Build Up Your Little Engineer's Creativity With These Cool As Hell LEGO Technic Sets

by Jessica Waller
Originally Published: 
Lego Rover Technic Engineering Set Kids

Confession: putting our kids’ LEGOs together is something we find to be super therapeutic. Even if you’re not one for those adult coloring books, this pile of little plastic bricks (and uh, a glass of wine) really gets us focused and in the zone. There’s something about the meditative building aspect that’s just soooo soothing.

If you, too, regularly steal your kiddo’s LEGO kits after they go to bed (while you’re “cleaning up”), or you simply want to encourage more STEM development in your elementary/middle schooler, we’ve got you. Whether it’s a hyper-realistic model of a Porsche 911, a remote-control stunt car or a forklift with working pistons, the LEGO Technic sets are unique to the LEGO line-up in that they have mechanical and power functions that really engage young builders. In a word, they’re just plain cool.

Here are our favorite LEGO Technic sets to gift to your young inventor…or keep for yourself.

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