Making Your Cakes And Cupcakes (Store Bought, Too) Look *Good*

by Michelle Sparks
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Spring Easter Dessert Cake Stands

Measuring, mixing, folding, icing—baking a homemade cake is hard work. It takes a lot of patience and time… time that you as a mom would rather spend taking a much-needed shower, working out, or better yet, relaxing. But here you are—baking for your friends and family instead.

And you spent way too long on said cake to just throw it on any old crappy plate you pulled out of the cabinet. It deserves to be shown off. It deserves to be put on a literal pedestal. It deserves a cake stand.

There are cake stands for every taste (from rustic chic to contemporary) and every type of cake (including cupcakes, and cookies, of course!). To help you serve up your sweet treats in style this spring, we’ve rounded up eight of the prettiest cake stands below. Because as the saying goes, you should be able to have your cake and eat it—and display it—too.

PS-If your idea of baking means baking cookie dough rounds, or opening a box of store bought cookies, we don’t judge. You can still make it *look* homemade.

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