8 Best (Non-Frumpy) Labor And Delivery Gowns: Mom-Approved For 2020

8 Best Labor & Delivery Gowns You May Even Wear After You’ve Left The Hospital

July 28, 2019 Updated June 10, 2020


While you’re actively pondering what to pack in your hospital bag for D-Day (you know, when you deliver your little cherub and mark the end of your sleep-inclusive lifestyle), we figured we’d drop a major truth bomb. Hospital maternity gowns are one of the best-kept secrets to feeling your best on delivery day … and in the weeks after.

A labor and delivery gown that’s pretty and functional is as essential as your toothbrush, if not more so. Why? Because a maternity ward nurse can always offer you a dollar-store-style toothbrush in a pinch, but a cozy robe that makes you feel like the she-ro you are? Nope! (And have you heard of 3-in-1 labor and delivery and nursing gowns? They’re worth their weight in gold!) But it’s all for the best, because these picks are way cuter than the butt-out gowns from the hospital, anyway! Read on to see our favorite mom-approved maternity robes and birthing gowns that are so multi-functional, you’ll want to keep wearing them post-pregnancy.

Best Hospital & Delivery Gowns With Easy-Access Snaps

Frida Mom Delivery And Nursing Gown

Frida fans, your favorite postpartum recovery brand has its own labor and delivery gown (naturally). If you’ve used Frida Mom or Frida Baby products before (pro tip: the Peri Bottle and Instant Ice Maxi Pads are total lifesavers), you know that this company just gets it. Needless to say, their Labor and Delivery Gown has everything you need — and nothing you don’t. More specifically, it features easy-snap access for breastfeeding and skin-to-skin bonding, soft, stretchy fabric to keep Mom comfy, and two front pockets that are somehow always necessary. Not included? Itchy tags, scratchy material, and flimsy back ties that lead to accidental moon-ings. This minimalist shift is so polished-looking, you could even wear it while greeting guests postpartum and no one would judge you. Reviewers aren’t shy about praising this gown, but many comment that the one-size-fits-all garment runs big. “I am IN LOVE with this postpartum,” raves one buyer. “It is definitely still large on me… BUT it’s like wearing a silky soft blanket, and the front un-snaps and comes down but the shoulders stay up. The best postpartum sleepwear I’ve had with three kids.”


Utopia Care Hospital Gown

If you’re a straightforward kind of gal, the shift dress-style Utopia Care Hospital Gown — a #1 best seller on Amazon is as simple as it gets. But what it lacks in frills it makes up for in functionality and price: It’s made from 100% cotton with strategic sets of snaps at both shoulders and along the back. Choose from pink, gray, or blue with white polka dots, or a teal floral motif for an extra pop. The best thing about this gown is that it allows for easy access but is also perfectly presentable to wear in front of visiting guests. Post-hospital, it makes an airy nightdress that’s especially convenient for nighttime nursing sessions. “The quality of this gown receives five stars,” says one reviewer. “Unlike conventional hospital gowns, this gown is not made of thin scratchy material. It’s soft, thick, and breathable. There are openings for breastfeeding and skin to skin, as well as in the back. This is a great product for the price!”


Best Nightdress-Style Hospital Gowns

Ekouaer Labor And Delivery Gown

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! Nope, it’s just one of the most versatile and cute hospital maternity gowns we’ve seen yet because it doubles as a nursing frock and nightgown. You can whip your milk makers out in a jiffy, use it as a cover-up for trips to the nursery or NICU, or just pass right out in bed wearing it. If that’s not Houdini-level magic, then we don’t know what is. Besides the gorgeous shade of peacock blue, it’s also incredibly soft and lightweight. It’ll keep you cool in the summertime when all you want is a piña colada… but #MomDuties first. For moms who like a little extra coverage (re: nothing too skimpy), this gown hits at just the knee and has half-sleeves. Not sure what size to purchase? Snag one in your “normal” size and then size up for one that you can wear during that final trimester and post-delivery.


iLoveSIA Maternity Breastfeeding Nightgown

If you’re planning to stay in the hospital for more than one night, like for an elective c-section, you’re going to need backups of your best cute hospital maternity gown picks. This Maternity Breastfeeding Nightgown from iLoveSIA (set of three gowns) offers easy access, sleeveless styling in case your IV is left in a little longer (or you need a few extra injections), and size-forgiving stretchy fabric that’s ideal for the first few days after giving birth through the next several sleepless weeks. Nursing moms will appreciate the easy-to-use and discrete nursing clips with one-handed access. Rebecca B. raves, “I ordered these nursing gowns for my hospital stay and for wearing around the house, with a lightweight robe, etc. and they are so AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE!! I would highly recommend them!! And they make me feel sexy!! (and who doesn’t want to feel sexy when you’re dealing with all the added baby weight??)!!! My husband did a double-take as I walked by him and said it looked like I was wearing sexy lingerie.”  


Baby Be Mine 3-in-1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Hospital Gown

We don’t know about you but when we see anything advertised as 3-in-1, our first impulse is to #AddToCart. Honestly, this Labor/Delivery/Nurse Hospital Gown from Baby Be Mine is no exception. We love versatility almost as much as we love getting the most bang for our buck. Though available in several uplifting floral patterns and polka dot prints, the black gown is great for everyday wear. It has an adjustable empire waist to ensure that you get the most seamless (and comfortable) fit possible. There are snaps in the back to reduce your risk of flashing anyone, as well as shoulder snaps on both sides to make medical examinations a wee bit less awkward. Can we get an AMEN for that? Baby Be Mine’s mission is to provide comfort and coverage while making you feel prepared for your big day.


Designer Hospital Delivery Gown

We’ve seen enough generic AF hospital gowns in our lifetime to know that you deserve better, mama. Despite being the size of an elephant, trust us, you’ll still want to feel pretty. This floral print hospital delivery gown will not only transport you to Hawaii, but it’s comfortable for lounging. The semi-V-neck is a nice feminine touch so you can still show off your favorite cannoli charm necklace when receiving visitors at home to meet your BB. Ready for a bit of magic? The V-neck actually serves a purpose—it unsnaps down to the chest, making examinations and nursing a cinch. All of Bella Mama’s maternity garments are designed by moms for moms, so no detail goes unnoticed. The reviews speak for themselves. Says this modest mama, “I had read recommendations that you should take your own hospital gown to change in to after delivery and I’m so glad I did. This gown was thick and I like that it was a darker color. The snaps in the back and along the shoulders were great and felt very secure. I felt comfortable wearing it in front of people and did not feel exposed as I would have in the gown provided by the hospital.”


Best Maternity Robe With Matching Swaddle

Posh Peanut Mommy Maternity Hospital Robe

S’cute! Is this one of the cutest hospital maternity gowns you’ve ever seen, or what? We love that it comes in a broad range of sizes, fun colors, and prints, and has photo-worthy matching swaddles and gear just for newborns. If you’re planning to share birth announcements to your social media profiles from the hospital, you won’t be sorry you picked this. Not only does it have pockets (a crucial detail when you like to sneak in snacks between nursing sessions), but there’s an extra security tie to keep any potential wardrobe fiascos at bay. Phew. Says this mom-to-be, “I am currently 39 weeks pregnant. I wanted a cute, comfy robe I could bring to the hospital and one that I’d feel comfortable in with visitors over once we bring the baby home. This robe is beautiful and sooo comfy! It’s stretchy, buttery soft, and flattering with the high waist ties.” Post-delivery, she went back and updated her review—still in awe. “One week post-partum, this robe is the one piece of clothing that does not irritate or snag on my sore, cracked nipples. Buy this robe!” ‘Nuff said.  


Posh Peanut Matching Swaddle Blanket & Headband

If you already put the matching maternity robe in your shopping cart, you’re going to need this sugary-sweet matching baby swaddle and headband set (in aqua floral) for your mini. Can we take a minute to consider how cute you’ll both be for the rest of time? We know you’ll want your little peanut to be cute as hell when he or she enters the world and is bombarded with a million photos from mama. Ahem, not speaking from experience or anything. The viscose (from bamboo) swaddles are buttery soft, odor-resistant, and hypoallergenic. Bonus: They can also be used as a stroller blanket or nursing cover. This happy Amazon customer says, “This is the BEST swaddle blanket ever. It does everything it says it will do; it swaddles the baby, works as a cover on a car seat, and covers completely when mom is nursing. It washes well. My daughter wanted this for her baby and now that the baby is here, she is completely in love with this swaddle!!”


In the market for stylish loungewear that you can rock beyond the delivery room? Be sure to check back for more mom-approved fashion essentials!

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