Remote Control Spiders Your Kids Will LOVE

Remote Control Spiders Kids

Arachnophobia is a real thing. I know. I’ve lived with an arachnophobe for 18 years whose colossal fear of spiders has included middle-of-the-night terror attacks involving spider nightmares. She also was a huge fan of Harry Potter books, so being able to survive some of those scenes in the books and movies with the giant spiders was quite the ordeal.

Regardless of how intense your fear of spiders is, you probably don’t want to pass a fear of spiders on to your children. After all, spiders may be scary to us, but they are fascinating to kids who love science and nature shows (the episode of Wild Kratts, Secrets of the Spider’s Web was pretty cool). And let’s admit, spiders do eat more annoying insects, so they really do have significant benefits to us and Mother Earth.

So let’s just put our fears aside and admit that kids love anything that’s gross or scary or gross AND scary. Add to that any sort of electronic components and remote control capabilities and you’re set. Your kids already love the best remote control cars, so giving them a remote control spider seems like a win.

These remote control spiders climb walls, move around on the floors, and are sure to piss off the family cat. But if this is a successful way to give your kids a healthy way to keep busy and love nature, it’ll be worth it … we hope.

If spiders aren’t your thing, we get it. But we have plenty of other toy guides that may be more to your liking and that dial down the creepy, crawly factor.