Best Personalized Baby Jewelry For 2020 According To Mom

8 Personalized Jewelry Pieces— So You Can Wear Baby’s Name In Bling

May 29, 2020 Updated April 1, 2021

Personalized Bracelet jewelry

You agonized for eons over your kids’ names: Amelia or Emilia? Rowan or Roman?? And nothing makes you quite so proud as those adorable, aptly-named little babes. So honestly, why wouldn’t you wear their names like a badge of honor?

You’ve probably noticed that customized baubles are everywhere right now (hello potential mommy & me). Personalized jewelry is one of those “trends” that feels very of-the-moment, but never actually goes out of style. In fact, it’s been around (in various forms) for basically forever. But while Carrie Bradshaw might be widely credited with making the nameplate necklace a mainstream must-have, the history and cultural significance goes much deeper and wider. Throughout history, nameplates have been a way of asserting individuality, and the tradition has roots stretching waaaay back throughout the Victorian era, Jewish belief systems, post-WWII working-class women, and, most recently, ’80s and ’90s hip-hop culture — which took the look mainstream. Meanwhile, monograms originated among royalty in early Greek and Roman culture, then gained popularity for practical purposes before getting all cutesy in the Victorian era (think: monogrammed linens and lockets).

Lately, we’re all about the idea of honoring our littlest loved ones by keeping their names close to our hearts. And since there are more adorable options for personalized jewelry for moms than ever before, you can customize your own necklace (or bracelet! or ring!) whether your style is completely classic or heavy on the glitz-and-glam factor.

Single Name Custom Necklace

Soufeel Personalized Name Necklace

Rocking Carrie Bradshaw’s signature accessory is an even sweeter sentiment when it’s someone else’s name instead of your own. This more modern nameplate forgoes the old-school font in favor of a chic, sweeping script—and at just $27, it’s hard to believe this baby is 14-karat gold-plated silver. “Amazing quality, looks beautiful on,” says Amazon reviewer Annie. You can also snag it in rose gold or silver (which takes the price all the way down to just $12!). According to Soufeel, every piece is handmade by a professional craftsman using hypoallergenic materials, so the pieces won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. It’ll also arrive in beautiful packaging and include a soft polishing bag, making it the perfect gift to send a friend or loved one (especially when it’s not the ideal circumstances to deliver a gift yourself right now). When you click over, be sure to scope out the brands’ other styles, too—there are plenty to choose from, including an engraved birthstone heart necklace that Grandmom will go gaga for.


Beaded Custom Alphabet Bracelet

Baublebar Custom Multi Pearl Bracelet

It’s the trend that’s so incredibly satisfying to the inner 12-year-old in all of us: Alphabet bracelets are back, ya’ll, and they’re chic as hell. This precious pearl number has that elementary-yet-elevated feel, combining precious kasha pearls with colorful letter beads (available in both rainbow or black options). It’s a cute enough piece to stand solo when you wear it as a single bracelet — but it also adds a very cool-girl vibe when layered in a wrist stack. (Hashtag #armcandy.) When you cruise over to Baublebar to check out the customization options, be sure to peek at the matching necklace, which is equally adorable. Oh, and remember that with this bracelet (any every pick on this page), you can get very creative with what you choose to customize: Names are great, obviously, but how about an important reminder? “WashUrHands” fits within the 12-character limit and might be the cutest way possible to help your kid remember the new golden rule.


Custom Coin Necklace

Gorjana Bespoke Personalized Coin Necklace

All mothers deserve a gold medal—but until momming is officially declared an Olympic sport, this is the next best thing. With four fonts to choose from and the option to engrave up to three lines with six characters each, this coin necklace will allow you to, well, coin just about anything you like. (Sorry, had to do it.) We love how it looks layered with smaller discs and dainty chokers—it’s the perfect piece for pairing with just about every other chain in your jewelry box. The coin is a half-inch across, so it’s a solid anchor piece; and with a chain that extends to 17.5 inches, it’s long enough to reach the right spot of your neck whether you’re wearing a tee shirt or something slightly lower cut. (Because honestly, is there anything worse than when a necklace keeps awkwardly hitting your neckline and falling behind it? Annoying.) This gold-plated pick is also Dad-approved: “We got this necklace for my wife and had it engraved with her initials,” says James. “My son picked this particular pendant out and my wife loves it.” Here’s to raising kids with good taste in jewelry!


Double Name Custom Necklace

DayOfShe Layered Names Necklace

Don’t worry, moms of multiples: You can get in on this trend, too — and your kids never need to find out that yes, actually, you do have a favorite. Just double up names with a stacked statement nameplate necklace to show the world how much you adore *both* of your adorable offspring. This style is available in a range of metals (gold, rose gold, silver) and fonts (mostly scripts ranging from ultra-modern handwriting to a more formal flourish). You can also nix the top name in favor of a heartbeat or cross, if that’s more your thing, or opt to customize with initials only (try the gothic font for a more modern and minimal look). You can also combine words to make a phrase, like Amazon reviewer Yasmine, who designed her necklace to say “Sweet Melissa.” And speaking of Amazon, everyone seems to be thrilled with their purchase—like Roxanne, who was skeptical because of the price but was pleasantly surprised. “The product is beautiful! I’m so happy with the quality as I was concerned for the price I paid,” she says. “I am so excited to wear it today for my baby shower.” Congrats to Roxanne on the exciting addition to her life: this necklace! (And the baby, too.)


Beaded Name Custom Necklace

Brinker & Eliza for Maisonette Say My Name Necklace

This gorgeous piece is kind of like the beaded “jewelry” your darling daughter makes for you—except (sorry, sweetie) so much chicer. Well-known for its quirky pieces featuring plenty of beads, pearls, shells and chunky chains, Brinker & Eliza (named for the mother/daughter duo behind the luxe label) teamed up with posh bebé boutique Maisonette for an exclusive beaded name necklace. Featuring mother of pearl letters scattered across a strand of semi-precious stones, this dreamy statement necklace can be customized with up to 10 letters (a name, initials, anything). We love the peony colorway shown here…but it’s also available in a range of other shades, including a nautical look (red, white and blue!) and mixed multi-color (so fun). It’s the perfect piece to elevate any outfit—whether it’s turning PJs into a luxe loungewear look or freshening up that dress that’s been collecting dust in your closet. (PSA: That socially distanced happy hour with your neighbors is most def a reason to dress up!) It also looks amazing with lots of layers: dainty chains are an obvious choice, but we endorse embracing the maximal vibes with a bevy of beaded chokers, too. It’s called fashun, sweetie.


Custom Statement Hoops

Lonago Name Plate Endless Hoop Earrings

Once a style staple at every mall’s jewelry kiosk (ah, middle school memories!), custom nameplate earrings are now the perfect accessory to pair with your very on-trend tie-dye sweatsuit and scrunchie look. (Yep, all that iconic ’80s and ’90s gear is coming back and we are HERE FOR IT.) We’re in full support of huuuuge hoops (it’s a lewk!), but we also love this smaller and more subtle take on the iconic earring style. (To be exact, the diameter is 1.18 inches—these are pretty bitty.) And yes, the baby will constantly be pulling on these things—but it’s a great way for her to learn how to spell her name, no? Made with 925 sterling silver or copper, the set is allergy-free and hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive ears. Customize with up to 8 characters per earring—and select the same name for both sides, or switch it up with different words for an additional $3.


Blingy Custom Chain Letters

The Sis Kiss It’s All In A Name Personalized Necklace

Whether you choose letters that spell out a name or even just a set of minimal initials to float across your collarbone, you’ll be in good company: This floating letter necklace is a style beloved by bloggers and celebs alike, which is why it might look so familiar. (You’ve seen a luxury jewelry designer’s similar version on everyone from Beyoncé to Jenna Dewan to Emma Roberts—plus Insta-famous influencers like Amber Fillerup and Chiara Ferragni.) This pretty piece by The Sis Kiss is available in sterling silver with optional gold or rose gold plating — and we’re obviously eyeing the upgraded ~crystal~ version to bring the bling. Hearts, stones, crosses, pearls and butterflies can also be added in between letters to make it your own unique design, as long as you keep it within the 16-character limit. (Need ideas? There’s plenty of design inspiration to check out on the website when you click over.)


Handwriting, Soundwave or Roman Numeral Custom Ring

Capsul Custom Wide Classic Ring

When you’re seeking that splurge item that can become an instant heirloom — meaning it’s stylish now but will also last forever — Capsul is a great go-to for high-quality customization options. You can engrave with your favorite handwriting (whether it’s something a loved one scribbles down now, or a few words from a treasured letter or card), a soundwave (representing a heartbeat, a phrase, or a name, for example), roman numerals (to save the date!), or just a lovely font created by Capsul. All pieces are available in gold, rose gold or sterling silver — and you can choose between plated or solid options. This thick, bold band is a stunning statement piece that looks elegant on its own, or plays nicely in a stack. (We highly recommend pairing it with a few dainty jeweled bands on either side.) Perfect as a push present, anniversary gift, or a just-because spendy on yourself: Because mama, you deserve it more than ever.


Now that you’ve got your customized jewelry situation on lock, it’s time to tackle summer fashion trends to make even your comfiest mom clothes look way cuter.

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