, and fuss-free making us ready to do burpees all day. (Okay maybe like 10…) But really anyone larger than a D cup who has done their fair share of jumping jacks knows it is a delicate balance between protecting the girls and breaking a sweat. Glamorise has solved this problem with a few key fit features that make all the difference (we don’t ever want to hear that you’re double-bra’ing again!). Back hook and eye closure makes getting into this puppy a dream compared to over the head numbers we’re used to. Wider set, non-stretch straps ensure maximum comfort and minimal bounce during those grueling HIIT sessions (“You feel it because you’re doing it right,” our trainer says, holding the timer.) Supportive both literally and figuratively, Glamorise supports sizes 34-50” bands and up through a J cup. Now what are we going to use as an excuse to skip our Saturday morning workout?


Best Maternity Bra (Best Nursing Bra) for DD+ Cup

The Dairy Fairy Ayla Bra

The Ayla bra from The Dairy Fairy puts this maternity bra in the lingerie category. Offering medium to high support, this demi underwire bra is for those of us who love underwire and appreciate its fashion meets function style. No surprise Ayla is The Dairy Fairy’s number one style. Says founder Emily Ironi, “It’s the most striking visually, it does not look like a nursing and pumping bra.” One handed nursing clips allow for ease of access for overtired mamas. While 4” of hook and eye closure allows for key adjustments as your body changes throughout the day. The Ayla bra is available up to I/J cup (size 7) on the Dairy Fairy website, up to G/H cup (size 6) on Amazon. The Dairy Fairy also includes a special size they call Petite Plus, which is a small band (32-34”) large cup (G-H) AKA a dream come true for petite girls with a full-bust.


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