17 Of Our Favorite Dog Books To Make Reading Time More Pawsome (#sorrynotsorry)

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If You Give a Dog a Donut Kids Book

Dogs are such wonderful, weird, lovable animals, and #sorrynotsorry, they’re often cooler than most people. Even if your household doesn’t have a family dog of its own, you have to admit that kids and canines make an adorable pair.

When it comes to reading with little ones, books with dogs are often fun, silly, and sweet (unless you’re talking about Old Yeller, but that’s another story for another, much later, day… *grabs tissues*). Celebrate your favorite furry companions with these 18 dog books for kids. There are tales of pooches for any mood, whether your tot is being mischievous or helpful or trying to avoid a bath. A warning though: They may make you and your children love dogs even more.

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