Best Trick Or Treat Bags For Kids To Use On Halloween

10 Best Trick-Or-Treat Bags For The Most Monstrous Candy Stash

October 8, 2019 Updated August 24, 2020

So your kid picked out their Halloween costume months ago, and you’ve already started hoarding bags of candy in bulk for the big day? You’re ahead of the game, Mom, but have you thought about the best trick-or-treat bag your creepy kid can use to collect candy? Kids don’t just settle for pillow cases and plastic buckets these days. They want bags that can hold candy by the pound, in the same way you want a purse sturdy enough to hold all of your crap. Suddenly, trick-or-treat bags are an investment piece and luckily our favorites are fairly cheap.  Even though this Halloween will look pretty different (no huge groups, no big parties, face masks integrated with costumes, etc.), it seems like social distance-friendly trick-or-treating is still going to be a thing. Be prepared with some good trick-or-treat bags.

Below, we’ve rounded up 10 trick-or-treat bags that deliver the best bang for your buck. Some are reusable, some are wearable, and others can pose as grocery bags before and after October 31. Take a browse, and take your pick.

Party Supplies Mummy Tote Bag

Now both your child and child’s tote bag have their eyes on the prize: candy. This trick-or-treat bag from Party Supplies is made for mummies who like multi-faceted products. It’ll be great for collecting candy on October 31, and after the ghouls and goblins have gone back underground, use it as a grocery pouch to save on plastic.


PartyTalk 2pc Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bags for Kids

These drawstring trick-or-treat bags by PartyTalk come in a pack of two and are made with 100% thick cotton canvas, so you can rest assured they’re durable. (And we all know your kid is going to need durable when there’s candy-collecting involved.) You can also reuse them for several Halloweens to come as they’re machine washable and reusable!


Spirit Paw Patrol Skye Faux Fur Plush Bucket

If you’re sick of having the “Paw Patrol” theme song stuck in your head…good luck! Because half the neighborhood’s toddlers are going to be dressed as characters, anyway. You might as well give in and get your kid this adorbs Paw Patrol trick or treat bucket.

$12.99 AT SPIRIT

Earthwise Halloween Trick or Treat Bags (6-pack)

Earthwise’s treat bags do the trick on October 31, but the magic doesn’t stop there. Made from Laminated Polypropylene, these trick-or-treat bags are sturdy enough to carry pounds of candy, groceries, or storing socks in the back of your closet.


TBF Durable Canvas Tote Bag

The TBF Canvas Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Tote was practically made for middle schoolers who are “too cool” for Halloween, and any high schooler that still dresses up for the sake of free candy. This trick or treat bag comes in three colors (black, orange, and natural), and they’re so plain, they can be used as a school bag every other day of the year.

$11.98 AT AMAZON

Chicobag Original Reusable Shopping Tote

These reusable bags are cute, durable (they’ll hold a LOT of candy), and easy to hold. ChicoBag’s eco-friendly mission will make you feel pretty good about your purchase, too.

$18.00 AT AMAZON

Spirit Creepy Hands Pillow Case Treat Bag

If your kid prefers pillow cases and you don’t feel like giving up one of your good ones, another option is to buy one specifically for Halloween. You can reuse it until basically the end of time. We love how legit creepy this one is!


GiftsForYouNow Personalized Trick or Treat Bag

If you want to make Halloween extra special this year (maybe it’s your Little’s first one), a personalized trick or treat bag is such an adorable touch. It’s perfect for a toddler or kid who’s not quite ready for an entire pillow case worth of candy yet.


Juvale Black Cat Trick or Treat Halloween Tote Bag

Who doesn’t love a black spooky cat on Halloween? This canvas bag just as fun as it is cute. This bag is super durable, and will definitely last you many Halloweens.


Lulu Home Halloween Plastic Candy Bags

If you *do* need plastic bags (if you’re giving away goodie bags, for example), this is a really good deal. 72 bags for $12 is a steal — and will probably last you multiple Halloweens, considering this one will probably be downsized.

$18.80 AT AMAZON

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