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Cute Hospital Maternity Gowns You’ll Want to Wear Beyond Delivery Day

July 28, 2019 Updated February 22, 2020


While you’re actively pondering what to pack in your hospital bag for D-Day (you know, when you deliver your little cherub and mark the end of your sleep-inclusive lifestyle), we figured we’d drop a major truth bomb. Hospital maternity gowns are one of the best kept secrets to feeling your best on delivery day.

A labor and delivery gown that makes you feel your best is as essential as your toothbrush, if not more so. Why? Because a maternity ward nurse can always offer you a dollar-store-style toothbrush in a pinch, but a comfy, pre-washed robe that makes you feel like the she-ro you are? Nope! And it’s all for the best, because these picks are way cuter than the butt-out gowns from labor and delivery, anyway! Read on to see our favorites.

Posh Peanut Mommy Maternity Hospital Robe

hospital maternity gowns, tuscan teal posh peanut


Is this one of the cutest hospital maternity gowns you’ve ever seen, or what? We love that it comes in a broad range of sizes, fun colors and prints, and has photo-worthy matching swaddles and gear just for newborns. If you’re planning to post birth announcements to your social media profiles from the hospital, you won’t be sorry you picked this.

Posh Peanut Maternity Robe And Swaddle Blanket Set

cute hospital maternity gowns, posh peanut matching baby swaddle


If you already put the matching maternity robe in your shopping cart, you’re going to need this sugary-sweet matching baby swaddle and headband set for your mini. Can we take a minute to consider how cute you’ll both be for the rest of time?

Motherhood Maternity Lace Gown And Hospital Robe Set

cute hospital maternity gowns, motherhood maternity lace inset gown


Son’s out, but no need for your buns out with that backless tie-on thing hospitals pass off as legitimate gowns. This machine-washable ensemble offers a pull-down nursing function so you can feed your baby without showing the world your still very-sore abs, easy matching, and soft blended fibers.

Figleaves Camelia Soft Touch Labor And Delivery Long Robe

cute hospital maternity gowns, figleaves camelia robe


We’re team grey-all-the-way in this gender-neutral, ultra-soft addition to our list of the cutest hospital maternity gowns. You’ll easily get matchy-matchy with any of your favorite grey, white, or printed swaddles! Plus, you’ll never have to worry about baby spit up or learning the value of breast pads the hard way. It’s easy to toss in the wash, fits around your ever-changing belly size and shape, and your mom would totally approve. Expect to be the chicest mama in labor and delivery.

Ekouaer Labor And Delivery Gown

cute hospital maternity gowns, Ekouaer Delivery Gown Womens Short Sleeve Maternity Nursing Sleepwear


It’s a bird, it’s a plane! Nope, it’s just one of the most versatile and cute hospital maternity gowns we’ve seen yet because it doubles as a nursing frock and nightgown. You can whip your milk makers out in a jiffy, cover up for trips to the nursery or NICU, or just pass right out in bed wearing it. It’s all good.

Giftgowns Blessed Mama Hospital Gown

cute hospital maternity gowns, blessed mama


Imagine a normal, boring hospital gown transformed into a much more #blessed version. It’s accessible enough for you to wear during a long labor (but we hope not), easy to wash, and it easily displays the realest emotions to the world. The discreet shoulder snaps allow for easy breastfeeding, too.

LAMAZE Intimates Nursing And Breastfeeding Nightgown

cute hospital maternity gowns, lamaze intimates sleeveless gown


If you’re looking for a truly versatile piece you’ll be able to stretch beyond the maternity ward, this Lamaze Intimates sleeveless breastfeeding gown is screaming your name. It’s ideal for the first few hours after delivering your little one because it’s breathable, stretchy, soft, and offers easy boob access. It’s also a dream to wear with a pair of compression leggings or one of the best waist trainers for moms in the weeks that follow.

iLoveSIA Maternity Breastfeeding Nightgown

cute hospital maternity gowns, ilovesia three pack


If you’re planning to stay in the hospital more than one night, like for an elective c-section, you’re going to need backups of your best cute hospital maternity gown picks. This trip of breastfeeding gowns offers easy access, sleeveless styling in case your IV is left in a little longer or you need a few extra injections, and size-forgiving fabric that’s ideal for the first few days after giving birth through the next several sleepless weeks.

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Our mom experts only recommend picks they really love. We may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site, but if we love it, we know you’ll love it. And we Scary Mommies gotta stick together. 

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.