This Serum & Moisturizer Duo Is My Skincare Go-To Now That I’m 30

by Scary Mommy Team

Surprise to absolutely no one: The older you get, the more tired your skin becomes. As soon as you hit approximately 30, you now have things like fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, and dullness to consider — on top of issues you may have already have dealt with since puberty, like acne, uneven skin tone, and excessive oily or dry skin. And by no means are we saying aging is a bad thing — we’d just rather keep the glow and dewiness of youth if we can, thanks.

I personally have always struggled with hormonal breakouts (the biggest lie of all is that you stop breaking out as an adult), so it was confusing when I started noticing fine lines *and* zits. Like, you really just can’t win, can you? After doing some research, I came across Onekind skincare, which features clean, luxurious ingredients and accessible pricing. I needed something that would simultaneously prevent damage and also brighten, hydrate, and soothe my skin. Enter: Onekind’s PM Power Couple.

The PM Power Couple is a two-step set that comes with Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer and Midnight Magic PM Serum. Both repair and hydrate your skin while you sleep so that when you wake in the morning, you get a brighter and clearer complexion. The serum contains retinol, which is a powerful ingredient that helps boost collagen production, smooth out wrinkles, and even out skin tone (and it helps prevent acne!). When you apply the moisturizer, it seals in the benefits of the serum, leaving your skin extra smooth and nourished.

Since my skin is sensitive, at first I was a little hesitant to use the serum every night. However, Onekind’s formula is super gentle so you can actually use it nightly (if you have extra sensitive skin, you should probably try a few times a week to start) and see the glorious results practically overnight. (I legitimately started noticing brighter and bouncier skin in two days.)

I kid you not, I have not broken out since I incorporated Onekind’s PM Power Couple into my daily skincare routine, and I normally do when I’m stressed or get my period. Like, I’m seriously impressed (I’m a Sephora snob and shopping editor who’s tried just about every skincare product under the sun).

Best of all, Onekind’s products are free from parabens, silicones, PEGs, phthalates, petroleum, and synthetic fragrances, are planted-based and cruelty-free, and they’re clinically allergy tested, so people of all skin types can totally benefit from them without any irritation. It’s always awesome to have a product that works, but to have one that’s also clean and earth-friendly is the cherry on top we all deserve.

It’s $82 for the PM Power Couple (traditional retail for retinol-based products is usually around $210), or you can always subscribe and save — and trust me, you’ll be refilling on this stuff as soon as you look at your pretty face in the mirror after using it a couple of times.