Comfy, Cute *And* Convenient: 11 Nursing Bras That Can Do It All

by Kelsey Haywood Lucas
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Lively Nursing Bra For Mom

To all the breastfeeding mamas out there: Hi. We see you. You’re doing amazing. We support you on this journey.

And you know what else will support you in all the right ways? A really good nursing bra.

We all know that breastfeeding can be a beautiful and empowering experience—cue the cuddly bonding sessions, your baby’s little milk-drunk face, the primal satisfaction of nourishing your offspring. It’s also really freaking hard. It’s hard on your body, your mind, your emotions, your time. Take a quick peek at any nursing person’s recent Google searches, and you’ll see a list a lot like this: Sore nipples. Clogged ducts. Engorgement. Low milk supply. Too much milk supply. Failure to latch. How to nurse in public. Baby thrashing while feeding. Baby falling asleep while feeding. Breastfeeding at work. Breastfeeding in the bathroom. (Don’t get us started on that last one.)

But there’s one thing about breastfeeding that doesn’t need to be difficult: giving the babe easy access to your boobs.

The right nursing bra will give you the comfort and confidence required to feed your baby wherever you are — whether it’s on your couch or in your car or sitting in the middle of a crowded café (a la Ashley Graham). When you go to grab the girls, you shouldn’t have to struggle with straps or fight against a bunch of awkward padding that’s preventing the L.O. from latching. The best nursing bras are comfy, convenient and (yep!) even cute, which means you’ll have one less thing to worry about when it comes to feeding that hungry little hippo.

When curating your collection of the best maternity bras, aim for a wide variety of styles — because many have totally different functions. The ultimate starter kit might include a comfy sleep bra, a versatile t-shirt bra and a super-supportive sports bra — but you can build your own personal all-star team from our list of top picks right here.

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You found a bra that makes you feel amazing—now shop more cute fashion essentials to wear on top of it!

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